WiTH Workshop



8 a.m.: Registration Opens
9 a.m.: Welcome Remarks
9:15 a.m.: Workshop Begins
11 a.m.: Networking Reception

Join Women in Technology: Hollywood for our next WiTH Workshop!
February 27th from 9 – 11 a.m. at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset

Unconscious biases women have about themselves are an invisible threat. While unconscious bias towards others is a familiar aspect of this problem, research has found the biases women commonly adhere to in career-making decisions typically fall into one of three basic assumptions: do it all, look good and be nice. These expectations impact women’s career trajectory and their employer’s ability to retain and promote women in the workforce. Unconscious bias is often the silent killer of women’s leadership success and continues to be one of the dominant drivers holding women back in their careers.

This empowerment workshop is where you will learn how to recognize these hidden assumptions and “re-frame” them so you can unleash your true potential in the workplace.

Participants will:

  • Learn how flawed assumptions limit their options
  • Practice re-framing for better decision making
  • See the positive long-term impact better decision-making can make on their careers

Kelly Watson of Orange Grove Consulting leads the conversation that goes beyond simply educating participants on the downside of unconscious bias and teaches you how to take control of your assumptions. You’ll learn how to re-frame your mindset to open up new possibilities, and own the behavioral change process, to guide and advance your career individual career path.


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