Research: Consumers Placing Greater Value In Entertainment Subscriptions

Overall monthly per-capita entertainment-content subscription spending has risen to $115 in 2009, an increase of nearly 7% since last year, according to NPD Group. As of August 2009, 81% of U.S. households subscribed to a television service (satellite TV, basic/premium cable, or... More

Retailer Hastings’ Response To Redbox Drives Rentals

“Our movie rental business was negatively impacted by the de-valuing of the price of a rental movie primarily as a result of the growth of rental kiosks that rent movies for a dollar per day,” Hastings Entertainment CEO John Marmaduke says in the company’s latest earnings r... More

Rovi Markets Media Discovery And Connectivity For The Car

Rovi Corp. introduces a digital media platform designed to help automotive OEM and aftermarket manufacturers build car infotainment systems, with the ability to recognize and share digital media with devices on the home network. The solution, a combination of Rovi’s LASSO media... More

RCDb Supplies BD-Live For Netflix’s PS3 Service

Netflix is pushing the envelope of Blu-ray’s BD-Live technology with its “instant streaming” disc that brings the company’s online video renting service to PlayStation 3 owners. The disc is the product of a technology licensing and services agreement between Netflix and ... More

Steam’s ‘Call of Duty’ Exclusive Draws Fire From Digital Game Retailers

Several digital videogame distributors are refusing to sell Activision’s hotly-anticipated “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” this week, in a conflict-of-interest battle with online gaming leader Steam. PC versions of the game reportedly require installation and use of Steam... More

At Blu-Con: Home Entertainment Gets CNBC Close-Up

CNBC stopped in at the Digital Entertainment Group’s Blu-Con 2.0 conference in Los Angeles to get a read on Blu-ray and the home entertainment industry's prospects for returning to growth. Blu-Con keynote Jessica Reif-Cohen, of Merrill Lynch, told the business news network th... More

Notes From Blu-Con: Studios Look For Sell-Through To Rebound As Recession Lifts

Executives convening at Blu-Con 2.0 in Los Angeles today are trading insights and observations on the state of the Blu-ray Disc business. Among them: • Studio chiefs expect home entertainment consumers to shift back to a sell-though model as the recession eases, according to a... More

Giant Interactive Launches BD-Live Service

Blu-ray and DVD producer Giant Interactive is marketing BD-Connect, a software solution for adding BD-Live interactivity to Blu-ray discs, to North American content owners under an exclusive partnership with European service provider Imagion AG. Giant says BD-Connect, which has ... More

‘Window’ To The Future Of Home Entertainment?

Sell Movie Downloads First, Rent Via Redbox Last, Says Analyst “We understand what a consumer wants” in home entertainment access, writes Pali Research analyst Richard Greenfield. “We just see no reason why the studios should enable that behavior.” In a post to Pali’s... More

Blu-ray Conference To Examine 3D Specs

Integration of 3D into the Blu-ray Disc format is among the technological “coming attractions” that DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group plans to discuss next week at the second annual Blu-Con event in Los Angeles, CA. A panel of executives from studios and consumer electron... More