HITS News Headlines

Wasabi Challenges Hardware Storage Giants With Innovative, Disruptive Pricing Model (HITS)

Wasabi announced a disruptive new Reserved Capacity Storage pricing model that allows customers to purchase a reserved amount of cloud storage for a fixed price for periods of 1,3,... More

Google Cloud Rolls Out New Qualification for ‘Anthos Ready’ Storage (ZDNet)

Google Cloud announced a new certification for storage solutions that are designed to run optimally with Anthos on-premises. Launched last year, Anthos is a platform for managing a... More

IBM X-Force: Stolen Credentials, Vulnerabilities Weaponized Against Businesses in 2019 (HITS)

IBM released the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2020, highlighting how cybercriminals' techniques have evolved after decades of access to tens of billions of corporate and p... More

IT Salary Report 2020: Get Paid What You are Worth (IW)

It's a good time to be an IT pro. The economy is strong. Unemployment is low. Plus, IT is not just a business cost center anymore. Tech is now core to business operations, creating... More

Yellowbrick Data, MicroStrategy Partnership Aims to Enhance Analytics (TechTarget)

The new partnership will enable flexible scalability, support for mixed workloads and multi-cloud support. The goal is to provide actionable insights into data.... More

Three Traits of Digital Transformation Leaders – Budgets Don’t Matter (TechHQ)

Spend on artificial intelligence systems is poised to hit US$97 billion in 2023 according to the IDC, almost triple last year’s spend.... More

As Chatbots Infiltrate the Workplace, Start with the IT Service Desk (Digitally Cognizant Blog)

By applying chatbots to the IT service desk, businesses can learn how to overcome the challenges and reap the advantages of this AI-driven technology.... More

Want to Keep Your Employees Productive? Pay Attention to Shadow IT Clues (Forbes)

Employees use tools at their disposal to get work done, but if these tools (often legacy) hamper collaboration or are inflexible, they’ll turn to less secure options for the sake... More

How CFOs Are Successfully Navigating the New Reality of Uncertainty and Change (Digitalist)

In every sector across the globe, change is the new normal. And while change always brings new opportunities, it also creates tremendous uncertainty. From volatile political climat... More

How to Manage the Continuum of Change (Forbes)

Many businesses have survived painful initiatives with less than perfect change programs in place and can name at least one time when they wished they had never migrated from a leg... More

Quantum Technology 2020: These are the Immediate Security Threats, Opportunities (Forbes)

IDC analysts predicted that quantum computing will bring competitive advantage to 25% of the Fortune Global 500 companies by 2023. While quantum computing isn’t ready for prime t... More

The New Chief Financial Officer Thinks Like a Chief Data Officer (Digitalist)

In the era of digital transformation, finance leaders are finding that their roles are evolving just as rapidly as the technology solutions surrounding them. Historically siloed fr... More

Five Predictions for Automation in 2020 (Genpact Blog)

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the fastest-growing segment of the enterprise software market. And – as RPA software, consulting and implementation services mature to deliver... More

80 Percent of IT Leaders Prioritize Hybrid Cloud Strategies (TWA)

Cloud is an integral part of every enterprise leader’s IT playbook. The technology is popular across all industries as it offers unprecedented flexibility and affordability. Orga... More

Banks are Sitting on The Digital Economy’s Most Valuable Resource: Data (Forbes)

We just closed the page on a decade where data became the most valuable resource. In the 2010s, tech companies garnered significant attention, and much of their perceived value, fr... More

EY: Delivering Expert Advice to Supply Chain Firms in China (SCD)

Rodrigo Cambiaghi, EY Asia-Pacific and Greater China Supply Chain and Operations Leader, discusses the EY acceleration in China and how the firm helps reshape supply chain strategi... More

10 Steps to Creating a Data-Driven Culture (HBR)

Exploding quantities of data have the potential to fuel a new era of fact-based innovation in corporations, backing up new ideas with solid evidence. Buoyed by hopes of better sati... More

How Does Technology Help Wealth Managers, Private Bankers to Engage With Millennials? (Luxoft Blog)

Millennials are on track to receive around US$30 trillion of inheritable wealth over the next 15 years. However, Gen Y are not content to rely on Baby Boomer family fortunes. The l... More

CEOs are Feeling Better About Data Security – but Hackers Aren’t Far Behind (Inc.)

No matter what you do to protect your business from hackers, cybersecurity will always be a moving target. Increasingly sophisticated hacking techniques mean CEOs always have to st... More

Finance is Headed for AI Mass Adoption – and Soon (TechHQ)

Despite the hype, many organizations are facing an AI “reality check” this year. Everyone is buying into the technology’s promise, but difficulties in implementation are lead... More