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SAP, WTA Launch New Patterns of Play Feature (SCN)

SAP and the Women’s Tennis Association announced “patterns of play,” a new feature in SAP Tennis Analytics software for coaches, which for the first time will allow WTA coach... More

3 Things CDOs Need to Know about Data Mastering at Scale (Tamr Blog)

As a Chief Data Officer, you can recognize that while traditional Master Data Management techniques might have worked well for the type and scale of data mastering challenges that ... More

From Data Scientist to Data Alchemist: Data Monetization Transforms the Way You and Your Business Think (Luxoft Blog)

Data monetization enables a business to make better, faster decisions that drive the company forward, potentially saving (or making) millions. As you might expect, data monetizatio... More

DAM Implementation: Best Practices for Product Companies (Nuxeo Blog)

Think of your favorite pasta sauce. What are the main ingredients? Tomatoes, peppers, oil, spices, and… endless emails. Wait, what? It’s true, and sadly all too common. Along w... More

MicroStrategy, DataRobot Partner to Set New Standards for Enterprise AI-Driven Insights (SCN)

MicroStrategy announced a new technology partnership with DataRobot designed to make it easier for businesses to integrate AI into their most popular applications and core processe... More

Verance Brings Watermarking to HbbTV (SCN)

Verance announced plans to bring its Aspect watermarking technology to Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV, providing a solution that will significantly expand the reach of interactive t... More

When Data Doesn’t Add Up (Forbes)

Making high-stakes business decisions has always been hard. Data streams in at an escalating rate and volume while our ability to synthesize and analyze it gets more complex. Meanw... More

How to Close the CMO-CFO Connection Gap (CMO)

The rise of digital technologies has opened new doors for CMOs. From gaining unprecedented customer insights and fostering engagement to driving enterprise growth in ways few could... More

How to Get Your ‘Business Body’ in Shape (Forbes)

Traditional analytics and planning tools can provide visibility to the past and the present, but to see what’s coming, you need predictive analytics. One important source of pred... More

Featured Jobs: TiVo; Spherex; Exactuals

Head of IT, IP Licensing Business — San Jose, CA — TiVo AI Engineer — Burbank, CA — Spherex Business Development Representative — LA — Exactuals Click here to view a... More

SAP Empowers Intelligent Enterprises With New Data-Driven Cloud Services (SCN)

SAP announced enhancements to its business technology platform to enable intelligent enterprises to thrive in an Experience Economy. These updates help customers quickly turn data ... More

Irdeto’s Jim Phillipoff Talks Smart Home Security (Digital TV Europe)

Jim Phillipoff, Head of Business Development, Media & Entertainment, Irdeto, discusses the security threats around smart home technology and opportunities for service providers.... More

Salesforce Sharpens Its Computer Vision Teeth on Shark-Scanning AI (VB)

White sharks are being spotted off the Pacific coast more than ever before. Tracking shark encounters is an imperfect science largely reliant on first-hand reports. But members of ... More

5 Adtech Predictions for 2020 (CMO)

The market for advertising technology is expected to record exponential growth between now and 2023. But predicting how the landscape will truly shake out, especially given shiftin... More

Facebook Watch and the Emotion-Harvesting Future of Television (Wired)

The social media giant never really disappears while you’re attempting to kick back and relax and, well, watch. Facebook Watch shows are intertwined with the platform. Facebook i... More

Marketing’s Quantum Shift: Personalizing Content at the Speed of AI (The Cutaway)

Content is king, say marketers. What they remain mum about: The data that informs this content is now a dominion so vast that no monarch may ever get it under control. Savvy leader... More

How Can Humans and AI Collaborate to Manage the Explosion of Music Data? (Synctank)

One of the platforms designed to cope with this is Exactuals, a payments company that works with labels, publishers and creatives to streamline metadata processes to ensure the rig... More

What Roles Will AI Play This Black Friday? (Tech HQ)

In anticipation of the holiday, retailers will be looking to exploit cutting-edge digital solutions to stand out amid the frenzy and to ensure they’re well equipped to maximize p... More

Featured Jobs: Walt Disney Studios; Gracenote; Akamai

Manager, Media Operations — Burbank, CA — Walt Disney Studios Big Data Software Engineer — Emeryville, CA — Gracenote Product Architect — Cambridge, MA — Akamai Clic... More

How ‘Zero-Click Analytics’ Will Empower Enterprise-Wide Data Adoption (TechNative)

Rob Davis, Vice President of Product Management, for MicroStrategy, outlines how the emerging field of zero-click analytics can ignite faster, better decisions, inspire collaborati... More