FEAT. KEYNOTE: Amber Case, Author

Amber Case, Author and Expert

Anthony Accardo, Disney ABC Television Group

Anthony Accardo, Director, R&D and Metadata, Disney ABC Television Group

Ryan C. Benson, Lionsgate

Ryan C. Benson, Vice President, Digital Media Services, Lionsgate

Yves Bergquist, Entertainment Technology Center at USC

Yves Bergquist, Program Director, Data & Analytics, Entertainment Technology Center at University of Southern California ([email protected])

Matt Corodimas, Nuxeo

Matt Corodimas, Media, Entertainment & Creative, Nuxeo

Don Dulchinos, EIDR

Don Dulchinos, Executive Director, Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR)

Miquel Farre, Disney ABC Television Group

Miquel Farre, Manager, R&D Technology, Disney ABC Television Group

Guy Finley, MESA

Guy Finley, Executive Director, MESA

Eric Hanson, Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA)

Eric Hanson, Digital Media Industry Evangelist, Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA)

Philip Hodgetts, Lumberjack Systems

Philip Hodgetts, Metadata Guru and President, Lumberjack Systems

Todd Holloway, Netflix

Todd Holloway, Director, Content Science and Algorithms, Netflix

Kyle Hufford, Monster Energy Company

Kyle Hufford, Director of Digital Asset Management, Monster Energy Company

Callum Hughes, Amazon Studios

Callum Hughes, Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Studios

Nadya Ichinomiya, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Nadya Ichinomiya, Director, IT, Television Marketing & Research, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Co-Founder, Women in Tehnology: Hollywood (WiTH)

Simon James, NeuLion

Simon James, Vice President, Sales Engineering, NeuLion

Michael Jeffrey, Tivo

Michael Jeffrey, ‎Vice President, Client Engagement and Partnerships, TiVo

Jason Kassin, FilmTrack

Jason Kassin, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer , FilmTrack

Su Kwon Kelsay, Warner Bros. Entertainment

Su Kwon Kelsay, Executive Director, Consumer Intelligence, Warner Bros. Entertainment

Joshua Kolden, Avalanche

Joshua Kolden, C4 Framework Architect, Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California ([email protected])

Jason Lambert, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Jason Lambert, Executive Director, Content Licensing & Metadata, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Dave Lindsay, The Walt Disney Company

Dave Lindsay, Member, Technology & Operations Committee, Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) and Director, Operations Strategy, The Walt Disney Company

Randal Luckow, HBO

Randal Luckow, Board Secretary, Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) and Director of Archives and Asset Management, HBO

Ryan McKeague, Amazon Studios

Ryan McKeague, Video Workflow Manager, Amazon Studios

Jukka Paajanen, Avanade

Jukka Paajanen, Technology Innovation Lead, Avanade

David Pearson, Amazon Web Services

David Pearson, Technical Business Development Manager, AI Services Team, Amazon Web Services

Duan Peng, Fandango

Duan Peng, Executive Director of Analytics, Fandango

Eliot Sakhartov, Microsoft

Eliot Sakhartov, Account Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Nancy Silver, MarkLogic

Nancy Silver, Principal Solutions Architect, MarkLogic

Rachel Souder-Arguedas, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Rachel Souder-Arguedas, Director, Business Relationship Management, Home Entertainment Information Technology, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Co-Founder, Women in Tehnology: Hollywood (WiTH)

Thomas Stilling, 20th Century Fox

Thomas Stilling, Vice President, Global Enterprise Operations, 20th Century Fox

David Sugg, Warner Bros. Technology

David Sugg, Executive Director, Technical Solutions Architecture and Digital Media Engineering, WB Technology

Jay Tucker, UCLA

Jay Tucker, Executive Director, UCLA

Matt Turner, MarkLogic

Matt Turner, Chief Technology Officer, MarkLogic

Corinne Whitney, Crawford Media Services

Corinne Whitney, Director of Content Services, Crawford Media Services

Josh Wiggins, GrayMeta

Josh Wiggins, Chief Commercial Officer, GrayMeta

Mary Yurkovic, Smart Content Council

Mary Yurkovic, Director, Smart Content Council

Lulu Zezza, Production Executive

Lulu Zezza, Production Executive

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