Alfonso Cuarón Discusses His Oscar-Nominated Film ‘Roma,’ the Work of Technicolor (Technicolor Bog)

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TiVo Announces Metadata Deal With Sky Mexico (SCN)

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In Bid to Conquer Oscars, Netflix Mobilizes Savvy Campaigner, Huge Budget (NY Times)

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Netflix is Opening Up Studios in Toronto (Screen Rant)

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Cord-Cutting Sped Up in 2018: Biggest Pay-TV Ops Shed 3.2 Million Subscribers Last Year (Variety)

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Sony Launches Branded Premium Large-Format Theater System (THR)

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Media Market Disruptor? The Evolving Benefits of Blockchain (Digitalist)

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Technicolor, Cinnafilm Team on HDR Conversion Tech (FierceVideo)

Cinnafilm and Technicolor are teaming up to build a file-based solution for High Dynamic Range (HDR) conversions from Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) source material. Cinnafilm is int... More

HBO Launches in Portugal (TVB Europe)

HBO has launched a new SVoD platform in Portugal. HBO Europe’s programming now encompasses five services covering 21 countries, including Spain as well as Scandinavian, Baltic an... More

InterDigital Makes Binding Offer to Acquire Technicolor’s Research, Innovation Unit (MESA)

InterDigital today announced that it has made a binding offer to acquire the award-winning Research & Innovation unit of Technicolor. As part of the transaction, InterDigital will ... More

The Many Benefits AI Can Bring to Pay TV (BroadcastPro)

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Dubbing Dogville: What Do LATAM Voice Artists Really Think of Cloud Dubbing? (ZOO Digital Blog)

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CBS Used 8K Cameras During Super Bowl LIII Broadcast (Dealerscope)

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Technicolor’s Family of Creative Brands Worked on More Than Two Dozen Spots That Aired During Super Bowl LIII (MESA)

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How TV Took Over the Sundance Film Festival (Fortune)

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Why This Year’s Matchup Might be the Last 4G Super Bowl in History (Tech Republic)

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The Future of Super Bowl Ads Doesn’t Include TV – or Football (Wired)

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UltraViolet Cloud Movie Locker to Shut Down (Variety)

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Sundance: 3 Hot Emerging Tech Trends to Watch (Forbes)

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Altice Taking Majority Control of Molotov to Create ‘Spotify of Television’ (Digital TV Europe)

Altice France is to take a majority stake in linear OTT TV operator Molotov. The pair have entered into exclusive negotiations, with Altice promising to give Molotov the means to b... More