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Will Redbox’s Anti-Trust Suits Stick?

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video are hitting back at Redbox in a Delaware federal court this week, filing motions to dimiss the anti-trust claims the ... More

Wal-Mart Stores Cut DVD Display Space: WSJ

Pressing forward with a corporate initiative to reduce merchandising clutter, Wal-Mart is doing away with promotional display cases for new DVD releases, according to a Wall Street... More

Going Green: Next Steps For The DVD Industry

Time was a DVD had the same carbon footprint as a hamburger. But by reducing the amount plastics and paper in the consumer DVD package, U.S. studios and replicators have brought th... More

Game Publishers Seek Supply Chain Standards At ESCA Europe

Videogame publishers speaking at the Entertainment Retailing and Supply Chain Conference in London  agree that a standard approach to supply chain management would benefit the ent... More

Studios Just Getting Started With ‘BD Live’

After a few years of studio experimentation, Blu-ray’s live interactivity features are coming into their own. Speaking at the Entertainment Retailing and Supply Chain Conference... More

New Children’s Product Safety Rules: Keys To Compliance

Los Angeles — A new federal law requires manufacturers of products intended to be used by children to certify that the items do not contain paint, coatings, or ink with ink above... More