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Our Finest Hour Season 1, Episode 5: ‘Finding Mr. Hanks’ (SCN)

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us feeling lost and adrift, in the way of inspiration or direction. And like other times when the “normal” way of life has been upended, ... More

Diamond Launches the GAAD Pledge, Announces Facebook as First Company to Take the Pledge (SCN)

Diamond launched the GAAD Pledge, a commitment made by organizations and developers to make accessibility a core value of their open source projects. In celebration of Global Acces... More

Simplified Video Archive Sharing in the Cloud from Wasabi, XenData (Wasabi Blog)

Across industries, there has been an urgent shift to work-from-home to keep people safe and businesses running. For the motion picture and television industry, the concept of remot... More

Microsoft Just Built One of the World’s Most Powerful Supercomputers – in Azure (Protocol)

Microsoft has constructed a 285,000-processor supercomputer designed for machine learning applications as part of its Azure cloud infrastructure service. It should be one of the mo... More

IBC 2020 Amsterdam Canceled Due to Pandemic (SCN)

IBC announced May 18 that its annual September media, entertainment and technology conference in Amsterdam will not take place, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, IBC C... More

Digital Nirvana Launches MetadatorIQ for Automatic Generation of Intelligent Metadata (SCN)

Digital Nirvana has introduced MetadatorIQ — the latest generation of the company's secure, scalable platform for automating metadata creation in preproduction, production, and l... More

DXC Technology Scores With Victorian Health Services Coalition (CRN)

DXC Technology has scored a contract with a coalition of five rural health services in Victoria to deploy its DXC Care Suite solution. The project involves DXC’s health platform ... More

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Releases Four Quick-Start Pandemic Business Packs (TechCrunch)

Salesforce Commerce Cloud CEO Mike Micucci says that they were hearing from customers they needed help. Salesforce decided to build four packages of services very quickly for custo... More

Is Your Marketing Strategy Based on the Right Data? (HBR)

Rapid change is the new normal, and more than ever, marketers need to make decisions quickly that are nonetheless anchored in data. As a result, companies are pouring money into ma... More

How Cloud is Accelerating the Growth of Digital Payments (TechHQ)

Seemingly every industry, to a degree, has increased their reliance on cloud technology in the past few months, and the e-commerce sector is certainly no exception. Now, cloud comp... More

Featured Jobs: AWS; Frozen Sailor Studios; Zendesk

Big Data Engineer — Seattle — AWS Senior Lead Developer (C++ / Unreal) — Remote — Frozen Sailor Studios Senior Director, Global Sales Development — San Francisco — Ze... More

AWS Announces Major Enhancements to Amazon Macie (SCN)

Amazon Web Services announced a series of major enhancements to Amazon Macie, delivering important new features, greater availability worldwide, and substantially reduced pricing. ... More

Digital Analytics: The Great Ally of User Experience (Softtek Blog)

Digital analytics has become increasingly important as an integrated discipline in our design processes. Data analytics and user research have joined paths to offer a holistic view... More

Why Managing Data Science Projects is Not the Same as IT Projects (TechRepublic)

IT projects, data science projects, and their outcomes look very different from each other. Managing them as if they are alike is a recipe for heartache.... More

How a Remote Workforce is Shifting CIO Priorities (CMO)

“Like most business leaders, CIOs now have to rethink priorities, or at least reorder them, and we must reinvent ourselves now as virtual leaders,” said Adobe CIO Cynthia Stodd... More

3 Strategies to Help Your Remote Work Team Thrive (Forbes)

While lockdown regulations are lifting considerably, it’s true that business won’t return to normal quite yet - possibly ever. If this was your company’s first time working r... More

How Alibaba Search Deals With Massive Amounts of Data With an Offline Search Platform (Alibaba Cloud Blog)

A closer look at how Alibaba's offline search platform made high throughput of millions of TPS and low latency possible.... More

Why Digital Asset Management is Fundamental to Brand Experience (Digitalist)

Brand experience: It’s a glamour profession. Imagine those creative types in their artsy milieu, crafting sharp new logos, shooting TV ads, and writing zippy headlines. But behin... More

Develop Tailored Cybersecurity Self-Assessments to Help Secure Your Remote Workforce (Security Intelligence)

With many organizations supporting large numbers of remote workers, security teams are being pressed to provide necessary protections and security awareness training for the remote... More

Tidy Up Your Company’s Data Marie Kondo-Style (HBR)

Over the years, most large enterprises have accumulated several petabytes of dark data — web logs, old emails, and out of date customer profiles all collected in the regular cour... More