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Wrangling Content to Maximize the Consumer Experience
This session discusses why customer-focused offerings, technology integration and data strategy are critical to the long-term success of content consumption, including direct-to-consumer. What technology, tools and techniques are successfully gaining traction for consumer engagement? How is data utilized to create relevant consumer experiences through apps and other platforms? Panelists will explore the impact extended technology models have on the consumer experience and why it is important both internally, with partners and from the customers’ perspective.
Jyoti Menon, Vice President, Media & Partnership, Viacom

Smart Analytics with AI
The unique use of data-driven connectivity and back-end systems allow for a seamless experience that benefits creators, distributors and ultimately consumers. This panel explores how AI integration into data and analytics platforms are transforming the way media content is being created, distributed and how the resultant user-data (ultimately interpreted by humans!) is being leveraged for consumers with regard to scale, engagement and reach.
Chris Carey, Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director for the Americas, BTI Studios

Architecture and Data = Smart Technology
Engineering and data teams are the true ninjas inside any progressive M&E company by creating and delivering tools that create rich and meaningful features for content experiences to customers. Architecture is not just about technology, it is working with internal teams to understand the their needs to deliver exceptional user experiences which becomes the back bone of the organization. Understanding functionality is key and this session reveals how to manage executive expectations and development timelines while encouraging their teams to be open to new ideas and innovation. This combination of form and function is what drives M&E companies, and our industry, into the future.

Discover, Build, Measure and UX : Digital Transformation 2.0
What are the best strategies for packaging and presenting M&E content either over-the-air (OTA) and/or over-the-top (OTT)? This session looks at how technology is helping (and hindering) workflow in production where content is also being produced for linear TV, online and mobile. How are OTA & OTT technology and marketing leaders collaborating to find viewers, build audience and ensure the best user experience? We’ll also discuss challenges in measurement and how the industry will transform through technology collaboration.
Maciej Ochman, Director, Media Technology & Service Strategies, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Tower of Babel: Decoded!
Broadcast and media companies are dealing with multiple language standards, typically using both proprietary and non-proprietary terms. Global distribution requirements are exposing the need to consistently present languages for audio, text on the screen, packaging/display, and online user interfaces. The Language Metadata Table (LMT) adheres to the IETF BCP 47 languages standard and provides a way for those in the media and entertainment industry to ‘herd the cats’ of existing system interoperability while scoping for a future state that allows better support of global efforts. This presentation provides an update to the Language Metadata Table and launches its 2.0 release.
Laura Dawson, Metadata Analyst, WarnerMedia/HBO
Yonah Levenson, Manager, Metadata and Taxonomy, WarnerMedia/HBO

Smart Blockchain
Companies are now beginning to understand that crypto-technology can be used for multiple purposes beyond digital currency transactions. Blockchain’s rise over the past year moved from skepticism to proof-of-concept from a volatile disruptive How does our industry view this emerging technology as a potential pathway to smart contracts, automated availability, and other fundamental business processes?

How Threat Intelligence Protects M&E Content
Media & Entertainment companies help shape public opinion and national image and are a target for advanced persistent threats and other cyber threats. With information coming in via news, blogs, tweets, alerts from cyber security vendors, alerts from government agencies, and other sources, there is a mountain of data that is relevant specifically to media & entertainment companies. This session on threat intelligence is desgined to help you understand it’s importance to M&E, how threat intelligence fits into your security program, why you need it and how it help you/your employees stay safe online.

Credential Stuffing: Attacks and Economies
Media and gaming companies are the perfect targets for cyber theft. During this session, we’ll review major credential stuffing attacks and trends that targeted media and entertainment companies over the past year, and highlight the key risks to businesses like yours.
Ritika Tandon, Solutions Engineering Manager, Akamai

The Security Impact of Emerging M&E Technologies
As media & entertainment accelerates its digital transformation on the back of a range of new technologies (IP, ATSC 3.0, 5G), how are we, as an industry, transforming our collective approach to protect these emerging systems? This session provides an introduction to the security implicationss and impact of these techology transformations. What new threats and vulnerabilities are emerging as we increase interactivity and interconnectivity with our business partners and (ultimately) the consumer?

Production Security: Strategies and Best Practices
Systems utilized during production are becoming increzsingly connected and collaborative. Each piece of this complex ecosystem of platforms, applications and facilities are vulnerable and protecting each pose unique challenges for creatives, executives and engineers. Your strategy and approach to security is critical as this ecosystem is distributed across multiple facilities, some controlled by a production company themselves and others by a 3rd party solution provider. This panel will discuss best practices for analysis, integration and adoption of tools, technologies and culture, with a closer look at collaborative approaches to production security in the cloud.

Changing Channels: Securing Consumers Data
As media goes direct to consumer (D2C), how are distributors guarding their viewers’ fundamental rights to privacy and data protection? Beyond GDPR and CCPA, the U.S. is now facing a fragmented, state-by-state approach to protecting consumer data and there could be a national law on the horizon. With new business models dependent upon providing a more personalized experience, how can we maintain the foundation of security and fundamental trust of our viewers as we learn who they are, what they buy, and how to make them watch more “television” (i.e. content)?

Securing the Enterprise (and Everything Else!)
So many of today’s workflows and business processes are moving off-premises and into the cloud but are requiring enterprise integration at the foundational level. How secure is your enterprise and how does that integrate with cloud platforms or applications that require constant connectivity and two-way APIs? This panel discussion will give you the information you need to know to ensure that you, and your business units, partners and platforms, are secure across your entire enterprise.

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