Adobe Pro Video Apps Now Support ProRes Export on Windows (MESA)

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Leveling the Broadcast-Digital Playing Field with Attribution (Veritone Blog)

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Europe Puts International Stream Rippers, MP3 Pirates on Notice with Inaugural ‘Watch List’ (Billboard)

Think stream ripping and MP3 pirates are a dying breed now with the rise of legal streaming? Not so fast, as the European Commission today publishes its inaugural list of non-EU we... More

Dolby Cinemas Uses Cutting Edge Technology to Deliver the Best Cinema Experience in UAE (Tech Radar)

There are a lot of ways to watch a movie in Dubai. From IMAX and 4DX experiences to fine dining meals served in premium seats, local cinemas have gone above and beyond to get peopl... More

Avid Pro Tools Now Includes UVI Falcon, Delivering Creative Hybrid Instrument, High Quality Sound (MESA)

Avid today announced an alliance with software instrument developer UVI to deliver powerful virtual instruments and an exclusive sound library to all Pro Tools users. UVI’s accla... More

Apple Partnering with Amazon to Let You Control Apple Music with Alexa (CNBC)

Apple Music is coming to Amazon's Alexa-enabled Echo devices, Amazon said Friday, in a rare move to broaden Apple's streaming music ecosystem. It's an unusual move from Apple to al... More

To Avoid the Fate of Music Streaming, Podcasts Need to Validate Their Audiences (Adweek)

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Is the Era of Voice Texting Upon Us? (The Ringer)

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Spotify: Mexico City is ‘Streaming Music Capital’ (Billboard)

Spotify has named Mexico City the “streaming music capital.” The Mexican metropolis, according to information from the streaming service, has more Spotify listeners than New Yo... More

Spotify, Pandora Turn to Podcasts for Listeners, Profits (WSJ)

Spotify and Pandora are looking to expand beyond music streaming and into the world of podcasting, as they aim to capture more of consumers’ listening time and, eventually, boost... More

‘A Star Is Born’: Dolby Atmos Became Bradley Cooper’s Secret Weapon (IndieWire)

While deep into the standard 7.1 sound mix for “A Star Is Born,” Bradley Cooper was approached about doing a Dolby Atmos mix as well. But he was skeptical. After all, this wasn... More

Spotify Rolling Out its Official Apple Watch App (Fortune)

Spotify is delivering on its promise to release a music-streaming app for the Apple Watch after testing a beta version of the app earlier this month. With the new app, Spotify user... More

What’s Next for Podcasting? (TechCrunch)

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UK’s First Dolby Cinema to Open by Christmas (Forbes)

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Spotify Returns to Roku Streamers, TVs (Variety)

Spotify is officially making its way back onto Roku streaming devices and Roku TVs: An app for the music streaming service became available on Roku’s channel store Wednesday, whe... More

Dolby Employees Honored by SMPTE (MESA)

Five Dolby Laboratories employees received recognition Thursday night from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers including their highest honor at a ceremony held i... More

The New Movie Soundtrack: A Spotify Playlist (WSJ)

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Smart Speakers Lead Consumer Trends in Audio (Radio World)

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Spotify, Warner Bros. Created a Spot With 3D Sound to Promote ‘A Star Is Born’ (Adweek)

In an effort to highlight the music, Warner Brothers worked with Spotify to produce a video ad with 3D sound. The ad, which mimics the surround-sound effect of being in the theater... More