2nd Screen Sunday at NAB Announces Opening “Keynote Q&A”

The 2nd Screen Society is pleased to announce the participation of Hardie Tankersley, Vice President, Digital Platforms, Fox Broadcasting as its keynote speaker at the upcoming 2nd Screen Sunday at NAB, April 7 in Las Vegas. Tankersley will focus on FOX NOW – its syndication ne... More

HITS Returns to Malibu for the 3rd Annual Hollywood IT Summit!

The Hollywood IT Society (HITS) has announced that its 3rd Annual Hollywood IT Summit will be held on Tuesday, May 7th in the George Elkins Auditorium at the Malibu Campus of Pepperdine University. This annual meeting of senior-executives from all major studios and their creati... More

never.no Taking Social TV to the Next Level

By Lyndsey Schaefer Kelly Moulton, VP, North America for never.no, has seen the transition from interactive television to the freshly minted social TV. Now, never.no is taking what it has learned from the broadcast world to take social TV to the next level. “never.no is a soc... More

Legal Crackdown May Finally Be Putting a Dent in Piracy

By Paul Sweeting Efforts to crackdown on online piracy by taking legal action against individual web sites that facilitate it are often likened to a game of Whac-a-Mole -- an endless and ultimately pointless exercise in chasing a moving target. But some intriguing evidence has e... More

New S3 Member Boxfish Thinks Outside the Box with TV Data

By Lyndsey Schaefer At any time of day, given the hundreds and hundreds of channels to surf through on television, it seems like there should be something of interest to watch. Don’t put down the remote just yet – Boxfish is here to help find exactly what you are looking for... More

Save the Date for 2nd Screen Sunday at NAB – April 7

2nd Screen Society to focus on 2nd screen innovations for broadcast, sports and entertainment LAS VEGAS — The 2nd Screen Society (S3) and NAB have announced the launch of “Second Screen Sunday” at NAB, an in-depth, afternoon conference at the Encore Hotel on Sunday, April ... More

White House Statement On Cell Phones Could Unlock DMCA

The Obama Administration issued a statement Monday strongly endorsing consumers' right to unlock their cell phones that could hold broad implications for the use of digital rights management in a wide range of applications. The statement came in response to a petition posted on ... More

Second Screen Comes Into Focus at Summit

By Lyndsey Schaefer At Tuesday’s second annual 2nd Screen Summit in Beverly Hills, 200 home entertainment executives gathered to discuss the emerging ecosystem poised to be the next evolution of home entertainment, where the audience could appropriately follow along with a liv... More

Fox Launches New Digital Content Syndication Network

Launch Partners Shazam, Viggle, ConnecTV and NextGuide to Feature FOX NOW Sync-to-Broadcast Content Within Their Multi-Platform Environments Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) today announced that it is launching a new, first-of-its-kind syndication network that will distribute FOX... More

Jargon Technologies Launches JargonTalk 2.0

Jargon Technologies announced the launch of JargonTalk 2.0, a cross-platform technology that enables advanced interactive applications which run on a multitude of devices. Building on the success of JargonTalk 1.0, this version offers streamlined integration, Blu-ray Disc™ upda... More