About Microsoft ME Day

This day-long event will feature four tracks of programming on two floors to provide the east coast M&E community with the latest technology updates from Microsoft, their technology partners and their customers. Industry experts will deliver case studies and solutions showcases on data, analytics, security, the cloud and artificial intelligence.

The event is being co-produced by the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) that represents over 125 technology solutions and services providers focused on media & entertainment.  MESA will be co-locating its own programs including Content Protection Summit East and Metadata Madness East.

Content Protection Summit East:

Under the direction of content advisors representing Amblin, AMC, Disney, HBO, Fox, New Legendary, Lionsgate, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Sony, Turner and Warner, all of which work together with the non-profit Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) year-round, the Content Protection Summit East is the launch of the first east-coast edition of the popular Hollywood-based event that has been produced annually for eight years.

Sessions will include:
– View from the Top: Broadcast CISO Roundtable
– Content Security in the Era of Social Media
– Threatscaping Your Company’s Workflows
– Safeguarding Against Broadcast Signal & OTT Against Intrusions
– Real-Time Watermark Detection for Effective Piracy Monitoring
– HBO: Securing Your Productions in the Cloud
– It’s Your Content: Security-Checking Your Production and Distribution Partners

Metadata Madness East:
From data analytics to artificial intelligence, broadcasters and their partners are reinventing their digital supply chains with smart content and systems.  The summer edition of this popular program will provide an annual, regional update on best practices, industry data initiatives and the tools that they use to make their content more identifiable, accessible and useable.

The preliminary program for the July 25 event will feature sessions and presentations, including:
– How can Asset Management Make Your Content Work Smarter
– Automating Workflows for Operational Excellence – Is this really possible?
– An Inconvenient Truth – The Challenge of Integrations of Data Across All Business Units
– Smart Content Case Studies
– Smart Screen: Leveraging Consumer Analytics for Increased Viewer Engagement
– Automating IP Rights & Revenues for Maximum Return

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