With the Power to Change the World, Here’s Why the U.S. and China are Fighting Over Our 5G Future (SCMP)

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LiveTiles, Search365 Create Real-Time Search Platform (ARNnet)

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World Password Day: Is it Time to Do Away With the Traditional Password? (Verdict)

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Seeking the Localization Utopia (ZOO Digital Blog)

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SAP to Fund Internal Collaboration Startup Ruum (SCN)

SAP will invest an additional €10 million in Ruum by SAP to help the solution grow its business quickly. The project management software was initially developed by a team of SAP ... More

How Much Information is Too Much? (DMN)

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Five Exciting AI Outcomes in the Next Five Years (Avanade Insights)

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Tech and Data are Turning the Ad Agency Business Upside Down Too (Forbes)

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Salesforce Acquires MapAnything for its Location-Based Intelligence Products (VentureBeat)

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The Big Business of Dubbing (TBI Vision)

Quality dubbing will be the key to the continued growth of international drama consumption, and SVODs and networks alike are doubling up in investment in the business to get ahead ... More

NAB 2019: New Partners for Verizon Digital Media Services; Adobe Celebrates Content-Aware Fill for Video (SCN)

LAS VEGAS — Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) made two partnership announcements, with THEO Technologies and Iris.TV both sharing that they’ll integrate their technologies ... More

NAB 2019: Mediamorph CEO Touts Continued Growth (SCN)

Mediamorph continues to make major strides in the U.S. and other markets, Rob Gardos, the cloud-based content value management (CVM) specialist’s CEO, told the Media & Entertainm... More

NAB 2019: Veritone Makes Connections; RSG Media Sees Value in Data; NAGRA Has a (Good) Problem (SCN)

The Veritone team enjoyed a week that saw NAB attendees watch how top media and entertainment companies (content creators, rights holders, producers, broadcasters, you name it) are... More

2019 Will Bring an AI-Led Approach to Human-Centered Design (Adobe Blog)

This human-level interpretation makes design thinking tough to duplicate at scale. However, AI is designed to learn these patterns and trends. With each iteration of human interven... More

Microsoft, BMW Launch the Open Manufacturing Platform (SCN)

Microsoft and the BMW Group announced a new community initiative to enable faster, more cost-effective innovation in the manufacturing sector. In manufacturing today, production an... More

AWS Wins Landmark VW Automation Contract (CBR)

Volkswagen has turned to AWS to help it “automate all automobile manufacturing and logistics processes” in a global agreement that will ultimately integrate more than 30,000 fa... More

Advancing AI With Deep Learning, GPUs (SAS Blog)

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Applicaster CEO: New Funding to Help Company Increase ‘Velocity’ of its Product Plans (SCN)

After a strong 2018 in which Applicaster achieved 100% growth in annual recurring revenue, the company has secured $20 million in new funding it will use for new product plans, acc... More

Microsoft Azure Powers the New Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Intelligent Cloud (Neowin)

Microsoft announced that its Azure cloud services will be used to power a new platform, the Alliance Intelligent Cloud, built by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. The program... More

It’s Time to Prepare for the Smart Workplace (Digitalist)

The smart workplace, enhanced by cloud-enabled features, will operate with technologies that not only help us perform our work but also execute tasks on our behalf, autonomously an... More