Deb Newmyer, Director, Producer and Author

Deb Newmyer
Director, Producer and Author

Deborah Jelin Newmyer has been a careerist for over forty years, collecting W-2s and paying taxes at eleven different jobs. Whenever she is asked, Deborah lists her occupations as Film & TV Producer and Single Mom. Deborah spent more than a decade of her career scouting and developing films such as Jurassic Park, The Color Purple, and Schindler’s List, as well as the Amblin television series Amazing Stories and ER. In 2006, Deborah took over the reins of Outlaw Productions from her late husband, Bobby Newmyer, and is currently a freelance producer credited with The Ugly Truththe NBC seriesThe Sing-Off, and The Good Lie.  Since the birth of her first of four children, Deb has been juggling work, family and adventure. Deb’s had high-powered jobs that came with corner offices and a view, but she also put together an entire TV series in a converted garage. She’s been a productive force in a mom & pop family business, and had been given a comfy seat in the corporate boardroom. She’s been the boss and been bossed.  She’s fired some and been fired herself. She’s been underpaid and handily-paid. Deborah knows she was blessed with kind and healthy children,  a productive career,  and a generally happy life, yet all her expectations had to seismically pivot when her husband–Bobby Newmyer –suddenly passed away at age 49,  a decade ago.  A new template for her life had to be found. Onward…somehow. Their re-configured family moved houses, got a puppy, Deb kept working, and some kids went off to college. They laughed, cried and carried on. Through the years Deb’s juggling has improved, and – miraculously – their holiday cards still find their way to a mailbox before Christmas.

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