KEYNOTE: Ted Farnsworth, Helios & Matheson Analytics, Inc.

Ted Farnsworth
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer,
Helios & Matheson Analytics, Inc. and
Chief Executive Officer,
Zone Technologies, Inc.

Ted Farnsworth is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Helios & Matheson Analytics, Inc. and Chief Executive Officer at Zone Technologies, Inc. Throughout his 30-year career, he has owned and operated numerous companies with proprietary products with recognized brand names that he actively helped to develop.

Farnsworth first developed the idea for Zone Technologies’ RedZone Map application, which helps mitigate the threat of travel danger; the company merged with Helios and Matheson Analytics, Inc. (NASDAQ:HMNY) and he now serves as Chairman and CEO of both companies. In August 2017, HMNY acquired a majority stake in MoviePass and changed the monthly subscription service’s pricing structure to $9.95 a month for unlimited theater visits. Since the change, MoviePass has surpassed over 1.5 million paying monthly subscribers.

His entrepreneurial expertise has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, with recent appearances on Fox Business News and Cheddar. He is a private investor in numerous ventures and an equity partner in a company owning a portfolio of office buildings in markets across the U.S., majority leased to the Government Services Administration (GSA). He is Chairman and Founder of the Highlander Companies, Millennial Hotel Group and iCrowd Hotels.

Over thirteen years ago, Ted founded the charitable Far West Haiti Mission, providing education, housing and work incentives, and additionally founded a school for the blind at the Mission.