Sean Flynn, IMAX Theaters

Sean Flynn
Vice President, IT Infrastructure and Global Operations
IMAX Theaters

Sean Flynn is an honest, intelligent, hardworking, driven, principle-centered executive with more than 20 years of Information and Studio Technology experience. For more than eight years Sean has defined and driven the technology strategy and tactical efforts for Marvel Studios – an entertainment company which can boast more than 10 billion in gross revenue for just 13 movies!

Sean has extensive experience leading global information and production technology divisions across all studio businesses as well as a proven track record for delivering results through collaboration, executive buy-in, technical and business leadership, and tirelessly working with all studio technology customers to ensure that their needs, requirements and workflows – current and future—are correctly captured and driving technology solutions and strategy.

As Chief Technology Officer for Marvel Studios, Sean oversaw all Information and Studio Technology, Software Development, and Security (digital, physical, content protection) teams for Marvel Studios Theatrical, Television, and Animation divisions.

Sean has been at the fore-front of several cutting edge studio initiatives, including establishing the studio pipelines for Pre-production, Production, and Post production; developing the studio’s digital security strategy; establishing real-time studio collaboration environments with key vendors on a global basis to support shorter finishing times for theatrical projects while simultaneously contributing to higher quality deliverables, and more…. Many of these efforts have been subsequently adopted by the broader Walt Disney Studio and become part of its standard operating procedures.

Sean has been an active member in the Hollywood community and asked to present as well as speak on panels for both HITS and anti-piracy conferences.

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