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Show Updates

Studio Data Experts Highlight Feb. 27 Smart Hollywood Summit

Data experts from several major studios will take the stage Feb. 27 at the Smart Hollywood Summit, a day-long conference that will tackle the transformative effect AI, blockchain, metadata, OTT and automated processes are having on the way Hollywood greenlights, produces and distributes its content. Continue reading

White House AI, Robotics Expert to Keynote Feb. 27 Smart Hollywood Summit

When President Obama saw the need to commercialize, research and adopt a policy around robotics and AI, he turned to Dr. Eric Daimler, a leading authority with more than 20 years of experience in the field as an entrepreneur, investor, academic, and policymaker. His message? While Daimler sees “no Terminator apocalypse,” he does see urgency in understanding AI’s possibilities. Continue reading

Smart Hollywood Summit - February 27, 2019, Skirball Center, Los Angeles

The show started as a gathering of entertainment metadata nerds — Metadata Madness – a half-day celebration of the ways that Hollywood was archiving and tagging its content.

This led to the Smart Content Summit – which advanced industry applications of Big Data, AI, machine learning, automation and blockchain. Continue reading