BluFocus Forms App Testing Division

Growth of App and Casual Game Industry Triggers Company Expansion Testing and certification specialist BluFocus announces its formation of an app testing division, to meet the growing demands of the app and casual game industry. Studios, app development companies, producers, an... More

New Distribution Windows Change Studios’ Profit Equation

by Marcy Magiera As networks and studios take advantage of myriad new ways to distribute content, they face greater challenges in managing windows to extract maximum profit from each transaction, said executives speaking at Variety's Entertainment and Technology Summit at the Ri... More

Blu-Tech Summit To Discuss Technological Advances, Production Efficiencies for Blu-ray Titles

The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance, in cooperation with DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group, plans to hold a half-day technology summit for leading Blu-ray Disc developers to discuss recent advancements in the creation, production, and distribution of Blu-ray titles... More

Syncing With TV Is Key to ‘Second Screen’ Growth, Says North Highland

Television marketers are eyeing consumers’ iPads, iPhones, and PCs as the “second screen” of the living room — an opportunity to engage viewers simultaneously on two devices, while strengthening their audience base and reinvigorating advertiser revenue. With the year 2011... More

Variety and CDSA Announce Second Entertainment Piracy & Security Summit

Movie, Music, Game Execs to meet December 8, 2011 at the Universal Hilton The Second Entertainment Security Summit, produced by Variety Magazine and CDSA, the International Content Security Association, has been announced for December 8, 2011 at the Universal Hilton.  The indus... More

Game Retail: Spending on Digital Platforms, Used Discs, and Rentals Pulls Ahead of New Release Biz

Consumer spending on mobile and social games — along with downloadable games and content, pre-owned physical titles, rentals, and game subscription services — outpaced sales of new console and PC titles by more than 20 percent during the second quarter, according to new data ... More

Prescreen Service Positions Streaming Movies as Promotional Vehicles for Studios, Filmmakers

by Marcy Magiera New movie streaming service Prescreen promises content owners and filmmakers that its social networking model will deliver “blockbuster exposure on an indie budget.” But scratch the surface and the streaming site, founded by ex-Groupon exec Shawn Bercuson, l... More

Kindle Fire: Amazon Competes With Apple Not Just on Devices, But Also on Vision for Cloud

by Terence Keegan There are several obvious distinctions between Amazon’s newly announced Kindle Fire tablet and Apple’s iPad, with price perhaps chief among them (via Bloomberg Businessweek). But another notable difference is how each company envisions the marketplace for d... More

Paramount Folds Digital Operations Into ‘Home Media Distribution’ Unit

Paramount established a dedicated digital entertainment unit years before DVD sales peaked. Now, amidst tapering physical media markets and consolidation of Hollywood’s home entertainment business, the studio is folding its digital licensing operations into a newly created “H... More

At Content Protection Summit: For Universal, Content Security Poses Business Opportunity

Piracy of films prior to their home video release may never be completely eradicated, says Paul Chesney, vice president of international operations for Universal Pictures International Entertainment. But if studios and their vendors could reduce the value of Europe’s pirate vid... More