Career Development

Netflix Hires Bozoma Saint John as Chief Marketing Officer (Variety)

Netflix has tapped marketing veteran Bozoma Saint John, a former senior exec at Apple, Uber and most recently Endeavor, as its new CMO, the company announced.... More

How to Develop More Female IT Executives (Forbes)

As our lives become ever more digital, the pace at which young women are interacting with technology and the number of opportunities in STEM continue to accelerate. Still, U.S. cen... More

How to Nail a Job Interview – Remotely (HBR)

If you’re facing a job search right now, you’re not alone. There are record numbers of people filing for unemployment benefits in the U.S. and half of the global workforce is a... More

How to Network From Home – and Why It’s so Important (Forbes)

Effective networking can seem impossible when working from home. How do you make new contacts and stay in touch with existing ones when you can’t engage with other people face-to... More

Women in Data Science: Moving From Inclusion to Influence ([email protected])

Data scientists are much in demand. But there’s a gender gap. Only 15% to 22% of today’s data science professionals are women, according to recent research from Boston Consulti... More

At Salesforce, Arundhati Bhattacharya Bullish on New Tech, Demand (Business Standard)

Former SBI chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya joined Salesforce to head its India unit at a time when the firm was facing multiple challenges. On April 1, when she took over as chairm... More

Is Online Lending the Answer for Female Entrepreneurs? (Forbes)

As the fintech industry increasingly understands the value of diving into small business lending, technology will play a greater role in how entrepreneurs get financing.... More

Epic Records Names Gina Harrell SVP, Video Production, Content Development (Variety)

Epic Records has named Gina Harrell senior vice president, video production and content development. The appointment reunites Harrell with Sylvia Rhone, chair­­­woman and CEO of... More

VC Funding for Women Has Plummeted During the Pandemic – Here’s What to Do About It (Forbes)

Let’s get to business: the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on the economy. In that regard, its victims have disproportionately been women, who account for 55% of lost jobs... More

Hollywood’s High-Tech Visual Gatekeeper: ‘Messing Up the Color Messes Up Your Storytelling’ (THR)

The blue that a cinematographer sees when filming the ocean can look different from the blue that a viewer at home sees when watching those waves crash in a movie. Annie Chang aims... More

Women Wanted: Why Now Could be a Good Time for Women to Pursue a Career in AI (CNBC)

The coronavirus pandemic has upended countless jobs and even entire industries, leaving many wondering which will emerge out of the other side. One industry likely to endure — or... More

Sophie Paterson Makes the Move from Spotify to Sony Music (TMN)

After confirming her exit from Spotify last month, Sophie Paterson has revealed her next move. Paterson was with the tech titan for eight years as its head of PR and communications... More

Five Archetypes of Small Business Women Entrepreneurs, and How Each is Handling Finances During the Pandemic (Forbes)

Statistics suggest that women entrepreneurs are more compassionate and empathetic. However, the global pandemic has presented many female entrepreneurs with unprecedented challenge... More

It’s Lonely Being a Female Engineer – Here’s How We Fix It (TNW)

I am what studies call an “only.” The only woman. And I can tell you it is damn lonely being the only woman at the table. The feeling of isolation being the “only” is real.... More

Skill Building is Key to Furthering Gender Diversity in Tech (SearchSecurity)

With the current IT security skills shortage, it can be said the lack of gender diversity in tech is an advanced persistent threat. If the workforce shortage is so problematic, why... More

Social Distancing Doesn’t Have to Disrupt Mentorship (HBR)

The current pandemic has many more people teleworking and adapting business to the virtual environment. While continuing to lead direct reports and collaborate with customers remai... More

For the Cybersecurity Industry, Diversity Means Embracing New Ideas (SC)

Embracing diversity and inclusion has become a major initiative for all verticals, but it has never been a higher priority for the cybersecurity industry. There is already a massiv... More

Driving Mentorship Through Culture and Values (Thrive Global)

The relationship between a mentor and mentee is critical, and establishing that rapport is easier said than done. But its role – and one we’ll discuss here – in impacting an ... More

Quibi CEO Meg Whitman: Advice to My 26-Year-Old Self (Refinery29)

"At 26, I was working at Bain and Company as a management consultant. I had been an economics major as an undergraduate, and after that I’d gone to Harvard Business School. If I ... More

Demystifying the Role of Women in Technology (CXO Today)

Throughout history women have been denied their share of voice due to their gender. But over time, through sheer grit and boldness, women have challenged this and have pushed their... More