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U.K. Post Company Looks to EditShare for Remote Workflows (HITS)

U.K.-based post-production company The Finish Line has tapped Boston-based workflow solutions company EditShare and its Flow media management solution to scale post-production busi... More

Google Cloud Makes it Cheaper to Run Smaller Workloads on Bigtable (TechCrunch)

You can now run Bigtable production workloads on just a single node. “We want Bigtable to be an excellent home for all of your key-value and wide-column use-cases, both large and... More

MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1 Delivers Variety of New Features (HITS)

MicroStrategy announced the availability of MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1. A leading enterprise analytics platform, MicroStrategy 2020 Update 1 is designed to bring modern, consumer-... More

How CIOs Can Help in the Fight Against COVID-19 (CIO)

There may be ways to put your organization’s data and IT systems to use in combatting the pandemic head on by helping identify cases, track their spread or promote measures to pr... More

Teradici Updates Customers, Partners, Community (Teradici Blog)

Our team members have been working through higher than average levels of demand and support requests from both existing and new customers during this time. We appreciate your patie... More

Context-Driven Digital Trust: A New Security Paradigm For Hybrid Multicloud Organizations (Forbes)

Today’s connected culture expects to interact with businesses digitally, with immediacy and privacy. For companies to remain competitive in this hyper-connected world, they need ... More

Is the CIO’s Focus on Cybersecurity Stalling Innovation? (Tech HQ)

Digital innovation and cybersecurity are intertwined – attention shouldn't be paid to one without considering the other. ... More

Verizon’s CEO on Peak Traffic, Cybersecurity, and Leading a Team from Home (HBR)

Hans Vestberg is running a $132 billion multinational company at the front lines of Internet and voice connectivity during this extraordinary Covid-19 pandemic, and he’s working ... More

Salesforce: The Crisis as a Turning Point (ZDNet)

When the current tragic COVID-19 predicament is behind us is when the assessment will be made on the judgments that we make now. Organizations with established healthy relationship... More

Disrupted IT Managers Contend With Hardware Constraints (CIO Dive)

For some companies, stay-at-home orders are a minor disruption. Their workforces were already primed to operate remotely; workers simply took their laptop home and hunkered down to... More

Checklist for Business Continuity With a Remote Workforce (Thrive)

Whether dealing with the current coronavirus crisis or anticipating a future natural disaster, organizations need to prepare for emergencies that require employees to suddenly swit... More

Featured Jobs: EditShare; Warner Bros.; Adobe

Sr. Product Manager, Storage Platform — Watertown, MA — EditShare Lead Senior Analyst, Financial Reporting — Burbank, CA — Warner Bros. Senior Data Science Analyst — Sa... More

Microsoft Launches Edge Zones for Azure (TechCrunch)

Microsoft announced the launch of Azure Edge Zones, which will allow Azure users to bring their applications to the company’s edge locations. The focus here is on enabling real-t... More

Fighting Ransomware With Cloud Backups, Data Immutability (Wasabi Blog)

One of the biggest cybersecurity threats facing organizations today is ransomware. Ransomware is a scourge affecting governments and businesses of all sizes. It wreaks havoc on com... More

Google Cloud Releases COVID-19 Data Sets to Foster Coronavirus-Fighting AI Models (VentureBeat)

In an effort to help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus, which is projected to infect millions of people in the U.S. alone, Google today launched the COVID-19 Public Dataset... More

Grow Your Business With an Evolving Cloud Security Strategy (Security Intelligence)

We have all heard the castle-and-moat analogy to describe traditional centralized approaches to cybersecurity. As cloud security becomes increasingly important in the modern landsc... More

Report: Blockchain Top ‘Hard’ Skill for 2020 (Tech HQ)

As well as blockchain, other hard skills included things like cloud computing, analytical reasoning, AI and UX design. Soft skills included traits like creativity, collaboration an... More

World Backup Day 2020: IT Teams Must Prepare for the ‘New Normal (Verdict)

Some businesses may have actively embraced remote working previously and will have strategies in place to support with this, but there are others that are still finding their feet.... More

7 Tips for Leading Remote IT Teams Successfully (CIO)

To succeed in an increasingly talent-starved and competitive IT world, more enterprises are relying on geographically dispersed workforces. Such organizations build IT teams provid... More

Google Cloud Launches Game Servers, a Managed Cloud Backend for Games (TechCrunch)

Google Cloud announced the beta launch of Game Servers, a managed service that provides game developers with the usual backend services for running their games, including multi-pla... More