Cyber Security

IBM Security Study: Mega Data Breaches Cost $40M to $350M (VentureBeat)

The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million, according to a study by IBM Security and Ponemon Institute. But the cost of “mega breaches,” where 1 million to 50 million r... More

How Can We Make Smart Cities Even Smarter? Start with Security Intelligence (SI)

Cities are complex organisms. They have residents, commerce, schools, hospitals, public works and more. Smart cities integrate related activities in a digital dance that connects, ... More

Hacking Back: Is It a Good Idea? (Raconteur)

Malicious hackers constantly attack our IT systems. Spiralling streams of malevolent code are sent down the highways, byways and intersections of the internet every day. This shoul... More

Research: 4G is Vulnerable to Same Types of Attacks as 3G (Cyber Scoop)

The 4G wireless telecommunications protocol is vulnerable to the same types of remote exploitation as its 3G predecessor, new research emphasizes. As with the flaw-ridden protocol ... More

The Immeasurable Cost of Data Breach (TechWire Asia)

Because data is effectively the new currency of commerce, cybersecurity breaches which involve data exfiltration, or cyber attacks which prevent access to data for normal working, ... More

Effective Cybersecurity Needs More Than an Investment of Money (TechWire Asia)

Recent events have demonstrated to businesses the extent of damages that can be expected in the aftermath of a cyberattack. However, businesses are slow to make the change – not ... More

Cybersecurity at Retail: Is There Any Way to Stop the Bleeding? (Twice)

Beyond serving as a financial and PR nightmare, the issues surrounding retail hacking are compounded by the fact that stores often don’t realize they’ve been attacked until it... More

IBM Lands $740 Million Deal to Supply Data Security to Australia (Bloomberg)

IBM has secured a $740 million agreement to become a central technology partner of the Australian government over the next five years. The contract will see services such as automa... More

Ransomware Vs. Cryptojacking (DarkReading)

Cybercriminals are increasingly turning to cryptojacking over ransomware for a bigger payday. Here's what enterprises need to know in order to protect their digital assets and bank... More

The Cybercrime Landscape is Evolving — Will Your Mobile Threat Defense Strategy Keep Up? (Security Intelligence)

As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, organizations must adapt their security strategies to account for the enlarged threat surface. While mobility undeniably helps organiz... More

4 Reasons Why CISOs Must Think Like Developers to Build Cybersecurity Platforms (CSO)

The Chief Information Security Officer is the latest addition to the C-suite with funding, staff and authority to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporat... More

Is Corporate VPN Security Dead? (Security Intelligence)

The use of virtual private networks (VPNs) in the enterprise has come a long way. What was once a simple way to ensure a secure connection between an external network and a company... More

The Rise of Active Defense in Cybersecurity Strategies (IM)

The greatest military strategists in history have lived by the philosophy of an “active defense” or the notion that “the best defense is a good offense.” This sentiment rin... More

5 Ways to Fight Back Against Cybersecurity Attacks: The Power of Active Defense (Forbes)

Active defense is not about attacking adversaries. It is about detecting and derailing attacks early, gathering the intelligence needed to understand the attack, and stopping and p... More

Improving Security Means Killing the Password (DT)

Passwords are often cited as the biggest problem with modern digital security. They’re supposed to be complicated, unique, and ever changing, and yet few follow through with thos... More

Rebranding Cybersecurity (Forbes)

Cybersecurity has a bad reputation, and now is the time to rebrand it, showcasing it for what it really is: an industry full of opportunities, challenges and rewards. Once you get ... More

Cybercriminals Getting Their Kicks with Malicious World Cup Phishing Campaign (TechGenix)

Major sporting events, especially the FIFA World Cup, bring with them an astronomical amount of attention worldwide. It only makes sense with soccer being the top sport globally th... More

Defending the World Cup Against Cyberattacks (IT Pro Portal)

When you consider the scope and scale of technology infrastructure required to host and broadcast one of the largest sporting events in the world, there is plenty of opportunity fo... More

Blockchain May Be Good for Security. But Not So Good for Privacy.

Blockchain technologies are becoming increasingly popular as mechanisms to track transactions between parties. The advantage of this technology over its predecessors is its ability... More

Blockchain Could Be the Answer to Cybersecurity – Maybe (WSJ)

One of the most promising cybersecurity tools that exists today is something many people have heard about but few fully understand: blockchain technology.... More