Vistex: A Global Approach to Assets, Rights Management, and More

With more platforms, higher transaction volumes, and ever-changing consumer expectations of how content should work, there’s more money to be had for media and licensing organizations. For Vistex, that means helping media and entertainment companies rethink their approach to ri... More

Netflix Execs: Company’s Not Afraid of Increased Competition, Disney-Fox Deal

While reporting new milestones and strong results for its fourth quarter (ended Dec. 31), Netflix executives said Jan. 22 that increased competition and Disney’s planned purchase of a large percentage of 21st Century Fox’s film and TV assets stand to only help grow the total ... More

M&E Journal: Digital Screeners: Walking the Security-Playback Tightrope

By Alex Nauda, Chief Technology Officer, MediaSilo - With piracy an ever-growing problem and high-profile hacks affecting multiple networks and streaming services, security is top-of-mind in media and entertainment. The inescapable tension between security and usability is a f... More

Scaeva Technologies: Rethinking the Science of Content Protection

Content theft continues to plague the media and entertainment industry. And Scaeva Technologies is looking at new ways to tackle the problem. Steve Curd, president and CEO of Scaeva Technologies, spoke with the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) about the differen... More

Veritone Execs: Company Upbeat on New AI Opportunities, CES Experience

Veritone continues to see new opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) – both its own software and platform business offerings, as well as the AI sector overall – and was pleased with how its recent sponsorship of the first AI Marketplace at CES went, according to compa... More

Avid CEO: ‘Massive Explosion’ of Content Has Created New Challenges for Media Companies

The significant surge in content, as well as the increased number of channels, platforms and devices that content can be viewed on, has created new challenges for media and entertainment companies, according to Avid Technology CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr. “You have this massive ... More

IBM’s Schroeter: Strength in Cloud, Security Helped IBM Return to Revenue Growth in Q4

IBM returned to overall revenue growth in its fourth quarter (ended Dec. 31) behind continued strength in its cloud, cybersecurity and mobile businesses, according to Martin Schroeter, who recently shifted from CFO to the company’s SVP-global markets. “Across all of our bu... More

M&E Journal: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Language

By Robert Holmstrom, Chief Technology Officer, BTI Studios - A number of recent trends are strongly influencing how we consume TV and films. In turn our response is influencing how that content is provided to us. Day-and-date release, for instance has not yet been seen on b... More

TiVo CFO: Company Sees Upside Opportunities from Data, Targeted Advertising

TiVo continues to see upside opportunities from the strength of its evolving business model, according to CFO Peter Halt. For example, “our data business potentially offers tremendous upside,” he said Jan. 17 at the annual Needham Growth Conference in New York, noting that... More

CES 2018: Adobe’s Bullish on AR, VR; Wipro Touts Voice Recognition, IoT, AI

LAS VEGAS – Wipro focused on three key areas at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES): the automotive sector, media and the Internet of Things (IoT) including artificial intelligence (AI), providing demonstrations of solutions for each of them. It was in line with what Wi... More