Our Mission

Our Mission

The 2nd Screen Society was formed in 2012 to advance the creation, production and adoption of content, applications, devices and distribution systems within the greater 2nd Screen Engagement Ecosystem.  It has focused its attention on facilitating API and web services between apps, Smart TVs, mobile devices and set top boxes, providing a social, seamless and stimulating consumer experience that harness the power of data and provide visibility and usage information to companies as content is created, marketed, delivered and archived.


Additionally, the Society’s Search/Discovery initiative has advanced the dialogue between video service providers, metadata provides and content creators to create a lean-back video discovery experience.  The group is currently focusing on ways that data is furthering distribution and development through information obtained via IoT-enabled devices.

Society Goals:

Simple – facilitate API and web services integration between apps, Smart TVs, tablets, mobile and set top boxes allowing the consumer to get content from the 2nd screen to the 1st screen

Social – facilitate the integration of social oriented apps and web services into smart TVs, set top boxes and 2nd screen apps

Seamless – promote a common approach to digital video inventory and digital locker identification to promote the consumer’s ability to benefit from digital ownership across multiple digital retailers

Stimulating – drive industry collaboration and increased integration of supplementary content offerings with 3rd party apps that support the brand of the show/movie/sport/live event

Search/Discovery – promote collaboration amongst video service providers, metadata service providers, and content creators to drive the industry to a lean back video discovery experience

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