Anthony De La Rosa, Entertainment Partners

Anthony De La Rosa,
Executive Vice President of Residuals,
Entertainment Partners

Drawing on a wealth of industry knowledge accrued over more than 17 years working with companies including Paramount, Warner Bros, HBO, Showtime, and Lionsgate, Anthony De La Rosa is EP’s EVP of Residuals.
De La Rosa has refined his expertise in residuals areas ranging from a comprehensive understanding of complex pay television formulas, development communications, reporting and budgeting, programming planning, distribution forecasting, settling guild audits, and beyond. Prior to joining EP, De La Rosa was Senior Vice President of Residuals at Lionsgate Entertainment, where he directed a department encompassing all types of media and pay running the gamut of different release markets. Further, he organized and executed the integration of residuals departments from Lionsgate acquisitions of Summit and Starz, as well as additional libraries, totaling a catalog of over six thousand paying assets. De La Rosa’s varied experience has prepared him to lead EP’s Residuals teams through challenges associated with an evolving industry landscape and frequently changing guild guidelines.
De La Rosa works with a dynamic group of experts in collective bargaining agreement, preparation and execution of residuals payments, and technological programming. He loves to travel internationally, and delve into other cultures and absorb experiences that help inform his business and leadership philosophies. De La Rosa holds a BA in Business & Economics from Santa Barbara’s Westmount College.

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