Western Digital Aims to Help Rethink Unstructured Data Storage (CW)

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5G and Data Storage (Wasabi Blog)

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AWS Launches New Backup Service (CBR)

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Qumulo Announces New Minneapolis Office to Support Growing Demand for Hybrid Storage Solutions (SCN)

Qumulo today announced the opening of a new Minneapolis office to take advantage of the strong digital and marketing and optimization talent in the Twin Cities. As the demand for Q... More

AWS Launches Fully-Managed Document Database Service (ZDNet)

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Wasabi Extends Research, Education Reach (SCN)

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Caringo Announces Swarm 10 Platform, Single Server Object Storage (SCN)

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Western Digital Invests in Flash Storage Startup Kaminario (CTech)

Western Digital Capital, the strategic investment arm of California-based computer data storage company Western Digital Corp., led a $25 million investment in Israeli flash storage... More

A New Breakthrough for Main Memory Scale-Out (Western Digital Blog)

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Box Adds AI Services from Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson (VentureBeat)

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