Verizon Media Launches OneSearch, a Privacy-Focused Search Engine (VentureBeat)

Verizon Medi has launched a “privacy-focused” search engine called OneSearch. With OneSearch, Verizon promises there will be no cookie tracking, no ad personalization, no profi... More

Digital Privacy vs. Cybersecurity: The Confusing Complexity of Information Security in 2020 (Modern Diplomacy)

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Google Now Treats iPhones as Physical Security Keys (The Verge)

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How Digital Natives are Shaping the Future of Data Privacy (Security Intelligence)

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Streaming Services Reckon With Password-Sharing ‘Havoc’ (THR)

Password sharing has serious economic consequences. In 2019, companies lost about $9.1 billion to password piracy and sharing, and that will rise to $12.5 billion in 2024, accordin... More

Connected Car Security is a New Kind of Mobile Security Risk (Security Intelligence)

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Taking a Holistic Approach to Fighting Streaming Piracy (NAGRA Blog)

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LiveTiles Aims to Secure Microsoft Teams (CDSA)

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Streaming’s Next Big Headache: Data Compliance (THR)

From Disney+ to Harry Potter websites, Hollywood is readying a slew of digital platforms, and California legislation is taking aim at those collecting user info. ... More

Retailers Brace for Black Friday Cybersecurity Onslaught (Tech HQ)

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Winning the Fight Against Deepfakes (Verdict)

As deepfake technology matures, driven by AI, big data and advances in digital manipulation of image and sound, a much more concerning use of the phenomenon is emerging. Deepfake t... More

Irdeto, Amlogic Launch Netflix-Integrated Hailstorm Hybrid Set-Top Box Platform (CDSA)

Irdeto and Amlogic have launched a set-top box platform that is pre-certified under the Netflix Hailstorm Hybrid program. The program is designed by Netflix to reduce the integrati... More

Data Intelligence Not as Security, but as Accountability (CPO)

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