Qtum Blockchain Becomes Amazon Web Services Partner in China (Coin Desk)

Amazon Web Services' China division is partnering with public blockchain project Qtum. The partnership sees the on-demand cloud computing giant working with a cryptocurrency projec... More

Otoy’s RNDR Harnesses 14,000 GPUs to Render Cloud-Based Graphics (VentureBeat)

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The Next Generation of Streaming Video Games is on its Way (Engadget)

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Digimarc Previews Signal Rich Art, Based on New Generation of Tools, Techniques to Design IoT-Ready Packaging (MESA)

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3 AI Trends Sales Can’t Ignore (Salesforce Blog)

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The iPad is Getting Full Version of Photoshop Next Year (CNBC)

Adobe announced on Monday that it will release a full version of its Photoshop editing software for the Apple iPad next year. Photoshop is currently available for the iPad, but it ... More

Creative Types say AI Will Help, Not Hurt, Their Jobs (Forbes)

AI is not likely to replace the human creative spirit anytime soon. If anything, it could make us more creative. At least that's what people in the creative fields say, with the be... More

With Cred partnership, PwC Wants to Help Make Stablecoins Legit (TechCrunch)

Audit giant PwC is the latest mainstream firm to show new interest in digital currencies. This week it announced a partnership with decentralized lending platform Cred to advise on... More

AI: Four Key Ingredients (OpenText Blog)

The first ingredient is digital maturity and this is wholly dependent on having mature processes. If the process is mature, chances are good that the data will be good. Mature proc... More

eSports and Live Culture: A Major New Movement (Techonomy)

From esports to HQ Trivia to Peloton, “live” platforms and brands are becoming a cultural phenomenon. The role of spectators and participants are blurring, and this is changing... More

Movie Commentary Tracks are Back – and They’re a Trivia Goldmine (Wired)

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Report: eSports 2.0 Has Arrived (Twice)

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Lego, IBM Team for AI-Powered Interactive Ad (Media Post)

While Lego is noted for its iconic Lego brick, the toy giant is now tapping into artificial intelligence to better guide shoppers for the coming holiday season. Driven by IBM’s n... More

Viacom Expands Content Efforts on Snap, YouTube, Twitter (Variety)

Viacom Digital Studios is stepping up its programming investments on social media with a new slate of content unveiled Wednesday at the NewFronts West event in Los Angeles. The yea... More

How AI is Helping Amazon Become a Trillion-Dollar Company (Fast Company)

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Sony PlayStation 4 Will Get ‘Next-Generation’ Successor (BBC News)

Sony's president has confirmed that his company is developing a new video games console. Kenichiro Yoshida told the Financial Times that "it's necessary to have a next-generation h... More

Adobe Launches ‘Wireframe’ Podcast in Partnership with Gimlet Creative (Dexigner)

Adobe has announced a new podcast in partnership with Gimlet Creative exploring the biggest questions facing UX and UI designers today. Launching on October 9, Wireframe will discu... More

How Technicolor is Exploring Global Ultra Broadband Trends, Emerging Opportunities for Network Service Providers (MESA)

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PwC Teams with Cred to Build Trust in Cryptocurrency Ecosystem (VentureBeat)

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Microsoft Will Roll Out Video Game Streaming Service in 2019 (Fortune)

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