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MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: July 13-17

Top tips for better customer service from Zendesk, ideas on when to archive content on-premises vs. the cloud from Caringo, and a bevy of work-from-home and future of media and ent... More

M&E Journal: Be the Buffalo

By Timothy Sheehy - I live on the Great Plains. Home to horizons that go on forever, and blue skies that go even farther. Vast areas of land and air that impress you with your u... More

Where Does M&E Truly Stand With 5G?

By Michael Darer, Content Marketing Manager, Signiant - Of the many up-and-coming technologies discussed today, 5G often tops the list. With 5G networks now in more than 375 ci... More

M&E Day: Caringo Weighs Pros, Cons of Archiving Content On-Prem vs. Cloud  

Although the cloud should undoubtedly be part of a media organization’s remote workflow strategy, companies still find themselves weighing whether archiving content  on-premise ... More

Digital Edition of MESA’s Spring ‘M&E Journal’ Now Available

The full digital edition of the spring “M&E Journal,” examining our industry’s new remote-work reality from all angles, is now available online. Geared toward senior media... More

Adobe Exec: Pandemic Has Created Challenge and Opportunity for M&E Industry

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges and opportunity for every corner of the media and entertainment industry, according to Ehren Hozumi, VP of media, entertainment... More

IBM Security: Response Planning Up, But Containing Attacks Remains a Problem

A new global report from IBM security, examining the effectiveness of businesses in preparing for — and responding to — cyberattacks, has found both cause to celebrate, and rea... More

New Blood Can Give Cinemas a New Lease on Life

If it weren’t for the fact that our daughter had to see “Trolls World Tour,” we wouldn’t have given the film a second thought. She would have had to force us (pout) to t... More

Invenio Exec Touts Solutions for M&E Companies to Overcome Key Production Challenges

Media and entertainment companies are scrambling to overcome the onslaught of simultaneous productions and increased costs that have come along with the explosion of new content du... More

TiVo: Streaming Viewership Hits New Heights

During the first quarter of the year, satisfaction among consumers with their streaming services grew, as did the amount watched, thanks to stay-at-home orders, according to a new ... More

AWS Preps Real-Time Racing Stats for Formula 1

With choices few for a sports-starved world dealing with the ongoing pandemic, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making sure one of the few live competitive offerings out there is as en... More

Whip Media: Data-Driven Predictions Can Help M&E Companies Compete

Now that audiences have become so fragmented and there is so much more competition than ever before for their screen time, grabbing a viewer’s attention — and keeping it — by... More

Avanade Provides Tips on How M&E Companies Can Better Deal With the ‘New Normal’

Although the media and entertainment industry thrives on a “high-touch” working style, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a “new normal” in which nearly everybody has shifte... More

Invenio Details How to Ease the Production Process in June 23 Webinar

The world of media and entertainment moves fast. And one of the biggest pressure points with the explosion of new content for OTT platforms is managing the onslaught of productions... More

Despite Pandemic Challenges, Reasons for M&E Industry Optimism

The media and entertainment industry has been facing multiple challenges as the result of the disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are reasons for cautious optimi... More

Film, TV Productions Reemerge in Unknown Territory

OK, we’ve had it! We’ve watched all the “new” movies (those we thought worthwhile), we’ve scanned “the trades” and discovered there is nothing coming out of the pi... More

Bitmax to Digitize, Distribute ‘Flying Doctors’ Across Streaming Services Worldwide

Digital media management and licensing firm Bitmax has been tapped by UK distribution firm Eaton Films to digitize the Australian mini-series “The Flying Doctors” on iTunes and... More

CDSA: App & Cloud Framework’s What We Needed to Deal With Threats in the Cloud

The Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) App & Cloud Framework “has been a long time coming, but we now have a good mechanism to start to deal with some of the ... More

The Blurring Line Between Content Security and Information Security

Protecting content is a constantly evolving challenge as the entire media and entertainment ecosystem quickly shifts to cloud infrastructure. Although content security and informat... More

Chesapeake Systems, Signiant Expand Partnership

Systems integrator and support provider Chesapeake Systems has announced it will become an official reseller of Signiant’s intelligent file transfer products, after having alread... More