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A Blueprint for Winning the Tech Talent War (DXC Technology Blog)

Digital transformation is impossible if enterprises lack the right technologies. But just as critical to digital transformation efforts is having the in-house skills to fully lever... More

Analytics Skills Essential for Business Survival in ‘Data Decade’ (Tech HQ)

Data analytics skills will be essential for business survival in the next ten years. ... More

IBM AI Innovations Sharpen Risk Detection in Identity Management (HITS)

IBM Security announced it is extending its artificial intelligence technology originally developed to protect users in the financial services industry, to clients in all industries... More

AI and the Future of Design (IA)

Artificial intelligence is disrupting industries across the board. In healthcare, AI technologies are outperforming humans in diagnosing disease--particularly when it comes to spot... More

5 Tips for Thriving in the Digital Era (CIO)

Your CEO has been running your company for 10 years and has spent 30 years in the industry. She is visionary and flexible and has pivoted the business during changing markets. She ... More

Tech Jobs: These are the Skills Hiring Managers are Looking for Now (ZDNet)

The skills that hiring managers are looking for from tech workers are changing, with an increased interest in staff who can communicate and collaborate across the business.... More

CIO Role: 8 Tips to Get Along Better With the CFO (Enterprisers Project)

Do you feel like finance people are from Mars and IT people are from Venus? Here’s how IT leaders can strengthen this relationship - before digital transformation goals suffer. ... More

The Future for Software in 2020 (Forbes)

Software will change in 2020. But let’s be clear about this i.e. software changes every year, every month, every week and in some cases every day. Cloud-centric software platform... More

Top 10 Technical Skills That Will Get You Hired in 2020 (Channel Asia)

Landing the perfect IT job is never easy, but certain, in-demand skills can smooth the way. Here are the top IT skills employers will be looking for in 2020.... More

Becoming Future Ready With CX-Led Digital Transformation (Avanade Insights)

To overcome customer experience (CX) challenges and be future ready, brands must infuse intelligence throughout every part of their business to better understand their customers an... More

Featured Jobs: Technicolor; Sony; Akamai

Cloud Architect — Montreal — Technicolor Director, Corporate Communications — NYC — Sony Sr. Marketing Program Specialist, Global Marketing — NYC — Akamai Click here... More

A Deeper Look Into How Technology is Innovating the Financial Sector (CIO)

With every new technology comes great opportunities, and it’s no different in the financial sector. In fact, the opportunities provided by technological advancements in banking a... More

The Secret to Being a Successful Data Scientist (DXC Technology)

Technologies may come and go, but soft skills — the ability to communicate and collaborate — will always have value.... More

Digital Transformation for the Retail CIO: Connecting Digital With Physical (Adobe Blog)

How the changing role of the CIO sets the stage for unprecedented company success.... More

Google Cloud Gets FedRAMP High Authorization (FedScoop)

Google has earned approval to manage some of the federal government’s most sensitive data in its commercial cloud infrastructure. Google Cloud Platform received the Federal Risk ... More

NFL, AWS Partner to Improve Player Safety and ‘Shape the Future of Football’ (GeekWire)

The National Football League is turning to Amazon’s cloud technologies as it looks to improve the safety of its players. The NFL and Amazon Web Services announced a new partnersh... More

The Changing Role of CFOs in the Face of Digital Transformation (TWA)

While technology can deliver on the promises of reducing operational time, advancing digital financial applications, and improving customer experience, the role of a financial lead... More

10 Future Trends and How CIOs Can Keep Ahead in 2020 (CIO)

Landing the perfect IT job is never easy, but certain, in-demand skills can smooth the way. Here are the top IT skills employers will be looking for in 2020.... More

Tech Talent Skips Coastal Hubs for Austin (CIO Dive)

Austin, Texas is the top city for tech talent, according to CompTIA's 2019 Tech Town report. Raleigh, North Carolina; San Jose, California; Seattle; and San Francisco round out the... More

Key Factors Driving AI in 2020 (Tech HQ)

AI has changed. The Artificial Intelligence that we first knew in the Science Fiction movies of the 1980s was portrayed as fanciful magic, where computers would talk to us like hum... More