HITS Spring: MicroStrategy Touts Analytics Gains

The challenges confronting media and entertainment companies today when it comes to data can be daunting. Disparate data sources that need to be sliced eight different ways for a marketing campaign. Complex analytics, covering everything from sentiment analysis to social resp... More

HITS Spring: M&E Companies Can Significantly Benefit from Machine Learning

Media and entertainment companies stand to benefit tremendously from the use of machine learning (ML), as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, but not all ML and AI platforms are created equal and each organization needs to find the platform that work best for ... More

HITS Spring: Entertainment Partners Stresses Multi-Pronged Approach to Data Security

It’s important for media and entertainment companies to take a multi-pronged approach to data security, according to Martin Mazor, chief information security officer (CISO) at Entertainment Partners (EP). And taking a multi-pronged approach to data security in an organization... More

HITS Spring: SAS Shares M&E Machine Learning Use Cases

For media and entertainment companies, digging through the sheer amount of data available to make better business decisions can be a daunting task. At the May 17 HITS Spring: The Hollywood Innovation & Technology Summit, SAS’s David Perona, director of customer intelligence... More

HITS Spring: Microsoft Azure Touts Benefits of Going All-In on Cloud Production

Moving content workloads to the cloud isn’t as hard (or scary) as some media and entertainment companies might expect, and there are advantages when it comes to security and multiple other fronts that make going all-in on cloud production worthwhile, according to Joel Sloss, se... More

HITS Spring: IBM Security Lead Stresses Preparedness

Recently, Doug Lhotka, executive cybersecurity architect for IBM Security, sat down for a meal with a dozen CISOs, and picked their brains about what the biggest threat to their organizations was. And he was surprised with the reactions he got. “I was expecting cybercrim... More

HITS Spring: Finding Effective Piracy Solutions More Urgent Than Ever for M&E Companies

Pre-release piracy of content is costly for media & entertainment (M&E) companies and it’s become simple to illegally make copies and distribute pirated content, so it’s more important than ever to find effective solutions to protect all that content, according to Steve Curd,... More

HITS Spring: LiveTiles Chief Architect Examines Future of AI Tools

For the last decade, everyone in the media and entertainment industry has had some form of the term “digital transformation” beaten into their heads, and from the move away from paper-based systems to complete access to all of work needs fitting in our pockets, there’s trut... More

HITS Spring: Ooyala Founder Says Connected Supply Chains Help M&E ‘Survive and Thrive’

A connected supply chain can significantly help media & entertainment (M&E) companies overcome increasing challenges that include the need to implement new technologies while budgets continue to remain stagnant or decline, according to Ooyala CTO and founder Bel Lepe. Innovati... More

HITS Spring: Dow Jones Looks to Expert System to Offer Better Insights

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — David Arnold, director of product strategy for Dow Jones, has overseen the evolution of the company’s Dow Jones’ Professional Information Business services, which offers clients insights based on 30-plus years of news stories, covering more than 1.3... More