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DigitalFilm Tree: Democratizing Tech and Information to Empower Storytellers

Since its entry on the scene in 1999, the mission of Hollywood, Calif.-based post-production, software and process consulting company DigitalFilm Tree has remained the same: To “... More

Eluvio Touts Content Fabric Benefits, Discloses Future Enhancements

Eluvio’s founders highlighted the benefits of the company’s Content Fabric during a recent webcast, while disclosing the roadmap for enhancements that are planned for the new g... More

Building the Future Now: How Creativity and Remote Collaboration Can Protect the Film Industry

By Rob Lofthouse, Director, Software Development, Sohonet - Every day, I wake up, have a bottle of water and a coffee. I then spend some time with my son in the garden and take ... More

MESA’s Spring ‘M&E Journal’ – ‘The Now What? Issue’ – Goes Live

The spring edition of the “M&E Journal,” examining our industry’s new remote-work reality from all angles, is now available online, with a full digital edition being offered ... More

HITS Live Keynoter: Prioritize Your Team Mindset During ‘Pandemic Pandemonium’

If the last couple months have taught media and entertainment managers anything, it’s that not much has been predictable, and that the entire industry has had to think on its fee... More

Final Program Set for May 27 Hollywood Innovation and Transformation (HITS) Live

A world-class team-building keynoter, a collection of industry experts on the impact of COVID-19 on the entertainment industry, a dozen of Hollywood’s vendors on how they’ve ad... More

Production in the Cloud; Remote-Work Security; Vendors Bring Their Best to HITS Live

Beginning at 12:30 p.m. PT May 27, attendees of the Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS) Live event will have four technology session tracks to choose from, detail... More

Cyberhaven’s Roark: With Creative Collaboration Comes ‘Chaos’

Mary Roark, VP of marketing Cyberhaven, sees a lot of industries all dealing with the same worries and issues when it comes to insider threats risking exposure to intellectual prop... More

AI, ML, Data; Scale and Supply Chain; Vendors Out in Force at May 27 HITS Live Event

Beginning at 12:30 p.m. PT May 27, attendees of the Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS) Live event will have four technology session tracks to choose from, detail... More

Convergent: How to Best Avoid Costly Security Breaches

The many combinations of risk ownership and accountability today, along with the increased use of remote work, make the security landscape more complex than ever, requiring continu... More

Best-Selling Team-Building Author Robyn Benincasa to Keynote May 27 HITS Live

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing entire media and entertainment teams to work remotely, managers are facing more than technological and organizational hurdles … they’ve lost ... More

Oxagile: Helping Your Stories Reach Digital Screens

Founded in 2005 by two university friends, New York-based Oxagile grew from a promising tech startup to a mature software vendor serving more than a billion users. While the compan... More

IBC 2020 Amsterdam Canceled Due to Pandemic

IBC announced May 18 that its annual September media, entertainment and technology conference in Amsterdam will not take place, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, IB... More

Akamai CTO: Credential Stuffing Attacks Continue to Challenge Media Companies

Credential stuffing attacks targeting media companies continue to present a major challenge, according to Patrick Sullivan, CTO-security strategy at Akamai. There is ongoing gro... More

MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: May 18-22

How to leverage AI and the cloud for caption generation from Digital Nirvana. A look at how the COVID-19 pandemic is influencing customer experience in media and entertainment. And... More

Direct-To-Consumer Platforms are Getting a Boost From COVID-19

Direct-to-consumer streaming services were already seeing significant growth before COVID-19, but their popularity has only soared even more since the pandemic started as more view... More

May 27 Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS) Live to Dive Into Remote Work Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the game for media and entertainment, forcing industry players to quickly shift both their workflows — and mindsets — to keep business running... More

Eluvio: A New Age of Video Distribution

Join the co-founders of Eluvio May 20 for the free webinar “The Eluvio Content Fabric: A Live Webcast for Content Providers” In media and entertainment, sometimes the old wa... More

Eluvio to Tout Benefits of New Content Fabric Offering During May 20 Webinar

All the benefits of content distribution, but without the cloud or a content delivery network (CDN). The ability to reliably move assets globally for live, VOD, and linear channels... More

Digital Nirvana Webinar: Leveraging AI, Cloud for Caption Generation

An enterprise-level, cloud-based web app for producing transcripts, captions and translations, backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, and ge... More