CDSA News Headlines

Instagram is Building Non-SMS 2-Factor Auth to Thwart SIM Hackers (TechCrunch)

Hackers can steal your phone number by reassigning it to a different SIM card, use it to reset your passwords, steal your Instagram and other accounts and sell them for bitcoin. As... More

NSS Labs Announces 2018 Next Generation Firewall Group Test Results (CDSA)

NSS Labs today announced the results of its 2018 Next Generation Firewall (NGFW 8.0) Group Test. In this year’s test, 10 products were examined for security effectiveness, perfor... More

Hackers Account for 90% of Login Attempts at Online Retailers (Quartz)

Selling stolen personal data is a big business for hackers: Somewhere on the dark web, your e-mail address and a few passwords are probably for sale (hopefully, old ones). Cyber cr... More

Gartner: Less Than Two Thirds of Businesses Have a Cybersecurity Expert (Gigabit)

Having surveyed more than 3,000 global CIO’s across a range of leading industries, Gartner has found that less than two thirds of companies have a cybersecurity expert, despite 9... More

Commentary: Tech Consumers Should Not be Forced to Sacrifice Privacy for Security (CNBC)

We all expect privacy, especially when it comes to our phones. But how do we feel about upholding the privacy of criminals and terrorists? And what should we do if the information ... More

World Cup Live Streaming Piracy Thrived on Social Media Platforms (Forbes)

According to reports, piracy of the final stages of the soccer World Cup in Russia thrived in social media. The problem is not just for content providers. Consumers can also suffer... More

GDPR Fueling Rise of PII Theft, Cryptomining Plateauing (Infosecurity)

Scammers are increasingly targeting Personally Identifiable Information (PII), turning away from bitcoin scams and putting resource behind traditional technology support scams. Acc... More

Study: Cybersecurity Field Needs Women to Close Skills Gap (Channelnomics)

The growing skills shortage in the cybersecurity industry could pave the way for increasing the number women in the field, according to a new study. According to the study, there a... More

How Blockchain Can Secure Supply Chains, IoT Devices, More (eWeek)

On July 9, crypto-currency exchange Bancor announced that hackers had compromised one of the company's digital wallets, using the keys to steal about $23.5 million in Ethereum and ... More

Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, July 15, 2018 (Citadel Information Group)

Important Security Updates Adobe Flash Player: Adobe has released version Updates are available from Adobe’s website. Adobe Reader: Adobe has released version 2... More

Featured Jobs: Irdeto; Western Digital; MPAA

Secure System Analyst — Eagan, MN — Irdeto Senior Cloud Security Specialist — San Jose, CA — Western Digital Audit and Governance Manager — Sherman Oaks, CA — MPAA C... More

How Can We Make Smart Cities Even Smarter? Start with Security Intelligence (SI)

Cities are complex organisms. They have residents, commerce, schools, hospitals, public works and more. Smart cities integrate related activities in a digital dance that connects, ... More

Hacking Back: Is It a Good Idea? (Raconteur)

Malicious hackers constantly attack our IT systems. Spiralling streams of malevolent code are sent down the highways, byways and intersections of the internet every day. This shoul... More

Research: 4G is Vulnerable to Same Types of Attacks as 3G (Cyber Scoop)

The 4G wireless telecommunications protocol is vulnerable to the same types of remote exploitation as its 3G predecessor, new research emphasizes. As with the flaw-ridden protocol ... More

Digital Supply Chain: Privacy and Security Considerations (CMS Wire)

Privacy’s impact on the digital supply chain is a forward-looking concept that is actually reflected in much more traditional thinking. Since data is increasingly being processed... More

The Music Industry: From Piracy to Profits (Forbes)

Streaming is bringing money back to the music industry and affecting many related areas. After being crushed by piracy for almost two decades, streaming is allowing users to have t... More

The Immeasurable Cost of Data Breach (TechWire Asia)

Because data is effectively the new currency of commerce, cybersecurity breaches which involve data exfiltration, or cyber attacks which prevent access to data for normal working, ... More

Effective Cybersecurity Needs More Than an Investment of Money (TechWire Asia)

Recent events have demonstrated to businesses the extent of damages that can be expected in the aftermath of a cyberattack. However, businesses are slow to make the change – not ... More

Cybersecurity at Retail: Is There Any Way to Stop the Bleeding? (Twice)

Beyond serving as a financial and PR nightmare, the issues surrounding retail hacking are compounded by the fact that stores often don’t realize they’ve been attacked until it... More

Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, July 8 (Citadel Information Group)

Important Security Updates Avira Antivirus: Avira has released version of its free Antivirus. Updates are available from Avira’s website. Evernote: Evernote has... More