Event Schedule

as of Feb. 21, 2020 (subject to change)
1 p.m.: Registration Opens
2 – 6 p.m.: General Sessions
6 – 7 p.m.: Networking Reception

Opening Remarks
Guy Finley, President, MESA

The Streaming Wars…Engaging the Connected Consumer
Recognizing the power of bringing their own content directly to consumers, media companies are creating their own distribution platforms. We know that consumers are cutting the cord at an ever-increasing rate, but what remains unclear is how they feel about the wealth of OTT choices that will soon be available. In this session, we will look at key markets and case studies to better understand: Consumer sentiment and intent toward the crowded streaming market; opinions on volume of choices, type of content and payment models; and how data can help you understand what content is likely to succeed and the importance of evaluating platform fit.
Carol Hanley, Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer, Whip Media Group

Connecting and Nurturing the OTT Ecosystem
From VSDA, a trade association of mom-and-pop video stores in the 1980’s, and more recently the Entertainment Merchants Association supporting the physical and digital retailing of home entertainment – this organization has transformed once again into OTT.X, broadening its scope to include all companies engaged in or supporting the distribution of audiovisual entertainment, now including AVOD and SVOD channels, services and platforms. This session addresses the Association’s focus, its activities, and how to be engaged.
Cameron Douglas, Vice President, Home Entertainment, Fandango and Chairman, Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA)
Mark Fisher, President & Chief Executive Officer, OTT.X

The Digital Supply Chain Across the OTT Industry
How do emerging, diverse OTT channels manage the digital supply chain and how does it compare to more established TVOD businesses? What can these segments learn from each other and where can the industry invest for the greatest return? Eric Hanson of OTT.X leads this unique panel discussion with digital supply chain experts from across the spectrum of OTT businesses.
Moderator: Eric Hanson, Vice President, Industry Leadership, OTT.X
Paul Colichman, Chief Executive Officer, Here Media
Qynn Nguyen, Global Partner Solutions, Google Play Movies and TV
Lise Romanoff, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Worldwide Distribution, Vision Films

Not Just Fans, FANATICS: Streaming Media for Subscribers Who Can’t Live Without Your Content
With over half of all US households making utility-style payments to at least two of the Big 3 (now Big 4?) streaming sites, some pundits have declared the SVOD market “saturated”. That’s not what we’re seeing at Sony. On the contrary, for content owners who know their audience and want to tailor their apps and services to deliver more than just another commodity streaming experience, there has never been a better time to be on the internet. We’ll talk about some of the unique audience characteristics that we’ve encountered and some of the experiences that we’ve built to drive delight, minimize churn, and build relationships with the FANATICAL streaming customers of our clients and partners.
Scott Blomquist, Vice President, Consumer Engineering and Architecture, Sony New Media Solutions

Optimizing the OTT User Experience
There are many stakeholders, tugs of war, and market dynamics associated with creating and delivering an optimal OTT product. Where do players in the US stand compared to each other as well as globally? This presentation focuses on UX and touches on product interface, monetization and advertising (targeting, delivery, measurement) as it relates to the ever-evolving interface with the consumer. It will also focus on the role of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and data-driven algorithms to drive an optimal experience.
Amanda Gharghour, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ocean Stride

Differentiating Yourself in the OTT Industry
There are only two ways to differentiate yourself in the OTT business, UX and content. The experience is driven by these two critical factors and if “Content is King” then “UX is Queen”. This panel discusses where companies need to evolve to with their user experience to keep pace with the opportunities to monetize and engage with your consumer.

Adapting Content to Culture
OTT platforms connecting all the world’s audiences are creating a new and distinct set of challenges as licensed catolog, and original, film and television content travels cross-border. It is deceiving to think that these emerging markets are ripe for “easy” incremental profits. Understanding the regulatory landscape in destination countries is required to avoid brand and legal jeopardy. This session discusses cross-border cultural sensitivity, content classification, and how to succeed in local markets.
Teresa Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, Spherex

Driving Delivery of Global OTT
The transformation that our home entertainment industry is experiencing is truly incredible and driving opportunities in end-to-end efficiencies throughout our distribution supply chain. But, with the increase in volume and the demands of global scale, there is a growing expectation from every link in the chain which culminates in the end-user experience. As data and processes become more efficient, more reliable, and more transparent, our supply chain will grows exponentially along with the content being delivered through it. These experts will provide insight into how we can work more effectively towards our industry’s future.
Moderator: Guy Finley, President, MESA
Alejandro Otero, Senior Vice President, Digital Distribution & Mastering, Pixelogic Media
Josh Pine, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bentley Consulting Group
Jim Riley, Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer, BitMAX

PITA Pit and Closing Remarks
What is your biggest “Pain in the A$$” and how are you dealing with it? We close the show with the audience as the participant by throwing the microphone your way to talk about your biggest pain point(s). This interactive session gives the audience the opportunity to both ask and answer these tough questions in a closed door session.
Host: Steven Chester and Guy Finley