DigitalFilm Tree: Democratizing Tech and Information to Empower Storytellers

Since its entry on the scene in 1999, the mission of Hollywood, Calif.-based post-production, software and process consulting company DigitalFilm Tree has remained the same: To “democratize the technology and information that empowers storytellers with the best tools available ... More

Azure’s Basse: Solid Cloud Security Eases Remote Production Concerns

For all the headaches that may have arrived with today’s remote-work reality for media and entertainment productions, worrying about how secure your cloud service is hasn’t been among them, according to Hanno Basse, CTO of media and entertainment for Microsoft Azure. “It... More

HITS Live: Signiant Shares ‘Tales From the Trenches’ WFH Insights

The past couple months have witnessed just how adaptable the media and entertainment industry can be, shifting its productions and workflows to work-from-home (WFH) environments and facilitating widespread remote access on very short notice. But while business continuity has b... More

Eluvio Touts Content Fabric Benefits, Discloses Future Enhancements

Eluvio’s founders highlighted the benefits of the company’s Content Fabric during a recent webcast, while disclosing the roadmap for enhancements that are planned for the new global software network for premium video. During demonstrations provided during “The Eluvio C... More

‘M&E Europe’ Newsletter Relaunches as MESA Goes Global

Beginning today, subscribers to the “M&E Europe” newsletter will see a redesigned look for the publication, expanded coverage of European media and entertainment news, and a prioritization of original industry content from the MESA Europe membership. The new editions o... More

Inaugural Global M&E Day Arrives in London – Virtually – on 2 July

The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) is bringing an expanded version of its popular New York City-based M&E Day summit to London, when MESA Europe hosts the inaugural Global Media & Entertainment Day Thursday, 2 July, as a worldwide, virtual event. ... More

Whip Media Webinar: Let Data Drive Your Content-Platform Decisions

There’ more competition than ever before for viewers’ screen time, and in this increasingly crowded market, getting the user’s attention — and retention — when the audience has become so fragmented, finding and exploiting the right content for the right audience hasn’... More

MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: June 1-5

MicroStrategy continues its “Virtual Symposium Series,” Caringo looks to the CIA to protect data (no, not that CIA), and Whip Media Group will host a webinar that shows how you can take the guesswork out of predicting the success of a title on any given platform. All it takes... More

Building the Future Now: How Creativity and Remote Collaboration Can Protect the Film Industry

By Rob Lofthouse, Director, Software Development, Sohonet - Every day, I wake up, have a bottle of water and a coffee. I then spend some time with my son in the garden and take a moment to enjoy the peace and tranquillity. A moment to treasure. I need these moments, becaus... More

HITS Live: RSG Media Looks to Solve AI-, ML-Driven Data Puzzle

Most every media and entertainment company — most every connected company in general — understands the value proposition of artificial intelligence- (AI) and machine learning- (ML) driven analytics for business. Recent surveys show 90% of companies plan on investing more i... More