Cyber Security

ISE: Leading Password Managers are Insecure (CBR)

Leading password managers are rife with insecurities when it comes to memory management, failing to scrub data from local memory that could be used to expose their bank of user pas... More

NCC Group, University of Surrey Launch Cybersecurity Research Partnership (IML)

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Five Cybersecurity Trends to Watch for in 2019 (Forbes)

4. User Awareness. Businesses will find it critical to keep their eyes peeled in 2019 for any potential risk that can come from their own users. This may include potential harm ari... More

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Segmented Security Startup Illumio Raises $65M in Series E Round (TechCrunch)

Illumio has raised $65 million in its latest round of funding led by J.P. Morgan Asset Management, the security startup has confirmed. The data-center monitoring and cloud security... More

Improving Cybersecurity Means Taking More Care with What We Digitize (HBR)

Security researcher Troy Hunt recently discovered one of the largest online troves of leaked personal information in history. Hunt’s discovery stresses a point that’s been evid... More

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Two myths stand in the way of boards understanding the threats posed by cyberattacks and ensuring their businesses can be safe against cyber criminals and hackers. First, too many ... More

ZOO Digital Joins the Trusted Partner Network (CDSA)

ZOO Digital has joined the Trusted Partner Network, the new international standard for content security. In participating in the TPN, ZOO joins an elite group of localization vendo... More

Cybersecurity Starts with Access Control (Forbes)

Humans are often pegged as the weakest link in cybersecurity -- and to a great extent, that’s true. While training employees to think like hackers can certainly make your company... More

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