HITS Exclusives

M&E Journal: Distributed Production Under Lockdown … and Beyond

By Chuck Parker, CEO, Sohonet - We’re all using remote technologies to remain connected during this unprecedented time. While this shift has intensified in recent weeks, it is... More

Softtek: Evolving Clients’ Digital Capabilities Constantly, Seamlessly

For nearly 40 years now, Monterrey, Mexico-based IT services firm Softtek has been developing customized software and managing IT infrastructure for customers. For media and entert... More

M&E Journal: New Decade, New Cloud-Enabled Production Workflows

By Stephen Tallamy, CTO, EditShare - The cloud is everywhere and nowhere. It’s certainly intangible: very few people know exactly what goes on inside this nebulous artifact. ... More

Caringo Aug. 4 Webinar Targets Workflow Storage for Today’s Remote Reality

In December of 2018, data storage specialist Caringo hosted a webinar focusing on the evolving storage requirements for video workflows. The discussion — featuring Adrian Herr... More

Adobe Webinar: Paperless Hollywood is Possible Post-Pandemic

The longer Hollywood finds itself navigating how to get business done during the pandemic, the more surprising and unexpected benefits the industry is discovering. One of those ... More

M&E Journal: Distributed Teamwork: It’s Not ‘When,’ It’s ‘Now’

By Ruven Gotz, Director, Workplace Experience Solutions, Avanade - Humans are social creatures. We rely on body language, facial expressions and vocalizations to interpret the m... More

M&E Day: How Seagate Powered by Tape Ark Helped the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Migrate to the Cloud

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland has a mission to engage, teach and inspire through the power of music, but that mission faced a challenge because its video content wa... More

Box CEO to Discuss ‘The Future of Work’ July 16

Giant increases in digital collaboration, more productivity in the afternoons, and more work being done outside of normal business hours. The shift to remote working has resulte... More

M&E Day: Richey May Technology Stresses Importance of a Secure Cloud

The need for cloud workflows has grown even faster as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic-caused shift to global remote work, and this has made building a secure cloud even more impo... More

Invenio Exec Touts Solutions for M&E Companies to Overcome Key Production Challenges

Media and entertainment companies are scrambling to overcome the onslaught of simultaneous productions and increased costs that have come along with the explosion of new content du... More

Adobe Shares M&E Pandemic Adaptions in June 25 Webinar

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted every corner of media and entertainment, from production, to localization, to distribution. But perhaps no area of the industry has been hit hard... More

Despite Pandemic Challenges, Reasons for M&E Industry Optimism

The media and entertainment industry has been facing multiple challenges as the result of the disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are reasons for cautious optimi... More

How Tape Ark Overcame Legacy Technical Challenges

Amid the rapid pace of technological advances and consumer viewing demands, media organizations have found themselves creating “work arounds” to address tape and other legacy I... More

Azure Helps the Show Go On for Chattanooga Film Festival

More than two-dozen films were screened at the Chattanooga Film Festival in May, which filmmaker Q&A, screenwriters sharing their process, group sessions on story pitches, festival... More

Building the Future Now: How Creativity and Remote Collaboration Can Protect the Film Industry

By Rob Lofthouse, Director, Software Development, Sohonet - Every day, I wake up, have a bottle of water and a coffee. I then spend some time with my son in the garden and take ... More

Final Program Set for May 27 Hollywood Innovation and Transformation (HITS) Live

A world-class team-building keynoter, a collection of industry experts on the impact of COVID-19 on the entertainment industry, a dozen of Hollywood’s vendors on how they’ve ad... More

Best-Selling Team-Building Author Robyn Benincasa to Keynote May 27 HITS Live

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing entire media and entertainment teams to work remotely, managers are facing more than technological and organizational hurdles … they’ve lost ... More

Microsoft Azure’s Sloss Details the Tools Needed for the ‘New Normal’

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, would studios even remotely consider allowing their most valuable content assets be almost completely worked on, well, remotely? Joel Sloss, senior... More

Digital Nirvana Webinar: Leveraging AI, Cloud for Caption Generation

An enterprise-level, cloud-based web app for producing transcripts, captions and translations, backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, and ge... More

Sony Ci Helps Solve Real-Time WFH Collaboration: CBS News, WGBH, Sony Pictures

Achieving real-time work-from-home (WFH) collaboration is more important than ever for media and entertainment organizations. Using the Sony Ci cloud-based platform can significant... More