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The Future of Applications is Low Code (Open Text Blog)

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Will Data Centers Evaporate Into the Cloud? (Forbes)

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IBM Launches AI OpenScale, Multi-Cloud Manager to Simplify AI, Cloud Deployment (VentureBeat)

AI OpenScale, which will launch later this year for IBM Cloud and Cloud Private customers, operates through online dashboards and supports AI models developed on a number of open s... More

Wasabi to Open its First European Data Center in Amsterdam (HITS)

Wasabi plans to open its first European data center in Amsterdam this coming December. With the addition of its latest data center, Wasabi will make its international debut by offe... More

MarkLogic Rolls Out Data Hub Service to Solve Data Lake Challenges (ZDnet)

MarkLogic on Tuesday rolled out the Data Hub Service, a fully-automated cloud service for integrating data from different silos. MarkLogic says it is expressly designed to offer th... More

SAP’s Road to Cloud-Native Data Platforms in a Hybrid World (ZDNet)

At SAP's 2018 TechEd conference that has just wrapped up Las Vegas, it made several announcements for general availability and betas of SAP HANA and data integration products with ... More

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HITS Fall: Ooyala’s Sakata Stresses Importance of Supply Chain Metadata (HITS)

Glen Sakata knows metadata — and making sure it’s done right — can be intimidating to some. But it doesn’t have to be. “When you look at it from the end-to-end perspectiv... More

New Survey Affirms Cloud Storage is the Wave of the Future (Wasabi Blog)

A new Enterprise Storage Forum survey confirms what we at Wasabi have known for a long time: traditional on-site storage solutions are too expensive to operate and scale. The popul... More

SAS for Containers is Available Now (HITS)

For IT teams looking to simplify the deployment and configuration of SAS Analytics into the cloud and across the enterprise, SAS for Containers is available now. Container technolo... More

University of Notre Dame Opens SAP Next-Gen Chapter to Spread the Principles of Design Thinking (HITS)

SAP announced the opening of an SAP Next-Gen Chapter at the University of Notre Dame IDEA Center to help spread the principles of design thinking throughout Notre Dame and other ac... More

Top 3 Roles Driving a Majority of AI Projects (Forbes)

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How Champions Prepare: TSG Hoffenheim, Manchester City Use SAP Technology (HITS)

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Why Customer Journey Design Matters (SAS Blog)

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Google, Microsoft, IBM Join the Institute of Coding’s Industry Advisory Board (IT Pro)

The Institute of Coding has appointed an advisory board comprising senior executives from the UK's largest organisations, and small business representatives. Executives from Google... More

A New Breakthrough for Main Memory Scale-Out (Western Digital Blog)

Storage Class Memory has been proposed as a cost-effective enabling technology for large-scale in-memory compute problems. However, to enable such systems at massive scale, we need... More