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Unleashing Product Portfolio for the International Marketplace
The supply chain emanating from the creation of the intellectual property to business affairs, finance, production, marketing and distribution is a formidable challenge for technology solutions. A proactive, integrated approach to monetize a vast library of product for international television and emerging platforms, including a television group, cable network groups, both with accompanying application support, a full-slate movie studios with sub-branded feature development, all which yield significant dividends. Insights will be shared of the journey to build a centralized source of product information, rights/availability, market intelligence, and timely dissemination of information to maximize effectiveness of international distribution and product development.

Building the Digital Backbone of Direct To Consumer Streaming of Entertainment & Sports
This panel session discusses the challenges of building best-in-class over-the-top video streaming platform, allowing creative producers to develop innovative solutions for customers. Insights will be provided on the integration of people, processes and technology in a direct-to-consumer world.

Achieving World-class Leadership Driven by Purpose & Technology
Business is one of the most powerful social institutions of our age and we’ve seen what happens when you decouple an ethical framework from a leader in business. In addition to Governmental and policy adherence, the challenges of the digital age, Social Media, social responsibility (income inequality) and sustainability of the environment have to be met head on. The issues of ethics, morality, privacy and social responsibility in the emerging technology-driven workplace are unprecedented because of the breaches and bad actors in the digital world which does not have the hurdles of the physical marketplace. By offering a higher level of qualification for executives who are looking for significance in their own personal development, intellectual quests and business challenges, a new way can be pioneered which is driven by purpose.

Transforming Film Production with Technology, Tools and Cost Management
The successful century-old art of making movies is being upgraded and enhanced by the deployment of digital technologies of production. With increasing investments in epic content and rising pressures on the bottom line, production costs and economies of scale have become a crucial focus. Digital and special effects now frequently dominate production budgets, in some cases accounting for as much as 60% of the investment in content creation. With only 7% of content created by Hollywood enterprises breaking-even or making a profit, keeping a tight grip on spending during production is vital. Industry stakeholders of production, post production, services and software solution enablers will address how the trajectory of cost can be altered for greater efficiency and industry profitability.

Fusion Creativity with Technology: Empowering Programming
How do you connect with the consumer in the living room with content that produces an immersive experience where emotions are evoked for desired engagement? The future of TV in the home, which has been prognosticated to be dead many times, is about connecting with consumers beyond the platform with content for the modern lifestyle. Story telling has always been about human experience characterized by unexpected happenings and frailties and strengths of people. Fusing creativity with technology is the opportunity to produce content whose success is driven by the Tastemakers, whether they are the writer, producer. Director or actor. The medium of Television is a unique enabler of transformation of M&E because it provides a consumer-driven feedback loop where experimentation can be carried out with data analytics.

IT Intersection: Security Transforms the Enterprise
This session looks at how security and the increase in cybersecurity as a cornerstone to any enterprise integration. As our industry and day-to-day business become predominantly cloud-based, data-rich and connected, each business unit is faced with the increased reliance on their security officers to drive innovation while ensuring proper risk management. This session gathers executives to discuss how they are transforming the traditional “IT” approach to building teams, systems and seamless workflows.

(Multi-Track, Breakout Sessions)
Industry experts share innovative ideas, processes, or perspectives in an interactive and intimate way with the audience who are free to choose which topic/area they find most interesting. Sessions will address key areas on four separate tracks:

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