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Western Digital Shakes Up Data Storage (ZDNet)

While we weren't looking, WD assembled a formidable array of storage technologies, beyond their leadership in disks and SSDs. That includes all-flash arrays, scale-out object stora... More

Microsoft Goes Silo-Busting for Enterprise Cloud Analytics (eWeek)

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Google Cloud Platform Comes to Finland to Serve Nordics (Data Economy)

Google has added a new region for its Google Cloud Platform in Finland, which joins the Netherlands, Belgium, London and Frankfurt in Europe. The new region, europe-north1, makes i... More

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IBM’s Watson Education Partners with Scholastic, Edmodo for Classroom Content Recommendations (VentureBeat)

Scholastic said that it’ll make available media, articles, and nonfiction content from its Scholastic Go and ScienceFlix libraries in IBM’s Watson Education, which will apply m... More

Azure Traffic Analytics Now Available Commercially (Redmond Magazine)

Microsoft this week declared the "general availability" of Traffic Analytics, a service that checks network activity across Microsoft Azure public cloud infrastructure. Traffic Ana... More

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MicroStrategy Provides Software, Training to Students at the University of Colorado Denver School of Business (HITS)

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