Live Nation And Ticketmaster May Have To Divest Units

Live Nation and Ticketmaster Entertainment may need to give up pieces of their proposed vertically-integrated music entity to gain the approval of U.S. anti-trust regulators, the Wall Street Journal reports today. Of particular interest to media distributors amid the ongoing mer... More

Sony Mulls Album-Only Release For Jackson’s ‘This Is It’

Contrary to earlier reports of an Amazon exclusive, Sony Music will release Michael Jackson's This Is It on iTunes, according to All Things Digital. But whether the label will allow the Apple store and other outlets to sell individual tracks from the posthumous greatest-hits coll... More

Research: Lower Premiums For Blu-ray Could Spur Sales

Falling prices of both Blu-ray hardware and software are contributing to rising consumer interest in the format, says entertainment research firm Futuresource Consulting. New releases on Blu-ray, which drive the market for the format, are currently selling for between 35% and 50... More

Second Annual Blu-ray Disc Conference Focuses On Latest Opportunities For Home Entertainment Platform

Blu-Con 2.0 Features Leading Executives from Across the Motion Pictures, Consumer Electronics, IT and Video Game Industries Filmmaker Martin Scorsese Will Keynote Conference October 8, 2009-- Los Angeles—Hollywood-based trade association DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group w... More

Tesco To Offer ‘Virtual DVD’ Experience For Video Downloads

Staking out its position in the digital entertainment marketplace, UK retailer Tesco plans to offer its DVD customers the ability to download digital copies of movies via Tesco’s own powered by Microsoft’s Silverlight technology. In addition to providing a similar level of v... More

Savvis’ Moran Offers Keys To Understanding Digital Supply Chain

Tom Moran, Senior Director of Media and Entertainment Markets for Savvis, offered insights into the development of supply chains for digital goods at the recent Entertainment Supply Chain Conference in London. Here are several key takeaways: Opportunities: While he music busine... More

Wal-Mart Selling Pre-Owned Games Online

Wal-Mart is the latest retailer to seek a cut of the used videogame market, offering pre-owned titles for as much as 30% off their original price at an online storefront. The retailer’s quiet launch of a pre-owned videogames page follows a spring 2009 test of physical kiosks w... More

Will Redbox’s Anti-Trust Suits Stick?

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video are hitting back at Redbox in a Delaware federal court this week, filing motions to dimiss the anti-trust claims the kiosk vendor has brought against each studio. Fox, which filed its response on Thursday, says Redbo... More

Wal-Mart Stores Cut DVD Display Space: WSJ

Pressing forward with a corporate initiative to reduce merchandising clutter, Wal-Mart is doing away with promotional display cases for new DVD releases, according to a Wall Street Journal report (registration required). The report offers few specifics on how Wal-Mart's "Project... More

Going Green: Next Steps For The DVD Industry

Time was a DVD had the same carbon footprint as a hamburger. But by reducing the amount plastics and paper in the consumer DVD package, U.S. studios and replicators have brought the carbon footprint down by 11% in the past two years, says Disney’s Edwin Van der Meerendonk. ... More