Eric Hanson, Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA)

Eric Hanson
Digital Media Industry Evangelist
Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA)

Eric Hanson is the Digital Media Industry Evangelist for the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) and an independent consultant. For the past 15 years he has led strategic planning, operations and process engineering functions for some of the most prominent players in the digital media industry; including Microsoft, Intel and Amazon. He was responsible for building and leading the content operation function for Xbox Live Video, launching the Xbox HD movie and television download service in 2006 and for build out and management of the content operations function for Intel’s OnCue service. Eric has been active in industry engagement and standards since 2001 when he led the planning process for Microsoft’s media standards engagement and later oversaw Xbox’s representation in industry and standards groups including EMA, SMPTE, IMF and DEG.

Eric has a passion for content operations and for delivering on the vision of an efficient and streamlined digital supply chain.

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