Cyber Security

Mitigating Internal Risk: Three Steps to Educate Employees (Help Net Security)

IT security is usually focused on how to prevent outsiders with malicious intent from causing harm to your IT systems and data. While this is a valid concern, people within organiz... More

5 Great ‘Starter’ Cybersecurity Certifications (Business News Daily

Looking for a career change in the new year? There's no better time to consider a career in cybersecurity: U.S. businesses and government agencies are spending billions of dollars ... More

Five Unexpected Lessons from the Ashley Madison Breach (ARS Technica)

On December 14, 2016, the Federal Trade Commission settled a complaint with the company running the adult finder site Ashley Madison over the 2015 data breach that exposed the pe... More

KillDisk Disk-Wiping Malware Adds Ransomware Component (Bleeping Computer)

A malware family previously used to sabotage computers by deleting and rewriting files has added a ransomware component, now encrypting files and demanding a huge ransom. Until ... More

Drones, IoT Influencing Information Security Regulations (TechTarget)

At the recent ISSA International Conference in Dallas, SearchCompliance editor Ben Cole met with conference speakers to discuss modern data protection threats and how they influenc... More

Krebs: Wave of Cybersecurity Breaches No Surprise (The Guardian)

Brian Krebs does not use heroin, but sometimes people send it to him anyway. The 43-year-old Alabama native writes Krebs on Security, a one-man operation focused on digital crime.... More

Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, Jan. 1, 2017 (Citadel Information Group)

Important Security Updates Viber: Viber has released version 6.5.3 for Windows. Updates are available on Viber’s website. Current Software Versions Adobe Flash 24.0.0... More

Report: Potential $5M in Ad Fraud Daily from ‘Methbot’ (Krebs on Security)

New research suggests that an elaborate cybercrime ring is responsible for stealing between $3 million and $5 million worth of revenue from online publishers and video advertising ... More

Congressional Report Sides with Apple on Encryption Debate (PC World)

The U.S. is better off supporting strong encryption that trying to weaken it, according to a new congressional report that stands at odds with the FBI’s push to install backdoors... More

Inside The Vulnerability Disclosure Ecosystem (Dark Reading)

A new National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)-led study of how security researchers and software vendors handle and view vulnerability disclosure provides... More

‘Game of Thrones’ Most Torrented TV-Show of 2016 (TorrentFreak)

For several years in a row Game of Thrones has been the most pirated TV-show, and this year the interest is once again overwhelming. Game of Thrones has the honor of becoming th... More

Here is Your Cybersecurity Budget. Spend It Wisely (ITSP Magazine)

I know, in reading the headline it seems obvious doesn’t it? But that’s just it. Sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious. It seems that many businesses believe they are protec... More

‘Time’ Person of the Year Runner-Up: Hackers (Time)

Hackers have a bad name everywhere, it seems, except in Silicon Valley, founded as it was on the virtues of creatively overcoming technical limits by any means. This tradition prod... More

Before You Pay that Ransomware Demand … (Krebs on Security)

A decade ago, if a desktop computer got infected with malware the chief symptom probably was an intrusive browser toolbar of some kind. Five years ago you were more likely to get w... More

Playing the Blame Game: Breaking Down Cybersecurity Attribution (HelpNetSecutiry)

Attributing the adversary behind a cyber attack ranks as perhaps the hardest challenge in all of cyber security, well beyond securing networks from intrusions, for the simple reaso... More

Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, Dec. 25, 2016 (Citadel Information Group)

Important Security Updates Apple iTunes: Apple has released updates for each AirPort Base Station firmware. Updates are available from Apple’s website. Dropbox: Dropbox ... More

Protecting Your Intellectual Property in the Digital Society (ITSP)

There are 318.9 million people in the United States and their collective creativity is one of the most economically beneficial assets in the country. That collective creativity,... More

DDoS in 2017: Strap Yourself in for a Bumpy Ride (The Register)

DDoS attacks have been around since at least 2000, and they’re not going away. In fact, as the number of devices online grows, the volume and velocity of these attacks is also in... More

Weekend Vulnerability and Patch, Dec. 18, 2016 (Citadel Information Group)

Important Security Updates Adobe Flash Player: Adobe has released version Updates are available from Adobe’s website. Apple iOS: Apple has released updates f... More

The Future of Privacy (New York Times)

This is an article from Turning Points, a magazine that explores what critical moments from this year might mean for the year ahead. Turning Point: Apple resists the F.B.I. in u... More