Inaugural ‘Burbank Think Tank’ Focuses on Impact of File-Based Workflows

By Mel Lambert The evolution and impact of file-based workflows formed the focus of the inaugural “Burbank Think Tank,” presented by MESA and sponsored by Testronic Labs, held Thursday night at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel. Moderated by Carolyn Giardina from The Hollyw... More

Netflix, HBO Talk DVD Opportunities Amidst Digital Growth

Executives from HBO and Netflix observe continuing opportunities in the physical disc business, even as home entertainment markets around the world move to digital models. Speaking at the Nomura U.S. Media Summit June 2, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos acknowledged th... More

NCR Sues Blockbuster To Keep Its Kiosk Name

NCR Corp. is asking a Delaware federal court to declare that it has a contractual right to continue using the “Blockbuster Express” name for its movie rental kiosks, which number more than 9,000 nationwide. The Blockbuster Express name, design and related trademarks are held... More

Senator Moves to Block ‘Protect IP Act’

Following the Senate Judiciary Committee’s unanimous approval of the “Protect IP Act” on Thursday, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) placed a “hold” on the anti-piracy bill, blocking it from proceeding to the floor of legislature for debate. Under the bill, which is sponsored by... More

Gaga Saga, Part II: Amazon Says of Cloud Service Promotion, ‘This Time We’re Ready’

In of Lady Gaga’s new “Born This Way” album today, Amazon aims to introduce its MP3 store and cloud music service to consumers that learned of Monday’s headline-grabbing promotion too late. The retailer promises that today’s promotion will be free of the digital fulfil... More

Webinar To Explore Content Monetization Strategies

An upcoming webinar sponsored by ModusLink will delve into strategies for M&E service providers to generate new revenue streams in the age of digital content distributon. The June 7 webinar, titled “Monetizing Access to Digital Content,” will explore the gamut of digital... More

Amazon Digital Services Buckle On Success of Lady Gaga Promotion continues to make a name for itself as a destination for deeply-discounted digital music, with Lady Gaga fans flocking to the site to purchase Lady Gaga’s new “Born This Way” album for 99 cents. The online retailer seems to be a victim of its own success, however... More

Standardization Figures Prominently at ESCA EDGE Conference

By Mel Lambert The thorny subject of standardization for both digital file formats and companion metadata figured prominently during several sessions at the seventh-annual ESCA EDGE conference, which was held Thursday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. As John Crosier,... More

At ESCA EDGE: Entertainment Supply Chain Execs Discuss Challenges To Developing Digital Markets

By Mel Lambert Executives speaking at an opening panel session of today's ESCA EDGE conference concurred that fragmentation — of everything from retailer practices to consumer habits — is among the most pressing challenges that the entertainment industry must overcome to es... More

Proposed California Law Stiffens Piracy Penalties for Disc Replicators

Optical disc replicators in California would be required to keep detailed records of job orders and equipment purchases or face stiff criminal fines, under new anti-piracy legislation now making its way through the state’s Senate. The legislation, introduced earlier this year ... More