Cyber Security

Three Persistent Challenges for CISOs (Security Intelligence)

The challenges for CISOs in today’s business climate likewise require a disparate set of skills. For those aspiring to attain — or remain in — the holy grail of an informatio... More

5 Takeaways From Cisco’s Big Cybersecurity Report (Fortune)

Companies are still using outdated technology leaving them prone to cyber attacks, security researchers are losing their confidence, and hackers are making millions of dollars thro... More

Virtually All Business Cloud Apps Lack Enterprise Grade Security (Help Net Security)

Blue Coat Systems analyzed apps for their ability to provide compliance, data protection, security controls and more. Of the 15,000 apps analyzed, it was revealed that 99 percent d... More

How to Roll Your Own Threat Intelligence Team (Dark Reading)

A lot of hard work needs to go into effectively implementing an intelligence-driven security model. It starts with five critical factors. Many organizations want to build a thre... More

In a Major Cyber-Hack, Whom do You Call? The White House Spells it Out (Washington Post)

President Obama approved a new directive Tuesday that spells out for the first time in writing how the government handles significant cyber-incidents. The directive lets the pub... More

Trump’s Hacking Comment Rattles the Cybersecurity Industry (CSO)

Donald Trump’s muddled stance on hacking has disturbed security experts at time when the tech industry is looking for clarity on the U.S.'s cyber policy. On Wednesday, the out... More

IoT: A Hacker’s Dream Come True? (Help Net Security)

There’s a lot more to the web than the cat-video-laden sites we normally see. In fact, according to most sources, the web that we can typically get to via our browser of choice r... More

Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, July 31, 2016 (Citadel Information Group)

Important Security Updates Avast: Avast! Free Antivirus has released version 12.2.2276. Updates are available on Avast’s website. Avira Free Antivirus: Avira has released v... More

How Threat Intelligence Sharing Can Help Deal With Cyber Security Challenges (TechCrunch)

In the ever-shifting landscape of cyberthreats and attacks, having access to timely information and intelligence is vital and can make a big difference in protecting organizations ... More

Facebook’s Plan to Train a New Generation of Cyber Security Pros (CS Monitor)

Facebook likes hackers. Not the kind that break into its accounts, but the ethical kind that can find and fix software vulnerabilities that plague massive tech companies. In fac... More

IBM’s Watson to Tackle Cybercrime

IBM Security has announced Watson for Cyber Security, a new cloud-based version of the company's cognitive technology trained on the language of security as part of a year-long re... More

IBM’s Watson Has a New Project: Fighting Cybercrime (Wired)

IBM’s Watson supercomputer hardly needs any more resumé-padding. It’s already won Jeopardy, written a cookbook, and dabbled in revolutionizing healthcare. The next stop in its... More

Report: Google Play Infested with Cash-Stealing Web Apps (The Register)

Security researcher Joshua Shilko says phishing apps targeting some of the world's biggest payment services have slipped past screening and landed on Google Play. Shilko says he... More

Check Your Spotify Account: Users Report Unusual Activity After Credentials Posted Online (Financial Post)

If you use the popular music streaming service Spotify, there is a chance you may be vulnerable after a report has surfaced that the emails, usernames, passwords and other details ... More

Office 365 Vulnerability Exposed any Federated Account (ThreatPost)

A severe vulnerability in the way Microsoft Office 365 handles federated identities via SAML put an attacker in position to have access to any account and data, including email mes... More

Verizon: Cyber Criminals Exploit Human Nature

You know how long it took cyber attackers to compromise any given system in 2016? In 93% of cases reviewed in a new report from Verizon Enterprise Solutions (VES), it took just min... More

Law Enforcement, Government Agencies See Phishing as Main Cyber Risk (Softpedia)

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) was founded at the start of January this year, and on March 19 held its first Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting. Here, founding members ... More

Zero-Day Exploits More Than Double as Attackers Prevail in Security Arms Race (ARS Technica)

The number of attacks that exploited previously unknown software vulnerabilities more than doubled in 2015 as hackers raced against security defenders to find effective ways to inf... More

Ransomware Alert: Prevent and Mitigate Ransomware Attacks (U.S.-CERT)

In early 2016, destructive ransomware variants such as Locky and Samas were observed infecting computers belonging to individuals and businesses, which included healthcare faciliti... More

Apple, FBI set to Resume Encryption Fight at House Hearing (CNET)

The encryption battle between Apple and the FBI is moving from the courtroom to Congress next week. Representatives from the tech titan and the federal law enforcement agency ar... More