EY Launches Smart Contract Testing Service for Blockchain Clients (SCN)

EY announced today the launch of EY Smart Contract Analyzer, a smart contract testing and security service for the public Ethereum blockchain. The service, now entering a private b... More

Magnolia Pictures Joins EIDR (SCN)

Theatrical and home entertainment distributor Magnolia Pictures has announced it’s joining the universal unique identifiers organization Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR),... More

Microsoft, BMW Launch the Open Manufacturing Platform (SCN)

Microsoft and the BMW Group announced a new community initiative to enable faster, more cost-effective innovation in the manufacturing sector. In manufacturing today, production an... More

AWS Elemental’s SPEKE Offers Standardized Encryption for Media Workflows (FierceVideo)

AWS Elemental on Wednesday introduced Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE), a new open API spec geared toward standardizing encryption key exchanges between DRM platfor... More

It’s Time to Stop Letting DAM Throttle Your Productivity (Nuxeo Blog)

DAM technology has grown exponentially since then, but many of the issues users face today are essentially the same as they were 15 years ago. But just like file sizes, they’re a... More

NAB 2019: MESA Members Bring Content Protection, Digital Asset Management Know-How (SCN)

This year’s NAB Show is shaping up to be the largest to date, with nearly 100,000 attendees from 165 countries and 1,700-plus exhibitors descending on Las Vegas April 6-11. Among... More

Rise of the Smart Contract (Forbes)

The lowly contract, a staple of business transactions everywhere, is about to get a major facelift. A smart contract is one in which every resource involved can be uniquely identif... More

Charting the First 20 Years of Digital Asset Management (Nuxeo Blog)

What does it mean for digital asset management (DAM) software to be future-ready? What will DAM look like in 20 years? No one can see into the future of digital asset management, b... More

Infosys to Deliver Engineering, Digital Services to Rolls-Royce Group (SCN)

Infosys has been selected by Rolls-Royce, a world leader in engines and propulsion systems, as one of the strategic long-term partners to deliver digital and engineering services. ... More

5 Elements to Optimizing Rights Management (Invenio Solutions Blog)

Standardised & Structured Data: A comprehensive rights management system requires uniformity in recorded information and terminology to ensure the full picture of rights availabili... More

Bitmax Adds EIDR for Content Management System (SCN)

Digital media management and licensing company Bitmax has announced a streamlined solution to augment and add unique identifiers for the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) to... More

5 Elements to Optimizing Rights Management (Invenio Solutions Blog)

As the battle for rights ownership continues to escalate, how a business manages its content rights and positions the systems that administer those rights has now become a competit... More

Entertainment Identifier Registry Association Adds BeBanjo (MESA)

The Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) global unique identifier system Feb. 13 added another member to its ranks, bringing Spanish data and analytics start-up BeBanjo into th... More

European Union Agrees on Copyright Directive Text, Pushing Legislation Towards Final Vote (Billboard)

The European Union's plan to reform copyright legislation -- and potentially transform how user generated content (UGC) platforms like YouTube operate on a worldwide basis -- has t... More

Nuxeo Announces Latest Edition of its Modern Content Services Platform (HITS)

Nuxeo today announced the immediate availability of LTS 2019, which delivers the latest features and functionality to the low-code Nuxeo Platform. With major enhancements in areas ... More

Study Shows Analytics, Data Management Tools Add Real Value (Adobe Blog)

Whether you sit in marketing, advertising, or IT, you know that the key to success for any company is twofold: a solid understanding of your customer, and delivering compelling and... More

To Accelerate Digital Transformation, Master Information Flows (DXC Technology Blog)

Digital businesses are emerging at a rapid pace as companies re-architect themselves. As true 21st century enterprises, they are developing substantially different products and ser... More

How Pacesetters Pick the Right DAM Platform (Nuxeo Blog)

You’re setting your company’s pace, but will your digital asset management solution be able to keep up? With many enterprises reporting that their content needs double every 12... More

Cognizant to Digitally Transform Operations for Three Finnish Financial Institutions (SCN)

Cognizant today announced that it has been selected by three Finnish financial institutions as their strategic partner to build and operate a shared core banking platform to enable... More

Saab Teams with DXC Technology, Citrix to Create Intelligent Digital Workspace (SCN)

With the help of Citrix and DXC Technology, Saab has created an intelligent digital workspace in which its 16,000 employees can share technology, ideas and thinking across more tha... More