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DXC Technology Sets Additional Analytics Migration Factory Locations in the Philippines, Poland to Accelerate Client Migration to Microsoft Azure (HITS)

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IBM Launches QRadar Advisor with Watson 2.0 with Enhanced Data Models (eWeek)

IBM announced that it is expanding the capabilities of its QRadar Advisor with Watson platform to help organizations more rapidly understand attacker behaviors. The IBM QRadar Advi... More

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Good News, Programmers: There Will be 253K New Software Developer Jobs by 2026 (Tech Republic)

Developers continue to be one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand tech professions, according to a new report. By 2026, more than 253,000 new software developer roles will be... More

AWS Rolls Out New Security Feature to Prevent Accidental S3 Data Leaks (ZDNet)

Amazon's Web Services division has rolled out new security features to AWS account owners today that are meant to prevent accidental data exposures caused by the misconfiguration o... More

SAS Signs Up as Multi-Year Partner to Sport Ireland Institute (HITS)

Sport Ireland has signed a multi-year partnership agreement with SAS, which will see the multinational become the Official Analytics Partner of Sport Ireland Institute through to M... More

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Today, Google Cloud announced Kubeflow pipelines and AI Hub, two tools designed to help data scientists put to work across their organizations the models they create. Rajen Sheth, ... More

IBM Puts DNA Data on the Cloud with Ancestry Partnership (CBR)

IBM is providing its Analytics-as-a-Service model for the world’s largest consumer DNA network, Ancestry. The Utah-based genealogy company will use Big Blue’s Planning Analytic... More