And the Crowd Goes Wild: To Draw a New Generation of Fans, Stadiums Get Smart (HPE Matter)

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Who Will Build the Music Industry’s Global Rights Database? (MBW)

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IBM Bets Big On Blockchain, The Bitcoin Technology That Could Revolutionize Business (IBT)

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How Barneys is Digitizing its New York City Flagship Store (Digiday)

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Google Announces Partnership To Bring Visual Recognition To Smartphones (MBTMag)

In the near future, Google believes that smartphones will be equipped with the technology needed to recognize faces and objects entirely on their own. The tech giant last week anno... More

Podcasts Try Dynamic Ad Insertion (AdExchanger)

Is dynamic ad insertion finally coming to podcasting? New audience measurement guidelines released Thursday by a collection of public radio companies address one of the big concern... More

More Beacons, Now Coordinated With In-Lobby Video Screens, Invade Movie Theaters (ML)

Near each screen will be a beacon transmitting its location identifier. That location ID will be picked up by those theater patrons in the lobby who have a supported app installed,... More

How PayPal Fights Fraud with Predictive Data Analysis (TechTarget)

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CBS May Be Super Bowl’s Biggest Ad Winner As Cross-Device Streaming Spikes (AdExchanger)

Somewhere between Drake's turn for T-Mobile, Mountain Dew's "Puppy Monkey Baby" and Anthony Hopkins shilling for, another brand scored: CBS, the exclusive network part... More

The Publisher Turf Wars: Facebook Instant Articles, Ad Blocking And The Future (MarketingLand)

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How The Purpose Of Mobile Will Change In 2016 (CMO)

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Data Marries Design to Drive Customer Success in 2016 (UX Magazine)

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‘PBS NewsHour’ Archive To Be Digitized (

Public media producer WGBH Boston, the Library of Congress and WETA Washington will digitize, preserve and allow the public online access to PBS NewsHour’s predecessor programs f... More

Infor, Kurt Salmon Team Up to Bring Next Generation Retail Solutions Into the Social and Digital Age (MW)

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Equinix, AT&T, Verizon Join Facebook’s Open Source Data Center Project (Data Center Knowledge)

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Tech Partnership Looks Beyond the Bar Code With Digital Watermarks (WSJ)

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