NAB 2019: Take the Digital Asset Management (DAM) Tours

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M&E Journal: Identify and Automate: How the Entertainment Industry Can Monetize EIDR Universal Content Identifiers

Will Kreth, Executive Director, Entertainment ID Registry - “If you can’t identify it, you can’t operationalize or measure it. If you can’t measure it, you can’t monet... More

Smart Hollywood Summit: The Importance of Standards for Consistent Metadata

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Smart Hollywood Summit: Begin Evaluating IP Metadata as Capital

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Google Cloud Security Specialist: No GDPR Compliance Problems

Google Cloud hasn’t experienced any major compliance issues since the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect last year and isn’t concerne... More

Smart Hollywood Summit: How AI Makes Data Smarter

LOS ANGELES — For Tom Ohanian, global sales executive for IBM Watson Media and Weather, artificial intelligence (AI) applications are only as good as how well they’re able to a... More

Smart Hollywood Keynoter: AI is Neither Utopian nor Dystopian

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MovieLabs on the Importance of EIDR to the Future Media Supply Chain

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Hammerspace CEO to Spotlight Metadata at Feb. 27 Smart Hollywood Summit

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Making the Business Case for EIDR is Important to Drive Increased Adoption

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HPA Tech Retreat Panelists: AI in M&E is in its Infancy

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EIDR, WD Execs: SMPTE’s C4 ID Complements EIDR ID

Although some people mistakenly believe SMPTE’s recently standardized C4 ID is a competitor to the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) global unique identifier system or the... More

White House AI, Robotics Expert to Keynote Feb. 27 Smart Hollywood Summit

When President Obama saw the need to commercialize, research and adopt a policy around robotics and AI, he turned to Dr. Eric Daimler, a leading authority with more than 20 years o... More

MarkLogic Exec: Entertainment Companies Can Do a Lot More with AI and ‘We Need to Get Started’

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Winter M&E Journal Digital Edition Goes Live

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MESA, MarkLogic Webinar to Examine Effective AI Usage in M&E

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CES 2019: ThinkAnalytics Talks Metadata, Viewer Behavior Solutions for the Viewing Experience

ThinkAnalytics is showing at CES “how its solutions understand metadata and viewer behavior to personalize the viewing experience and boost subscriber engagement,” according to... More

Diamond: Bridging Innovation and Enterprise

Diamond is a Los Angeles-based digital agency that’s been specializing in scalable, high-performance mobile and web applications since it was created in 2012. Jonathan de Arma... More

V2 Solutions M&E Division Spins Off Into Spherex

The media and entertainment (M&E) division of V2 Solutions has been spun off into a new M&E company named Spherex, led by CEO and founder Teresa Phillips, and the new company is ... More

CPS 2018: Videocites CEO Touts AI’s Role in Content Protection

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. — Digital rights management, watermarking, BitTorrent, hardware with piracy applications built in, live, illegal streams of copyrighted material … there ... More