Breakout Sessions


Industry experts share innovative ideas, processes, or perspectives in an interactive and intimate way with the audience who are free to choose which topic/area they find most interesting.




We Will Rock You | Preserving the Richest History of Rock and Roll Footage for Future Generations
With a mission to engage, teach and inspire through the power of music, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (Rock Hall) is making its content accessible while preserving it for future generations. However, they’re faced with the challenge of preservation video content trapped on decaying tape media and obsolescent infrastructure. A modern way to preserve, access, and share their priceless collection beyond the traditional storage tape was urgently needed. Hear how Tape Ark, the world-leading specialists in tape-to-cloud migration, with their partner Seagate Lyve Data Services, safely restored over 2,800 hours (350TB) of preservation-level video files for the Rock Hall’s, Library of Archives and ingested the content into the public cloud. Together Tape Ark and Seagate are liberating the world’s most extensive collection of data to the cloud. By innovating every step of the tape to cloud ingest process to create a safe, secure, and unique technology stack that scales and efficiently migrates, at speed, legacy tape data, like no other. Long Live Rock!
Kyle Evans, Chief Commercial Officer, Tape Ark


Defining the New Normal for Theatrical Releases, Opportunities for Studios and Platforms
While COVID-19 has impacted the entertainment industry in ways never before imagined, the hardest hit segment is theaters. The use of ‘straight-to-home’ distribution strategies during the worldwide pandemic has changed the well-established theatrical release window. This session will present first-party research results detailing under what conditions audiences will return to theaters and motivations driving those decisions. We will also explore early consumer sentiment and behavior around the PVOD experience, including how genre, household make-up and the price-to-value equation differ based on generation, family status and frequency of movie-going.
Paul Hastings, Senior Vice President, Sales, EMEA, Whip Media Group


Fan at Home – Redefining the Fan Experience for the New Normal
In today’s new sports & entertainment world it’s far more critical than ever to understand fan behavior and more essential to break that behavior down to drive new revenue streams. Consumer companies have long had the tools to understand their customers and drive behaviors — sports and entertainment companies have not. We wish to present you with a platform that allows you to have a direct channel to your fans, to understand their behaviors at a hyper-localized level, and deliver them the enhanced experiences in real-time they crave. All the while, rewarding them and monetizing those experiences with content you own.
Paul Hennebury, General Manager, Sports & Entertainment, ATMECS
Erik Bjontegard, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Spark Compass


Latest Developments with the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR)
Learn about the new platform launched by EIDR in April 2020, including a new de-duplication software system and complete move to the cloud. You will also hear about how digital platforms in Europe and globally are building EIDR into advanced automation systems.
Kip Welch, Executive Director, EIDR



Point Break: When to Archive Content in the Cloud or on Premise
While the cloud should undoubtedly be part of your remote workflow strategy, should it be used for your high-capacity content-archiving storage needs? It’s clear that archives must remain instantly accessible over the web, but what options are out there that can reliably provide this availability? And, are there options that are more economical than the cloud? This session will address the differences between cloud storage and on-premises object storage, how to determine which storage solution is right for your content archive needs, and the benefits of on-premises object storage and hybrid storage solutions.
Alexander Oldfield, Senior Solutions Architect, Caringo
Paul Phillips, EMEA Sales & Operations, Caringo


Streamlining & Securing Collaboration in a Work-From-Home World
Join us as we explore how the studios produce and deliver from home by using DAM workflows to finish production elements and keep pipelines moving forward. We’ll dive into secure review tool sets, accelerated large-file uploads, and distribution – from home – and 5th Kind’s upcoming new features such as our watermarked Real-Time Synced Review Player for collaborative team sessions and the ALE Importer for post-production assemblies.
Steve Cronan, Chief Executive Officer, 5th Kind


Are we Experiencing a Watershed Moment for the Cloud?
As Signiant’s unique SaaS platform plays such an important role in enabling remote work and remote collaboration across the media & entertainment industry, we’ve been actively engaging with our customers and closely monitoring usage trends to understand if and how the world is changing, particularly as it relates to cloud and SaaS adoption. This session will share some thoughts on how companies have leveraged our SaaS products to adapt to the global crisis, how workflows have changed and what changes might stick even as the world begins to return to some level of normalcy.
Jon Finegold, Chief Marketing Officer, Signiant


Windowless Video Distribution: Embracing this “Black Swan” Moment
The current global situation presents a potential crisis for parts of the media and entertainment industry, but with the help of new technology, this is also a “Black Swan” moment for extreme innovation. Content owners can seize direct control over distribution and monetization – and expand beyond the financial grip of leading aggregators. This talk will highlight the new Eluvio Content Fabric, a dynamic, efficient, secure, and cost-effective means to deliver ultra-low latency video globally – without CDNs, cloud transcoding, or databases. The talk will also highlight customer use cases for both consumer-facing and B2B entertainment properties.
Michelle Munson, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Eluvio



I Know What You’re Going To Watch Next Summer: 5 New Ways Media Companies Use Machine Learning to Massively Grow Revenues by Decoding & Influencing Viewer Behavior
AI & Machine Learning driven analytics are busting long-loved myths and giving savvy media companies the radical insights they need to upend how they do business. Everyone has the same data. Behavioral audience insights show you how to steal competitors’ viewers and lock them in, how to drive tune-in by throwing away the rule-books, and to divert advertisers dollars to your shows. In this session you’ll learn how to leverage the AI Ladder to turn machine Learning insights into million-dollar action as we discuss 5 breakthrough concepts to help you optimize your bottom line.
Shawn Brennan, Information Architectures Sales Leader, IBM
Shiv Sehgal, Chief Product Officer, RSG Media


How COVID is Changing Customer Experience in the Entertainment Space
As the widespread effects of the current health crisis play out, one thing has become clear, the entertainment world is directly impacted. But it’s not all bad news and not everyone has been affected in the same way. Now more than ever, it has become essential for media providers to quickly adapt in order to keep up with changing consumer expectations and the players who are doing this are reaping the benefits. The need for simple, consistent, omni-channel customer experiences is amplified by volatile demand, changing consumption trends, and a 100% remote workforce brought by the current crisis. It has never been more essential to provide consistent digital experiences that enable your brand to stand out in a post-COVID media landscape. Discover how brands are working to ensure their consistent customer experience aligns with increased viewership.
Joe Jorczak, Head of Media & Entertainment Go-To-Market Strategy, Zendesk


Using Machine Learning to Transform Creative Talent Management
In an industry that runs on storytelling, the best talent managers are those who can craft compelling stories to find the right opportunities for their clients. Today, those stories are increasingly informed by immense amounts of data: hundreds of datasets, millions of records and billions of data points (think Tweets) from sources inside and outside the business. By using machines (specifically, machine learning) to serve up analytics-ready data from disparate data, creative talent management firms can create very human stories with mutually successful outcomes for clients and media companies–time and time again.
Matt Holzapfel, Solutions Lead, Tamr


Turbo Charge Your Digital Supply Chain to Scale
A successful digital supply chain will not only meet demands but scale as you grow – keeping pace with increased distribution volumes, delivery deadlines, and satisfying the requirements of all the different streaming platforms – all while ensuring your content is securely stored and readily accessible. How does a digital supply chain system successfully evolve to accommodate this increasing demand from content partners to meet distribution and monetization goals? In this session, Sony’s Digital Supply Chain team will discuss how they transformed their platform using cloud technologies, allowing them to quickly adapt to evolving market demands, what they discovered throughout their journey, and the path forward.
Kunal Shah, Vice President, Software Engineering & Architecture, Sony New Media Solutions




Quarantining your Cloud: The Return of COVID-19
With a rapidly changing landscape and a sudden need for cloud workflows due to COVID-19 and an increase in ‘work from home’ editing, building a secure cloud can be difficult to manage alone. This talk will provide the industry with a much needed summary of Continuous Cloud Security Monitoring (CCSM) strategies, techniques, and best practices based on over a decade of helping customers secure their clouds. We’ll outline common challenges currently facing organizations using public clouds and provide a better easy-to-implement cloud security strategy. With a trusted advisor by your side, your path to the cloud can be pain-free and pandemic proof.
Michael Wylie, CISSP, Director of Cybersecurity Services, Richey May Technology Solutions


End to End Security for a Distributed Workforce
As we emerge from the 2020 lockdown, the M&E supply chain is adapting to a distributed workforce through the use of collaborative workflows, SaaS based applications and the cloud. What was a temporary solution may now become permanent. Security needs to keep pace with this dynamic environment where continuous monitoring is key to maintaining ongoing assurance preventing businesses being exposed.
Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Executive Vice President, Convergent Risks
Dave Loveland, CISSP, OSCP, Cloud Security Architect, Convergent Risks


Protecting the Creative Process from Insider Threats
Creative ideas are the hardest to protect. How can your organization support creativity and collaboration while also protecting the value in your ideas as they are shared across a diverse set of people in the creative and production process? This session discusses: the rise of insider threats in media; how to protect the creative process; and cover the common struggles insider threat programs face. Our presenter brings experience across security areas such as data and endpoint protection and is the inventor of Execution Synthesis, which is an acclaimed technique that automates the debugging of concurrent software.Cristian previously held research positions at UC Berkeley and Microsoft, and earned a Ph.D. in computer science from EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).
Dr. Cristian Zamfir, Co-Founder and Chief Information Security Officer, Cyberhaven


CDSA’s App & Cloud Control Framework
With the launch of the site security assessment program through TPN, CDSA’s Board of Directors immediately started work on the next phase of security assessments that included software applications and cloud environments. At least year’s NAB we announced our goal to release a common control framework that is scalable to the size, appropriate to the community and constituency of the TPN but also mapped directly to the control framework and standards already being utilized within our industry. Through the groundbreaking work of two elections of CDSA’s Technology Committee, this framework is presented along with the business situations and challenges that drove unprecedented collaboration across service providers and content owners.
Ben Schofield, Project Manager, CDSA and Product Manager, TPN


Introducing the Audio Business Continuity Alliance (ABCA)
The Audio Business Continuity Alliance (ABCA) is being organized to establish a collaborative community of artists and companies who provide professional audio services to content creators around the world. The ABCA will administer a registry and certification program for voice talent professionals who wish to ensure they are equipped with the necessary capabilities to continue working, during a disruption to normal business operations. All ABCA standards and certification programs will be made open and available to all companies and individuals, on a global basis, across all media & entertainment. The ABCA will not recommend a single technology or workflow solution, but will help set the parameters that should be met to qualify for meeting the ABCA’s certification program(s). This session further clarifies the ideas and objectives of this new, not-for-profit, industry association.
Nicky McBride, Vice President, Business Development, SDI Media
Marlies Schortinghuis, Director of Activation, Executive Chairman Office, Iyuno Media Group