New Children’s Product Safety Rules: Keys To Compliance

Los Angeles — A new federal law requires manufacturers of products intended to be used by children to certify that the items do not contain paint, coatings, or ink with ink above certain limits, and as of February 10 of next year, the law will require manufacturers of children'... More

MESA News – Aug. 7

Studios/Suppliers Augmented reality adopted by more studios By Susanne Ault and Jennifer Netherby - 08/07/2009 AUG. 7 | PHYSICAL: IPhone apps also expected on more DVDs, Blu-rays in Q4 More Marvel earnings find focus with pics By Marc Graser of Variety - 08/04/2009 AUG. 4 | PHY... More

MESA News – Jul. 31

Studios/Suppliers Image to defer $4 million principal payment By Susanne Ault - 07/31/2009 JULY 31 | PHYSICAL: Deadline extended to Oct. 30 MoreViacom’s Paramount takes Q2 loss By Danny King - 07/28/2009 JULY 28 | PHYSICAL: Home entertainment revenue down 29% More Disney face... More

MESA News – Jul. 24

Studios/Supplier Comic-Con: Warner, Disney put motion comics on display By Ned Randolph - 07/24/2009 JULY 24 | DIGITAL: Stan Lee talks about creation of new Time Jumper More Mill Creek acquires BCI Eclipse titles By Cindy Spielvogel - 07/20/2009 JULY 20 | PHYSICAL: He-Man among... More

MESA News – Jul. 17

Studios/Suppliers Image expands stand-up DVD line By Susanne Ault - 07/16/2009 JULY 16 | UPDATE--PHYSICAL: Acquires three titles with comedy stars More Home entertainment revenue slips 3.9% in first half By Marcy Magiera and Susanne Ault - 07/16/2009 JULY 16 | PHYSICAL: DEG: Gro... More

MESA News – Jul. 10

Studios/Suppliers Comic-Con attracts DVD, Blu-ray on smaller scale By Susanne Ault - 07/10/2009 JULY 10 | PHYSICAL: Studios focus on core sci-fi, horror, animation releases More Europe increases anti-piracy fight By Ed Meza of Variety - 07/09/2009 JULY 9 | FROM VARIETY: Seizure... More

Polypropylene Proposal to the Recorded Media Industry

Most plastics are burned or buried at the end of a product’s life. In the US in 2006 this was 30 million tons (or 60 billion ponds). This is a huge waste of non-renewable fossil fuel resources. If we build a system that recycles more of these plastics we will reduce that waste ... More

MESA News – Jul. 3

Studios/Suppliers HBO promotes comedy with Fetish campaign By Laurence Lerman - 07/02/2009 JULY 2 | PHYSICAL: Show clips available on Web sites, windows More Ice Age freezes Transformers By Pamela McClintock of Variety - 07/02/2009 JULY 2 | VARIETY BOX-OFFICE REPORT: Fox film g... More

MESA Membership Update

MESA has grown to 17 member companies involved in the creation, production and distribution of physical and digital media & entertainment.  Join these companies in the dialogue and collaborate within our industry: Founding Members Capgemini Savvis Testronic Labs Member... More

MESA News – Jun. 19

Studios/Suppliers Warner catalog sales rise on TCM partnership By Jennifer Netherby - 06/19/2009 JUNE 19 | PHYSICAL: Classic Films Collections see double-digit sales growth More Discovery titles going to Gaiam By Cindy Spielvogel - 06/15/2009 JUNE 15 | PHYSICAL: Deal includes TL... More