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Adobe CEO: Magento Purchase Expands Market Opportunity

Adobe’s recent $1.68 billion purchase of e-commerce company Magento stands to give Adobe a boost on multiple fronts, starting with the ability to “seamlessly integrate” comme... More

Salesforce CFO: Company Has Two Ways to Monetize Einstein AI Now, More Options to Follow

There are “two ways to monetize” for Salesforce with the Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) platform today, but there is “obviously lots of optionality in the f... More

A Single Source of Truth: Rights Management in the Age of Digitalization

By Michael McGuire, Chief Revenue Officer, FilmTrack- Over the past decade, the M&E ecosystem has been completely redefined. Advances in technology have completely changed t... More

Cognizant: M&E is Nearing the ‘End of Digital’s Beginning’

A new white paper from IT consulting firm Cognizant looks at the new digital economics of the media and entertainment industry, as well as the ways in which leadership and strategy... More

Cisco Exec: Company’s Making Strides on Security as Challenges Continue

Cisco continues to make strides on its security initiatives amid ongoing malware and other challenges, according to David Goeckeler, EVP and GM of Cisco’s Networking and Securit... More

IBM Touts AI Partnership with H20.ai

NEW YORK – The strategic global deal that IBM and H2O.ai announced here June 7 is an example of IBM’s strategy of expanding its artificial intelligence (AI) for business leader... More

Box CFO: Progressly Purchase to Help ‘Accelerate’ Workflow Offerings

Box’s recent acquisition of Redwood City, California startup Progressly was designed to help “accelerate” the company’s automated workflow solutions, according to Dylan Smi... More

Expert System, Decipher Technology Studios Join Forces

Semantic technology provider Expert System USA has partnered with Decipher Technology Studios, which offers service mesh platforms that enables secure big data processing, have ann... More

M&E Journal: New Tools Needed for New Forms of Storytelling

By Mario Kenyon, Head of Production & Daniel Kenyon, Founder and CEO, Furious M - Immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed are the next major gr... More

Dolby Atmos Support Added to Apple TV 4K

Dolby Atmos support was added to Apple TV 4K as part of the tvOS 12 operating system (OS) update that Apple announced June 4 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in... More

Salesforce CEO: U.S. Needs National Privacy Law

The Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) platform continued to make strides in Salesforce’s first quarter (ended April 30) and the growing presence of AI is making it... More

HITS Spring: Avid Architect Examines Evolution of Collaborative Tools

The evolution of collaborative editing tools has been swift in recent years, with workflows heading to the cloud, and the growing need for remote access, better search capabilities... More

Microsoft: GDPR Compliance Presents Challenges That Moving to the Cloud Can Ease

Compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was implemented May 25 has presented companies with challenges. But moving to the cloud can he... More

HITS Spring: SAS Shares M&E Machine Learning Use Cases

For media and entertainment companies, digging through the sheer amount of data available to make better business decisions can be a daunting task. At the May 17 HITS Spring: T... More

HITS Spring: M&E Companies Can Significantly Benefit from Machine Learning

Media and entertainment companies stand to benefit tremendously from the use of machine learning (ML), as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, but not all ML and... More

HITS Spring: Microsoft Azure Touts Benefits of Going All-In on Cloud Production

Moving content workloads to the cloud isn’t as hard (or scary) as some media and entertainment companies might expect, and there are advantages when it comes to security and mult... More

HITS Spring: Finding Effective Piracy Solutions More Urgent Than Ever for M&E Companies

Pre-release piracy of content is costly for media & entertainment (M&E) companies and it’s become simple to illegally make copies and distribute pirated content, so it’s more i... More

HITS Spring: LiveTiles Chief Architect Examines Future of AI Tools

For the last decade, everyone in the media and entertainment industry has had some form of the term “digital transformation” beaten into their heads, and from the move away fro... More

HITS Spring: Entertainment Partners Stresses Multi-Pronged Approach to Data Security

It’s important for media and entertainment companies to take a multi-pronged approach to data security, according to Martin Mazor, chief information security officer (CISO) at En... More

HITS Spring: Veritone Execs Talk Upcoming Onslaught of AI Solutions

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — During a standing-room only breakout session May 17 during the annual HITS Spring: The Hollywood Innovation & Technology Summit, Daniel Wong asked th... More