HITS To Deliver Universal Media ID Update to Hollywood IT Executives

by Lyndsey SchaeferThe Hollywood IT Summit (HITS) this Friday at Pepperdine University’s Malibu campus will provide an update on industry adoption of a Universal Media ID for media and entertainment applications. A variety of panelists from studios and distribution partners wil... More

Hollywood IT Summit To Tackle Residual Payment Challenges

by Lyndsey Schaefer Residuals management is an issue that has been at the forefront of Hollywood’s entertainment industry for decades. On Friday, March 2, at the Hollywood IT Summit, leading digital technology executives representing studios, industry guilds, lawyers, and tech... More

2nd Screen Summit: Content Providers Focus On Building Their Audience

By Lyndsey Schaefer Speakers at Wednesday’s 2nd Screen Summit in Santa Monica, Calif. agreed that, at least for now, creating customers is of paramount importance for the emerging platform. Companies will find ways to monetize second screen content later. With the increasing ... More

James Dunkelberger of Microsoft Named Chairman of CDSA

Security Executive Cites the Roll-out of Media & Entertainment Industry Trusted Partner Network as Association Priority in Coming Years REDMOND, WA -- James Dunkelberger, General Manager of Product Release & Security Services at Microsoft, was named Chairman of the... More

2nd Screen Summit Delves Into Consumer Engagement

By Lyndsey Schaefer The key to mass market adoption of “second screen” apps, says BuddyTV’s Bill Baxter, is to aggregate large numbers of small audiences. Baxter, who keynoted the 2nd Screen Summit in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday, noted that 50 percent of television ... More

Redbox To Acquire NCR’s Rival Kiosk Business, ‘Blockbuster Express’ Out of the Picture

The Blockbuster brand name is poised to disappear from some 9,000 DVD rental kiosks in the U.S., as Coinstar’s Redbox plans to acquire the machines in a deal with NCR Corp. announced Monday. NCR and Redbox made no reference to the “Blockbuster Express” name in announcing t... More

Verizon, Coinstar’s Redbox Team on Streaming

The team-up between Verizon and Coinstar’s Redbox for a streaming service later this year is without a doubt a big deal. But the companies, in announcing their joint venture on Monday, left unanswered a big question: what content will their forthcoming service offer consumers? ... More

MyInternetServices Gains CDSA Content Protection Accreditation

MyInternetServices.com, LLC, (MIS) North America’s leading managed game server solutions provider, today announced its successful renewal of the Content Delivery and Security Association’s (CDSA) Content Protection and Security accreditation. MIS is the world’s first man... More

What Will Facebook’s IPO Mean for Media?

Advertising and app payments remain Facebook’s primary market opportunities, according to its Feb. 1 IPO filing. But there’s no question that growth in both of those markets is premised on content distribution. Even as it counts 845 million active users, audience growth is o... More

Sony makes shuffles at the top and in home entertainment

A series of executive moves at Sony make some clear statements about how the company expects to revive its reputation as a technology leader and how it expects to play the game in home entertainment in the years ahead. The big news, of course, is that Sir Howard Stringer is step... More