Cyril Rickelton-Abdi, Turner & CDSA Conference Chair

Cyril Rickelton-Abdi
Senior Director, Content Security
Turner & Conference Chair

An experienced technology leader, Cyril spent the last fifteen years of his career around the globe, in major multinational Entertainment and Media companies such as Turner Broadcasting System, part of Time Warner Inc. and The ABC Cable Networks Group, part of The Walt Disney Co, driving efforts in emerging technologies to radically change the digital content workflow as well as the consumer entertainment experience across devices and platforms.

Cyril is known for his broad and extensive expertise in digital distribution efforts from proof of concept to product deployment, focused on authenticated experiences for VOD and live streaming across digital online properties as well as content technical and security standards.
More recently, Cyril joined Turner’s Information Security Office in Atlanta. GA, where he has been overlooking policies and standards around digital secure distribution and anti-piracy related effort, while working within Turner’s Global Technology Office on various TV Everywhere related efforts, helping defining strategy and operational deployment from Transmission to Consuming device for both VOD and Simulcasting.

Cyril is also the co-author of two TV Everywhere related specifications, published over the last two years, under the hospices of the Open Authentication Technology Committee (

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