Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Professional Salary Increase Reflects Growing Cyber Threat (Verdict)

Cybersecurity professional salary has increased by 6% in just one year, double the UK national average of 2.9%. The pay jump is being driven by an increasing number of global cyber... More

IBM Announces Cloud-Based Community Platform for Cybersecurity Applications (MESA)

IBM today announced a new cloud-based community platform for cyber security applications. IBM Security Connect is the first security cloud platform built on open federated technolo... More

Hacker Sentenced After Using Fake Ads to Spread Malware (Security Today)

A hacker who used fake advertisements placed on local newspaper websites to spread malware has been sentenced to 33 months in prison after sitting on the FBI Cyber's Most Wanted li... More

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How Do Cyber Criminals Hack Small Business Startups? Here’s What We Learned from Microsoft (USA Today)

There are all sorts of ways the bad guys can get log-in credentials and other critical data from your business — they can send you a fake phishing email that looks totally legit ... More

Data Science is Changing How Cybersecurity Teams Hunt Threats (Siliconrepublic)

Data science is transforming the world’s industries. In a society more driven by information than ever before, the valuable insights that we can glean from data are creating new ... More

Post-Brexit Britain Could be a Cybersecurity Nightmare With or Without a Deal (Forbes)

Employment issues have been worrying the cybersecurity industry long before Brexit was even a word. The skills gap within the industry is well documented and has been proving diffi... More

The Future of the Fintech Will Require Security, Not Just Innovation (IT Pro Portal)

For IT leaders the cloud is crucial as it supports the rapid, continuous development of application-based services, enabling firms to react quickly to market demand with innovative... More

Google Cloud CEO: AI, Security Sets Us Apart from the Crowd (Telecoms)

Speaking at Google Next ’18 event in London, CEO Diane Greene claims superior security and industry-leading AI are differentiators for Google Cloud which will lead it to the top ... More

The Importance of Securing the Internet of Things (New World Blog)

The continued growth of the Internet of Things and connected devices (Gartner predicts a total of 20.4 billion connected things in use worldwide by 2020) has resulted in an exponen... More

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), which means it’s time to talk about passwords for the umpteenth time. Why beat this dead horse again? Because just abo... More

Why Consumers Often Miss Simple Techniques to Resist Cybercrime (ReadWrite)

The majority of cyberattacks aren’t large-scale, coordinated efforts to break through tough defenses and acquire valuable data; instead, they’re simple and opportunistic. A “... More

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Many IT and security professionals pride themselves on their complexity, portraying a situation in which computer security is this magical and mysterious art that only those workin... More

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MIT Professor: Cybersecurity Isn’t Being Taken Seriously Enough (CNBC)

The digital economy is set to unlock tremendous economic value for countries over time. But a common setback for the use of various new technologies is their vulnerability to hacke... More

IBM Wins Patent for Blockchain-Based Network Security System (Coin Desk)

A new patent awarded to tech giant IBM highlights how blockchain tech might play a role in monitoring security breaches within computer networks. First filed in September 2017 and ... More

10 Tactics for Teaching Cybersecurity Best Practices to Your Whole Company (Forbes)

Smart leaders know that their entire team needs to be well-educated on the importance and best practices of cybersecurity if they hope to protect their data. Unfortunately, this is... More

The Facebook Hack Exposes an Internet-Wide Failure (Wired)

Some of the web’s most popular sites have not implemented basic security precautions that would have limited the fallout of the Facebook hack, according to a recent research pape... More

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Tomorrow’s quantum computers will be more far powerful than today’s digital classical computers. Quantum technology will be poised to decrypt the complex algorithms that asymme... More