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Akamai: Cybercriminals are Attacking APIs at Financial Services Firms (VentureBeat)

Akamai research highlights a troubling trend: Cybercriminals are targeting applications programming interfaces (APIs) at financial services firms. In the “Akamai 2020 State of th... More

The FBI Issues a Powerful $3.5B Cybercrime Warning (Forbes)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) "2019 Internet Crime Report." For everyone but those engaged in cybercrime, it make... More

What Can Businesses Do to Build Cyber Resilience in 2020? (Tech HQ)

Defending against cyber threats is getting increasingly complicated. Hackers are using sophisticated tools and techniques while businesses struggle to evolve their security strateg... More

The Persistent Humanity in AI and Cybersecurity (VentureBeat)

Even as AI technology transforms some aspects of cybersecurity, the intersection of the two remains profoundly human. Although that’s perhaps counterintuitive, it is front and ce... More

EY: Cybersecurity is Still an Afterthought for Two Thirds of Businesses (Verdict)

The rate of cyberattacks targeting businesses continues to rise, yet according to EY, two thirds of organizations are still treating cybersecurity as an afterthought. In the EY Glo... More

Banking Trojans and Ransomware – A Treacherous Matrimony Bound to Get Worse (SecurityIntelligence)

The financial malware arena became a mainstream issue a little over a decade ago with the rise of malware like the Zeus Trojan, which at the time was the first commercial banking T... More

NAB 2020: NAB Affirms Show Set for April; Devotes Resources to Address Coronavirus Concerns (CDSA)

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), organizer of NAB Show, affirmed the 2020 NAB Show is set to take place as planned, April 18-22 in Las Vegas. The association is clos... More

SASE: The Next Frontier in Cybersecurity (Digitalist)

According to a recent report by Gartner, “The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud,” a “transformational” new technology is on the horizon. Its name is SASE, which st... More

Postal Peril: How Warshipping Could Deliver Hackers Right to Your Front Door (Verdict)

The US Postal Service handles half a billion mail items every day, and with the rise of next-day delivery, company mailrooms around the globe are almost always piled high with unid... More

Is AI Cybersecurity’s Salvation or its Greatest Threat? (VentureBeat)

If you’re uncertain whether AI is the best or worst thing to ever happen to cybersecurity, you’re in the same boat as experts watching the dawn of this new era with a mix of ex... More

Weekend Vulnerability & Patch Report, Feb. 16, 2020 (SecureTheVillage)

Important Security Updates Adobe Flash Player: Adobe has released version Updates are available from Adobe’s website. Adobe Reader: Adobe has released version 2... More

Featured Jobs: Dolby; Salesforce; SDI Media

Sr Manager, IP Counsel — San Francisco — Dolby Sr. Director, Product Management Platform Data Governance — San Francisco — Salesforce Manager of Global Media Engineering ... More

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index Reveals Top Cybersecurity Risks of 2020 (Security Intelligence)

The volume of threats that security teams see on a daily basis can make it especially difficult to look at the big picture when it comes to developing an effective cybersecurity st... More

Cinelytic: P2P File Sharing Shows OTT Demand, Demographics (DEG)

As competition for streaming viewers grows with the launch of new services from the major media companies, the entire industry is focused on what content consumers most want from t... More

Box Shield Now Integrates With Splunk for More Streamlined Content Security (ZDNet)

Box Shield, Box's content security product, now integrates with Splunk to offer more holistic content and application security, the companies announced. Box Shield, introduced las... More

Why Unsupervised Machine Learning is the Future of Cybersecurity (TechNative)

As we move towards a future where we lean on cybersecurity much more in our daily lives, it’s important to be aware of the differences in the types of AI being used for network s... More

Spanish Sports Streamer Looks to Irdeto for Security Help (MESA)

Spanish broadcaster Mediaset España has tapped content security provider Irdeto to help secure content delivery for Mediaset’s sports-centric OTT service Mitele Plus, the compan... More

Could Streaming Giants Start to Clamp Down on Password Sharing? (Marketplace)

Restricting password sharing doesn’t have an easy solution. Streaming providers are developing different approaches to combat the practice without having to institute Draconian m... More

What Leadership Qualities for CISOs are Most Important in 2020? (Security Intelligence)

Organizations today have to balance the need for continuous evolution along the digital continuum with the need to protect their data and operations and keep cyber risk at an accep... More

What are the Biggest Career Trends in Cybersecurity? (IT Pro)

Cybersecurity continues to be a popular career choice and understandably so. According to analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, the level of unemployment in the sector lies at just 1% and... More