MESA’s Keegan Welcomes New Addition

MESA is proud to welcome a new addition to the MESA family - Thomas Keegan, born 11:36 p.m. April 4, 6 lbs, 15.6 oz. Congratulations to proud dad Terence Keegan, editor of the M&E Daily and his wife Kara.... More

Redbox Collaborates with Suppliers to Improve Efficiencies

A unique company with an innovative business model needs a creative, innovative solution to its manufacturing challenges.  Redbox revolutionized the entertainment industry 10 years ago by democratizing access to movies with a simple, yet effective, business model: Give consumers... More

Dell ‘Animates’ Efficient IT Infrastructure for ToonBox

By Lyndsey Schaefer When animation house ToonBox Entertainment decided to move into feature film production, the Toronto-based company realized it needed to scale out its IT infrastructure to produce content in a short amount of time on a limited budget. After evaluating soluti... More

With Blu-ray households up, Warner readies weighty ‘Harry Potter’ boxed set

by Terence Keegan More than one quarter of U.S. households now own a Blu-ray player, according to a report by Centris Research (via Home Media Magazine). Yet with Centris reporting that household Blu-ray player adoption increased 47 percent from one year ago, many Blu-ray househ... More

Related Content Database Changes Company Name to Watchwith, Announces New Platform-as-a-Service

Related Content Database, Inc. (RCDb) announced its corporate name change to Watchwith on March 20, in a move that sharpens the company’s focus on enabling second-screen and other syndicated content experiences for consumers around films, television programs, and advertising. ... More

Testronic Joins UltraViolet Consortium

Quality assurance services provider Testronic Labs announced on Monday its membership in the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), the cross-industry consortium responsible for developing the UltraViolet system for digital home entertainment. Seth Hallen, Testronic Lab... More

CDSA Webinar To Introduce New Industry Solution for Operational Risk Management

These days, managing a business means managing risk. M&E companies especially are managing opposing dynamics of increased digital threats, proliferating vendors, and prescriptive corporate governance and policies. It’s a lot to manage and keep tabs on – and it’s only go... More

Walmart: ‘Disc-to-Digital’ Is ‘The Solution Customers Have Been Asking For’

by Terence Keegan Walmart consumers have a strong desire for digital access to their movie collections in a way that’s easy, secure, and affordable, according to John Aden, the retailer’s executive vice president of general merchandising. Announcing the launch of Walmart’... More

Walmart To Market Two-Dollar ‘Disc-to-Digital’ Conversions As Part of UltraViolet Push

by Terence Keegan Walmart customers will be able to buy digital access to their DVD and Blu-ray collections beginning April 16, in a new partnership between the retailer and five major movie studios that back the UltraViolet digital rights system. Under Walmart’s “disc-to-d... More

What Would a Disc-Less Xbox Mean for Game Retail?

Not long ago, rumors resurfaced that the next generation of Microsoft’s Xbox system would utilize Blu-ray discs for video game delivery. Now, an unidentified source tells UK game site MCV that Microsoft plans to drop optical discs entirely from its future console. Instead, MCV... More