Salesforce Exec: ‘Potential is Enormous’ for Machine Learning in CRM

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SMPTE Publishes Standards for Binding Ad-IDs to Commercials, EIDR Codes to Content

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M&E Journal: The Pattern to Unlock Smart Content

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Ooyala: AI, Blockchain, AR and VR Usage All Growing

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MESA, MarkLogic to Host Smart Content Webinar with Sony July 18

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M&E Journal: Get Ready for EIDR 3.0

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Adobe’s Editing App ‘Project Rush’ Syncs All Projects to the Cloud

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A Single Source of Truth: Rights Management in the Age of Digitalization

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M&E Journal: New Tools Needed for New Forms of Storytelling

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IBM Watson Media, Fox Sports Add AI to World Cup Coverage

For this month’s 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Fox Sports has partnered with IBM Watson Media to add an artificial intelligence layer to the broadcaster’s coverage of the even... More

Accelerated Ingest to Cloud Services

By Megan Cater, Senior Manager Digital Content at Signiant - We are in an era of data inundation. According to a report by IDC, by 2020 there will be as many digital bits in ex... More

HITS Spring: M&E Companies Can Significantly Benefit from Machine Learning

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HITS Spring: LiveTiles Chief Architect Examines Future of AI Tools

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Rightsline: Tackling Media Rights, Avails Challenges for Industry’s Biggest Players

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Digimarc CEO: Retailers Still Being ‘Cautious’ About Replacing Traditional Barcode

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Dolby CFO: Smart Wireless Speakers a Growth Opportunity

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IBM, Google Execs: AI to Open Up More Content Value, Monetization Opportunities

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AWS Elemental Cloud Services Aim to Maximize Value of Video with AI

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EIDR European Working Group to Meet May 9 in London

The latest updates around the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) will be presented May 9 at Google’s Covent Garden offices in London during a free meeting of the EIDR European Work... More

AWS: Three ‘Major Trends’ as Customers Adopt Machine Learning

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