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New AWS Programming Service Will Automatically Fix Bugs in Your Code (TechPro Radar)

Writing top-quality code may be about to get a whole lot easier thanks to a new release from Amazon Web Services. AWS has announced the launch of CodeGuru, a programming tool that ... More

Salesforce Sees Low-Code as a Key Way to Drive Digital Transformation in a New Normal of Remote Work (Tech Republic)

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What IT Leaders Need to Know About CDP Adoption (Forbes)

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Anthony Deighton Joins Tamr as Chief Product Officer (HITS)

Tamr announced the appointment of Anthony Deighton as Chief Product Officer (CPO). Deighton, who most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer at Celonis, spent 13+ years as Seni... More

EY, WorldAware to Provide Integrated Travel Offering for Business Travelers (HITS)

EY announced an alliance with WorldAware to deliver critical trip data, alerts and regulations to enhance the safety of business travelers and help organizations understand travel-... More

It Takes Data to Build a Virtual Company (Forbes)

It’s an understatement to say the recent COVID-19 crisis created all kinds of chaos. Organizations suddenly had dispersed their workforces across a corporate diaspora with uneven... More

AWS, Bundesliga to Deliver Real-Time Game Analysis (SCN)

Amazon Web Services and the German Bundesliga will debut the first two Bundesliga Match Facts powered by AWS during tonight’s highlight match featuring Borussia Dortmund vs. Baye... More

Building Supply Chains of the Future with AI Logistics (Oxagile Blog)

In today’s globalized world, every business becomes another node in a long and increasingly complex chain. With partners and customers demanding higher efficiency and the competi... More

Low-Code Programming – The Next Frontier in App Development (Tech HQ)

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Akamai Helping Remote Workers Secure Access to Apps for Business Productivity (DataQuest)

Akamai’s Business Continuity Assistance Program, armed with our enterprise security solutions, can be globally deployed in less than 15 minutes to secure and manage remote access... More

Azure Synapse Link Anchors Microsoft’s New Big Data Analytics Capabilities (VentureBeat)

During its Build 2020 online developer conference this week, Microsoft announced a number of new and updated products targeting enterprises engaged in big data analytics. The newes... More

5 IT Roles in High Demand During the COVID-19 Crisis (Tech HQ)

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Does Your Security Awareness and Training Program Account for Changing Work Environments? (Security Intelligence)

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Why Your Modernization Push Must Start With Data (CIO)

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Trump Betting Millions to Lay the Groundwork for Quantum Internet in the U.S. (CNBC)

In the 1960s the U.S. government funded a series of experiments developing techniques to shuttle information from one computer to another. Devices in single labs sprouted connectio... More

Five Strategic Enterprise IT Business Drivers CXOs are Now Contemplating (Tech HQ)

The French poet and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote, “The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.” Today, that simple message is being bantered a... More

Tamr Launches ‘Data Can Help’ Solutions to Drive Operating Efficiencies, Support Supply Chain Challenges During COVID-19 Pandemic (HITS)

Tamr announced the launch of its "Data Can Help" solutions to enable global organizations to quickly uncover insights needed to optimize spend, minimize supply chain risks and iden... More

Re-Imagining Software Engineering for the Post-COVID-19 Era (Digitally Cognizant)

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed many of our behavior patterns, which is enforcing a shift in how we approach software engineering.... More

AWS Makes COVID-19 Datasets Freely Available (InfoWorld)

AWS COVID-19 data lake makes regularly updated and curated COVID-19 datasets available to anyone with access to an AWS account.... More