Will 2020 Kick Off the Decade of the Slashies? (The Cutaway)

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question you hear a lot when you’re a kid. If you’re lucky, you’ve had a consistent response to the question over the years.... More

Mobile Game Spending Expected to Hit $100B in 2020 (THR)

The mobile gaming industry is expected to continue its growth into 2020, data and analytics provider App Annie predicts in its annual State of Mobile report.... More

TiVo: Smart TVs Deliver the Fastest Search, Discovery (Next TV)

According to the tech company’s latest survey, it takes 10.3 minutes on average using a smart TV’s interface to find a new movie or TV show vs. 12 minutes for Apple TV.... More

Sony’s PlayStation Wrap-Up Reveals Your Top Games of 2019 (Engadget)

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The Appetite for Live Streaming is Bigger Than Ever (The Verge)

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Adobe Announces Availability of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service (MESA)

Adobe unveiled Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, part of Adobe Experience Cloud. The industry’s most advanced cloud-native solution for digital experience management b... More

Ampere: China Leading eSports Boom (THR)

China is leading the fast-growing market for eSports, where professional video game players compete in front of a live online audience. A report Ampere Analysis finds that 26 perce... More

Salesforce Announces New Tools to Boost Developer Experience on Commerce Cloud (TechCrunch)

Salesforce announced some new developer tools, designed to make it easier for programmers to build applications on top of Commerce Cloud in what is known in industry parlance as a ... More

AI Was the Star of CES (Shelly Palmer Blog)

Based on what was on display at CES, the idea of deliverables lists may soon be a thing of the past. Imagine the difference. You shoot a video on an iPhone and it plays on an 8K mo... More

CES 2020 Proved VR, AR are Thriving (VentureBeat)

Virtual and augmented reality have had a rough few years: Pundits tried to proclaim VR “dead” despite growing consumer interest and sales, while AR’s high prices and limited ... More

Grammys to Stream Red-Carpet Preshow Exclusively Via Twitter (Billboard)

For the first time in Grammy history, fans can tune in to the red carpet preshow on social media. The Grammys announced Wednesday (Jan. 8) that Grammys Live From the Red Carpet, fe... More

Apple’s App Store Had Gross Sales Around $50B Last Year, but Growth is Slowing (CNBC)

Apple announced that it has paid $155 billion to developers since 2008, up from $120 billion disclosed in January 2019. That means the company’s App Store had total sales maxing ... More

Will 5G Have Impact in 2020? (Media Post)

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CES 2020: Synamedia Shares Dire Illegal Streaming Stats; Luxoft Debuts New Mobility Tech

LAS VEGAS — To kick off the 2020 edition of CES, video software provider Synamedia shared its findings of a new anti-piracy study, showing more than three million streaming crede... More

Big Tech is Now Worth $2T More Than Media Sector (Variety)

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The Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends Everyone Should Be Watching in 2020 (Forbes)

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2020: The Year the Office Finds its Voice? (ARN)

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Anime is One of the Biggest Fronts in the Streaming Wars (The Verge)

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Why the 2020 Streaming Wars Will be Won by Robots (TNW)

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Sports Technology in Game for 2020 (Tech HQ)

Technology has been transforming just about every aspect of life, and sports is no exception. According to reports, the sports technology market is predicted to hit a whopping $31.... More