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Why Predictable Cybersecurity Practices are Less Secure (DXC Technology Blog)

New security threats are constantly evolving. It is impossible to build a system that is immune to all current and future threats, but it is crucial for organizations to assess vul... More

Akamai: Fortnite Ransomware Scams Should Force Developers, Gamers to Think About Security (VentureBeat)

Akamai noted that there is a big rise in credential stuffing attacks, where criminals use stolen identities in automated attacks that use brute force to break into accounts. From N... More

Detecting Malicious Traffic With Machine Learning (Verizon Media Platform)

Machine learning offers a unique opportunity to automate security research and stay ahead of application security threats. We share our research here into applying neural networks ... More

Why are Businesses Exploring a Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Strategy? (TechWire Asia)

The approach essentially directs security teams to demand authentication for each application, from users both internal and external to the organization. In contrast, the model mos... More

Can STEM Qualifications Hold the Key to the Future of Cybersecurity? (Forbes)

Cybersecurity is a specialized industry, employing people with skills built on a STEM foundation. Put these factors together, and it’s a job market where demand far outstrips sup... More

Demand for Cyber Insurance is High, and so are the Risks (Decipher)

Organizations already have a long list of insurance policies—for automotive accidents, healthcare, natural disasters, fire and water damage—and adding a policy to cover securit... More

Why It’s Time to Take Your Documents Digital (IT Pro)

Paper workflows can have serious implications for data processing and legal security.... More

Ignore These 3 Cybersecurity Risks at Your Own Peril (TNW)

3 missing pieces in your all-encompassing cybersecurity strategy.... More

Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, September 8, 2019 (Citadel Information Group)

Important Security Updates Dropbox: Dropbox has released version 80.4.126 for its file hosting program. Updates are available at Dropbox’s website. [See Citadel’s warning be... More

Featured Jobs: Warner Bros.; Salesforce; Illumio

Director, Data Governance — Burbank, CA — Warner Bros. Senior Analyst, Strategy/Growth — San Francisco — Salesforce Senior Software Development Engineer, Data — Sunnyva... More

DXC Technology Earns Cyber Resiliency Services Nod in New Report (CDSA)

End-to-end IT services firm DXC Technology has been named a leader in the cyber resiliency services according to the most recent Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) report from glo... More

How to Know if Your Cybersecurity Tools are Actually Working (Security Intelligence)

Next year’s security spend will likely increase. How should you proceed with additional investment when there’s so much uncertainty about the effectiveness of previous investme... More

Is Blockchain the Next Big Thing for Cybersecurity? (Avanade Insights)

Originally created to power the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, blockchain is a decentralized ledger that records all the transactions that are ever conducted within a peer-to-peer network... More

Dark Times Ahead as Cybercriminals Target Power Grids (Verdict)

Power grids in particular are being targeted by state-sponsored cybercriminals, with the intention of causing outages that could bring victimised regions to a screeching halt. Iron... More

Mobile Identity is the New Security Perimeter (Forbes)

Mobile devices reflect you and your customers’ identity in the many apps, data, and ongoing activities you and they choose to engage in. Every enterprise looking to reinvent itse... More

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Cybersecurity (CPO)

There is currently a big debate raging about whether Artificial Intelligence is a good or bad thing in terms of its impact on human life. With more and more enterprises using AI fo... More

Email Crime Now Top Cause for Cyber Insurance Claims (ITProPortal)

Companies are filing for more cyber-insurance claims than ever before as the number of threats targeting businesses continues to rise. According to a new report, claims related to ... More

The Key Question for the New Economy: Who Owns the Data? (SCMP)

Property rights have been crucial to society since time immemorial, but as technology evolves, rights too are changing, presenting new challenges. We are in the throes of the fourt... More

Cyberchology: Psychometric Tests are a Key Weapon in Battle Against Cybersecurity Breaches (IA)

Cyberchology: Could psychometric tests lessen vulnerability to cybersecurity breaches? New research reveals different personality types have different susceptibilities to cybercrim... More

Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, September 1, 2019 (Citadel Information Group)

Important Security Updates Apple iOS: Apple has released version 12.4.1 to address highly critical vulnerabilities. Updates are available from the device under Settings. Appl... More