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How This Female Founder Created The ‘Spotify For Meditation’ (Forbes)

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How NPR’s Digital Audio Is Helping Advance Women, Brands (MV)

At NPR, there's a wonderful group of women in Digital Media that meet up to give each other advice and support. We also have women in leadership positions, including Gina Garrubbo,... More

The Systems Holding Back Women In Tech (Forbes)

Societal Influences and Biases: The ways in which girls perceive STEM related coursework and their own abilities are consciously and unconsciously shaped by the experiences of thos... More

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Within IT departments around the globe, men outnumber women by a wide margin. However, a significant number of female technology leaders have risen to the upper ranks of management... More

IBM’s Michelle Peluso on the Need to ‘Listen as Much as Speak’ in Storytelling, and the Future of Marketing (Forbes)

Michelle Peluso, SVP and CMO, IBM: "At IBM, we're really obsessed with being agile to the core and we have moved IBM marketing to be a truly agile discipline. We have also had to b... More

Women in Technology: Why Female Leaders and Enterprise Businesses Need Each Other (MBI)

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When The X-Files premiered in 1993, FBI agent and medical doctor Dana Scully was unlike any other woman on television. Scully, played by Gillian Anderson, was equal to, and not jus... More

Why This 1 U.S. City Is Tops for Successful Women Entrepreneurs (Inc.)

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More young women are studying computer science in high school and at top U.S. universities than in the past.... More