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Smart Content News Publishing Schedule

The Smart Content News e-newsletter will not publish Aug. 13 and Aug. 20. The MESA editorial department will also not be publishing on between Aug. 10-21. Smart Con... More

Salesforce Intros New Toolset for Customer Feedback Management (ZDNet)

Salesforce is rolling out a new integrated toolset that aims to help companies gather real-time feedback on the needs and expectations of customers. Powered by Einstein Analytics, ... More

How Employing Encryption for Data Security Changed History (Security Intelligence)

Human history is full of examples of encryption playing pivotal roles in war, competition and transitions of power. Throughout recorded time, people have employed encryption as a t... More

CIOs Face Their Next Biggest Challenge (Adobe Blog)

Almost 10 years after Adobe released its first annual “Digital Trends” report, which followed the end of the global financial crisis, IT leaders now find themselves challenged ... More

With TikTok’s Future in Limbo, Creators Turn to Instagram, YouTube (CNET)

Getting your fans to follow you to another social media app isn't easy.... More

Data, Not Digitalization, Transforms the Post-Pandemic Supply Chain (MIT Sloan)

Digital-first enterprise success demands clarity-first supply chain design.... More

Next Stop for Big Data: Hybrid Serving/Analytical Processing (Alibaba Cloud Blog)

Due to different emphases, traditional databases can be divided into the online transaction processing (OLTP) system and the online analytical processing (OLAP) system. With the de... More

Data Analytics Vital to Digital Marketing Training During Pandemic (SDC)

Digital marketing is becoming more important during the pandemic. One study in the UK found that 65% of consumers increased spending during the crisis. Companies are investing more... More

Adobe Adds New Data Features to Experience Platform (MediaPost)

Adobe has added new features to its Adobe Experience Platform, claiming that these will allow brands to use their data assets faster than they could before. The new tools are desig... More

ViacomCBS Tries to Simplify a Complex Video-Buying World for Advertisers (Variety)

ViacomCBS is joining the parade of media companies trying to simplify their increasingly dizzying array of video offerings to advertisers. The company will launch a new product cal... More

The CMO’s Role in a Post-Pandemic World: Flexibility With Authenticity (MarketingTech)

The CMO role has changed. It is now the business-critical link between multiple arms of a company and is integral to business development. The role is no longer simply about being ... More

14 ‘Smart City’ Tech Features That Will Soon Change Urban Centers (Forbes)

As the Internet of Things continues to permeate more areas of modern life, we’ve begun to see the rise of the “smart city.” These urban areas leverage IoT technology like sen... More

Featured Jobs: Tamr; SAP; Testronic

Principal DevOps Engineer — Boston — Tamr Senior Developer — Palo Alto, CA — SAP Media Engineer — LA — Testronic Click here to view all available jobs... More

Alibaba Cloud Supports the Launch of Le Club for Paris 2024 (SCN)

Alibaba Cloud has supported Paris 2024 to its latest engagement initiative “Le Club Paris 2024” on The interactive website is the digital gateway for those ... More

How IoT, Wearables, Existing Tech Will Help Ensure Back-to-Work Safety (Forbes)

IoT is particularly powerful because wearables were already connected to employees before the pandemic. Pro athletes are now used to being monitored for their physical attributes a... More

EY Honored as a Top Enterprise Blockchain Service Provider (SCN)

EY has been ranked third in HFS Research's annual Top 10 Enterprise Blockchain Services Report, based on the organization's bold public blockchain market vision and software develo... More

How Today’s Robotic Processes Will Spark Tomorrow’s Digital Assistants (SAP Insights)

The next step in robotic process automation will be to add artificial intelligence so that the bots can begin to think and learn for themselves and optimize the heck out of the pro... More

DAM Governance Practices for the Long Haul (CMS Wire)

Effective governance is one of the major factors determining the ultimate success or failure of a DAM initiative. Some less experienced DAM users find applying the principles to re... More

Who Owns Digital Workplace Strategy? (CMS Wire)

The digital workplace is big business. $1.3 trillion big, to be precise. That’s a whole lot of money being pumped into developing capabilities and implementing the tools, apps an... More

4 Steps to Help You Plan a Cyber Resilience Roadmap (Security Intelligence)

What is cyber resilience? According to IBM Security’s 2020 Cyber Resilient Organization Report, a cyber resilient organization is one that “more effectively prevents, detects, ... More