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Analytics and AI: Trends to Look Out For in 2020 (Genpact Blog)

This year, enterprises will look beyond technology challenges and shift focus to people and organizational structures to scale their analytics and AI efforts. As a result, we expec... More

Etsy Completes Migration to Google Cloud in Record Time (MTS)

Google Cloud announced that Etsy has completed its two-year migration to Google Cloud. As a result, the company has been able to shift 15% of its engineering headcount from managin... More

In the Digital Age, Our Data is Currency (Forbes)

It's important to understand that a cybercriminal doesn’t care who you are, how young or old you are, or even much money you have or don’t have. They want your data. Data is th... More

Where Mobile Apps Benefit From Biometrics (TechNative)

Communications, entertainment, social media, online shopping, online banking – the list goes on and to such an extent that mobiles have become the most used piece of technology w... More

After a Decade of Digital Disruption, What Can Leaders Expect in the 2020s? (Digitalist)

Early in this new decade, it’s no surprise that digital transformation in parallel with innovation and disruption remains a red-hot issue keeping CEOs around the globe awake at n... More

Small Data Can Play a Big Role in AI (HBR)

More than three quarters of large companies today have a “data-hungry” AI initiative under way — projects involving neural networks or deep-learning systems trained on huge r... More

Will Weak Passwords Doom the Internet of Things (SecurityIntelligence)

Weak passwords can hurt any organization’s security efforts and make any device easily hackable, but could they also be the greatest point of failure for internet of things secur... More

3 Trends in Data Privacy Breach Laws That Will Carry Over to 2020 (Security Intelligence)

During 2019, new privacy laws were introduced, and many current laws evolved in the United States and across the global landscape. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR... More

How Next Gen TV Will Improve Experience for Viewers, Marketers (DMN)

While OTT is growing, a great number of TV watchers have stuck to linear TV. And by following an important marketing principle in meeting customers where they are, the linear TV in... More

Seagate, Tape Ark Take Lead on Initiative to Liberate Massive Cold Data Libraries for New AI, Analytics (SVG)

Seagate’s Lyve Data Services and Tape Ark have teamed up to deliver a service that will free the data trapped in tape vaults — a simple, streamlined process to migrate high vol... More

Competing in the Age of AI (HBR)

As digital networks and algorithms are woven into the fabric of firms, industries begin to function differently and the lines between them blur. The changes extend well beyond born... More

Skedulo Partners With Zendesk (DCRM)

Skedulo has expanded its partner ecosystem to include Zendesk. As a Zendesk Technology Alliances Partner, Skedulo's workforce management solution is now available on the Zendesk Ma... More

2020 Data Trends: Data Becomes the New Language for Innovation (Digitalist)

Thanks to the ever-growing data leading the way, the most unusual creations of our times have emerged. Data-driven innovations now form a key growth pillar for most organizations t... More

Cybersecurity Software Revenue to Hit $27B by 2023 (TechHQ)

The cyberthreat landscape might be worrisome to the business world, but there’s a growing batch of organizations profiting from it — the cybersecurity solutions firms.... More

Forget the ROI: With Artificial Intelligence, Decision-Making Will Never Be the Same (Forbes)

Having the right mindset is half the battle with successfully building AI into the organization. This means looking beyond traditional, cold ROI measures, and looking at the ways A... More

Stowe Australia Selects Illumio to Stop Lateral Movement Inside Its Organization (SCN)

Illumio announced it was selected by Australia’s oldest and largest private electrical contractor, Stowe Australia, to provide cutting-edge security for its data centres across A... More

A New Era of Emerging Technologies: Welcome to the Age of Intelligence (CMO)

If it wasn’t clear how critical customer experience (CX) is to business success in the digital age, Harley Manning, Forrester’s VP and research director serving CX professional... More

The Next CDO Challenge: Teaching Every Employee to Think Like an Analyst (Dataconomy)

If we’re going to change the way teams make daily decisions, a CDO needs to change the way they access, interact with, and integrate data into their daily processes. To make data... More

Featured Jobs: Akamai; Salesforce; Ampere Analysis

Principal Data Scientist — Cambridge, MA — Akamai Senior Manager, Cloud Management — San Francisco — Salesforce Senior Analyst, Consumer Research — London — Ampere An... More

MicroStrategy 2020 Ignites a New Era of Enterprise Analytics (SCN)

MicroStrategy unveiled MicroStrategy 2020, the company’s newest release of its flagship enterprise analytics platform, at MicroStrategy World 2020, taking place this week at Univ... More