Studio Data Experts Highlight Feb. 27 Smart Hollywood Summit

Data experts from several major studios will take the stage Feb. 27 at the Smart Hollywood Summit, a day-long conference that will tackle the transformative effect AI, blockchain, metadata, OTT and automated processes are having on the way Hollywood greenlights, produces and distributes its content.

The Summit’s programming mix will address the many ways Hollywood and Silicon Valley are working together to transform how content is created, how businesses are run, and how the consumer is engaged.

Here’s a look at what the studios will be bringing to the main stage:

• “Does AI Make our Data Smarter?” has David Sugg, VP of content architecture and engineering for WB Technology and Matt Turner, CTO of media and manufacturing for MarkLogic, looking at the explosion in sources of data and tools to gather it in M&E, and where the promise of AI (with machine learning, process automation and cognitive decision-making by a non-human) making new technology applicable.

• Yonah Levenson, manager of taxonomy for HBO, will offer an update on the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance’s Language Metadata Table (LMT) Working Group, a forum for increased exchange of ideas and expertise in the metadata universe, with a look at the core framework of LMT and why the Working Group was formed, in the presentation “Metadata Madness (Will it EVER Stop?).”

• In “Empowering the Real-Time Enterprise,” Hollie Choi, executive director of IT for 20th Century Fox, will take part in a discussion that looks at the new requirements for a scalable, real-time, “smart business” enterprise, one that seamlessly interoperates with major cloud providers and their third-party application providers.

• Nona Janssen Walls, SVP of enterprise data, analytics, and intelligence technology for Lionsgate, will take part in the discussion “Smart Rights: The New Frontier,” a session that will bring together providers, creators and distributors to discuss their achievements — and some of their collective challenges — in building a seamless marketplace for global content distribution.

• “Globalization Meets Localization Meets Personalization” sees Dan Cruz, VP of digital media and integrated partnerships for Marvel Entertainment and Jason Lambert, executive director of content licensing and metadata for Sony Pictures Entertainment, discussing how machine learning and automation is challenging the organizational status quo in making content available globally on an increasingly shorter schedule.

• Christian Kennel, VP of digital media for Warner Bros., will present a case study on how awards screeners are moving away from physical DVD to digital only, in the presentation “The Not-So-Smart Business of Award Screeners and a Case Study on Going Digital.”

This year’s Smart Hollywood Summit is being produced by MESA’s Smart Content Council with sponsorship by IBM Watson, MarkLogic, EIDR, HammerSpace and human-I-T. To register click here.

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