Cyber Security

DXC Technology Launches Operations Center in Malaysia to Combat Growing Cybersecurity Threats in Asia (CDSA)

DXC Technology inaugurated a DXC Next Generation Security Operations Center (SOC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Serving both regional and global clients, the Malaysia SOC helps streng... More

NAB 2019: MSI Touts New Watermarking Solution (CDSA)

James Whitebread, CTO for MarcoPolo Learning, a children’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) educational media company, was faced with a dilemma: how to pro... More

Google Cloud Platform Beefs Up With 30 Security Announcements (VentureBeat)

Throughout Google Cloud Next 2019, Google execs kept repeating one number: 30 security-related announcements. The message is clear: Google Cloud Platform is getting more secure. Th... More

3 Things You Need to Know about Securing a Blockchain (ISE Blog)

As leaders around the globe investigate how to leverage the benefits of blockchain technologies, security is often a primary concern. They may be aware of the many security benefit... More

Cloud Requires a New Approach to Security (Avanade Insights)

Every data security effort requires a few basic building blocks: strong access controls, training and patching, to name a few. But when it comes time to secure your cloud transform... More

What is Endpoint Security Today? Big Data, Mobile Trends Point to the ‘Startpoint’ (Security Intelligence)

Where does “it” end? We can probably all agree that securing and protecting the devices that communicate with our networks is a fair definition of endpoint security. Similarly,... More

Cybercrime: A Major Threat to Trust in the Digital Economy (Forbes)

The digital economy – based on adopting new technologies to new business models and delivering products and services in a convenient, enjoyable manner -- presents a huge opportun... More

Google Debuts Policy Intelligence, AI for Cloud Governance (VentureBeat)

Google Cloud today introduced Policy Intelligence in beta, a series of AI-powered features designed to suggest actions by administrators aimed at improving security for organizatio... More

New Survey Highlights the Good and Bad of Cybersecurity’s Global Outlook (DXC Technology Blog)

The news these days is not good when you consider the state of cyber security around the world. Successful cyber attacks continue unabated while the security talent gap continues t... More

An Attacker’s Paradise: How to Mitigate Risk in a Flat Network (Illumio Blog)

Flat networks have become so prevalent because they are typically simple to architect, cheap to construct and easy to operate and maintain. However, it turns out that malicious act... More

In the Age of AI, the Human Factor Still Matters for Cybersecurity (Forbes)

It’s no secret that both the public and private sector are turning to AI and automation in their fight against cyber-attacks. However, while it’s important to use every tool in... More

‘Island Hopping’ Cyberattacks are Threatening Supply Chains (Verdict)

In a cybersecurity context, island hopping is when attackers gain access to part of an organisation’s network and then use it to attack other systems within the network, as well ... More

Securing the Future of the Cloud Through Threat Intelligence (IE)

Cloud-based intelligence provides an added advantage to security professionals who can keep track of suspicious behaviors and attacks by targeting specific groups of customers or b... More

Cybercriminals are Taking Advantage of Tax Season (Verdict)

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the tax season to trick businesses into downloading malicious files, according to cybersecurity researchers from IBM’s X-Force.... More

NAB 2019: SHIFT Details ‘Mundane’ Content Threats; IBM Secures a Partner

LAS VEGAS — Alex Nauda, CTO for video collaboration firm SHIFT and, sees the big hacks and malware infections getting all the attention when it comes to the content... More

Luxoft, Trend Micro Partner to Secure Vehicles, Mobility Services Against Cyberattacks (CDSA)

Trend Micro and Luxoft will jointly introduce and deploy the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designe... More

In Security, It’s Usually the Basic Stuff That Gets You – Like Passwords (DXC Technology Blog)

There are some very smart hackers out there with access to the latest techniques and exploits, but time and again it has been observed that attackers don’t need to deploy the lat... More

The Future of Cybersecurity in a 5G-Connected World (TechRadar)

5G is no longer a futuristic concept, but a modern reality. With major network operators announcing the new era of intelligent connectivity earlier this year at Mobile World Congre... More

Cybersecurity: This is How Firms are Spending Their Budget This Year (ZDNet)

Spending on security hardware, software, and services in Europe could reach $27.3bn this year, driven by new security threats, a lack of skilled staff, and GDPR and other complianc... More

Women Now Hold One-Quarter of Cybersecurity Jobs (Dark Reading)

Women now actually make up 24% of the cybersecurity workforce – a seismic shift from the perennially static 11% number over the past six or more years. While one-fourth still rep... More