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Rebranding Cybersecurity (Forbes)

Cybersecurity has a bad reputation, and now is the time to rebrand it, showcasing it for what it really is: an industry full of opportunities, challenges and rewards. Once you get ... More

Cybercriminals Getting Their Kicks with Malicious World Cup Phishing Campaign (TechGenix)

Major sporting events, especially the FIFA World Cup, bring with them an astronomical amount of attention worldwide. It only makes sense with soccer being the top sport globally th... More

Defending the World Cup Against Cyberattacks (IT Pro Portal)

When you consider the scope and scale of technology infrastructure required to host and broadcast one of the largest sporting events in the world, there is plenty of opportunity fo... More

Blockchain May Be Good for Security. But Not So Good for Privacy.

Blockchain technologies are becoming increasingly popular as mechanisms to track transactions between parties. The advantage of this technology over its predecessors is its ability... More

Blockchain Could Be the Answer to Cybersecurity – Maybe (WSJ)

One of the most promising cybersecurity tools that exists today is something many people have heard about but few fully understand: blockchain technology.... More

Study: Poor Password Practices Put Corporate Cybersecurity at Risk (Security Intelligence)

A recent study found that a quarter of employees reuse the same password for all their accounts, putting corporate cybersecurity at risk and highlighting a need for better training... More

BBC Studios Names Pickering Global Content Security Director (CDSA)

BBC Studios has named Alex Pickering as its new global content security director, where he’ll provide worldwide direction and leadership for all content protection matters for th... More

For GDPR Late-Comers, Data Mapping, Security are Key First Steps (IM)

Despite having two years to prepare, and the deadline to do so now past, many organizations are still struggling with how to appropriately and reasonably comply with GDPR. Risks to... More

How the World Cup Leaves Fans, Footballers Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks (TNW)

WiFi: Supporters eager to refresh scores or check their bank account might need to think twice before using public WiFi. The lax security controls on public WiFi makes it easy for ... More

Most Small Businesses Fail to Act After a Cyber Attack (ComputerWeekly)

Nearly half of small businesses have suffered at least one cyber attack in the past year, yet most fail to take action afterwards, citing lack of budget at the biggest challenge.... More

Millions of Streaming Devices are Vulnerable to a Retro Web Attack (Wired)

In a DNS rebinding attack, a hacker capitalizes on weaknesses in how browsers implement web protocols. They craft malicious websites that can game the trust protections meant to bl... More

NSS Labs Announces Plans for 2018 Web Browser Security Report (CDSA)

Cybersecurity guidance firm NSS Labs announced June 13 it’s developing the next iteration of its Web Browser Security Comparative Test, with results expected out by the end of th... More

A Darwinian Approach to Cybersecurity (Digitally Cognizant Blog)

The need for adequate cybersecurity strategy and technology is obviously vital. But what organizations really need to get to grips with, is that there is no end goal when it comes ... More

Cisco CEO: New Google Cloud Partnership ‘Plays an Enormous Role’ in Security, Policy (CNBC)

Cisco Systems' recent partnership with Alphabet's Google to create a seamless cloud network "plays a tremendous role with security [and] policy," Cisco's Chuck Robbins said Tuesday... More

Report: 23% More CIOs are Prioritizing Cybersecurity Investments in 2018 (Gigabit)

A new report has revealed that urgency with cybersecurity investments has reached an all time high, with 23% more CIOs prioritising improvements in cybersecurity compared to 2017 l... More

The Meteoric Rise of Mobile Ad Fraud (ClickZ)

It’s a natural progression: Marketers go where the consumers are. And of course, the fraudsters follow next. As smartphone usage continually increases, it was only a matter of ti... More

Cybersecurity at the World Cup: What You Should Know (Security Intelligence)

Malicious actors can prey on fans caught up in the emotion of a match or gain access to and release sensitive information at a moment when the effect would be most acute. Enhancing... More

Modern Cybersecurity Demands a Different Corporate Mindset (Dark Reading)

Coping with digital challenges and mitigating risks still represents a major burden for organizations across the board. To gain cyber resilience and combat cybercrime, organization... More

Duff & Phelps Starts New Business Following Kroll Acquisition (CDSA)

Global advisory company Duff & Phelps has created a new business unit, following the acquisition of cybersecurity firm Kroll, one that combines Duff & Phelps’ work in disputes an... More

The Search for Women Who Want Cybersecurity Careers (WSJ)

There is a shortage of workers in cybersecurity and a shortage of women in tech jobs. New efforts to get girls interested in cybersecurity are aimed at tackling both of those probl... More