Hybrik Announces Support for NAGRA NexGuard Forensic Watermarking (CDSA)

Hybrik announced its cloud-based media processing now supports the embedding of NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermarks into on-demand content. NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermarking p... More

Kroll’s CyberRiskRankER Solution Transforms Cyber Insurance Procurement Process with Standardized, Transparent Cyber Risk Scores (CDSA)

Kroll has debuted Kroll CyberRiskRankER, a cyber risk assessment platform that harnesses the unique insight of Kroll's pre-eminent Cyber Security and Investigations team to provide... More

Microsoft Introduces Azure Sphere to Protect Your IoT (CNET)

Security experts have warned for years that your smart home devices are a hackable nightmare. With smart fridges, thermometers and lightbulbs designed to be convenient and easy to ... More

NAB Show: Industry’s Trusted Partner Network Debuts at Cyber Summit

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) — a new content security initiative aimed at helping companies prevent leaks, breaches and hacks of pre-release film and TV content, by elevatin... More

Film and Television Industry Launches the Trusted Partner Network

LOS ANGELES – The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) today announced the launch of a new industry-wide, conte... More

Irdeto Incorporates AI Into Anti-Piracy Software To Combat Illegal Streaming (SportsTechie)

Dutch cybersecurity company Irdeto has released an updated version of its Piracy Control software solution that could help digital steaming companies protect their product. Online... More

Irdeto Launches Hosted CA for Small and Mid-Sized Cable Operators (CDSA)

Irdeto, a leader in digital platform security, has announced the launch of its Hosted CA solution in Russia at CSTB 2018. Irdeto Cloaked CA (cardless CA) is already trusted by Holl... More

Major Studios, Streamers Win Early Battle in War with TickBox (Hollywood Reporter)

Major Hollywood studios and streamers won an early battle in a copyright fight with TickBox on Tuesday. A California federal judge issued a preliminary injunction against the strea... More

Running with the Pirate Hunters: How AI is Creating an Online Piracy Arms Race (Alphr)

By the time the first boxing bell has rung, or whistle is blown, the pirate hunters have begun. Before a punch is thrown or goal is scored, they’re tracking illegal streams, scou... More

Irdeto Acquires Denuvo, Bringing Together Decades of Security Expertise to Protect the Gaming Industry (CDSA)

Irdeto has acquired Denuvo, the world leader in gaming security, to provide anti-piracy and anti-cheat solutions for games on desktop, mobile, console and VR devices. Denuvo provid... More

Europol, AAPA Shut Down Illegal Streaming Network (DTV Europe)

Europol and the Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA) have helped to dismantle an illegal IPTV streaming business following raids in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Greece. Europol said th... More

CES 2018: Tata Sky, Irdeto Expand Security Partnership

Digital platform security firm Irdeto announced at CES that it has expanded its security partnership with Tata Sky, a content distribution platform providing satellite pay TV servi... More

Kaleidescape Adds NexGuard Tech to Protect Movie Server Content

High-end home entertainment movie server company Kaleidescape has announced a new partnership with NexGuard, integrating the Kudelski-owned content protection company’s forensic ... More

Dish Network Files Two Lawsuits Against Pirate IPTV Providers (TorrentFreak)

Dish Network, a leading U.S. TV provider with more than 13 million subscribers, is continuing its crackdown on unauthorized streaming services. In a pair of lawsuits filed in Mar... More

ISP to Customers: Piracy Allegations Could Affect Your Smart Thermostats (TechSpot)

Internet service providers threatening customers who persistently download files via torrents is nothing new. But one US ISP has warned copyright infringers that if they don’t st... More

CDSA Content Protection Summit Tech Showcases in Review

CDSA's Content Protection Summit featured a series of exclusive, breakout workshops, providing attendees with expert insights into new security technologies and processes. These... More

ISE, HGST Talk Storage Security at Content Protection Summit

Erik Weaver, global director of media and entertainment market development for Western Digital’s HGST, looks at the storage needs for the industry today, and sees some solutions ... More

Putting Out the Fire of Content Security

The recent CDSA Content Protection Summit was memorable for more than just the tragic fires spreading throughout the Los Angeles area that morning. From a programming standpoint, h... More

‘Rampant’ Video Piracy Sparks Calls for a Singapore Crackdown (Bloomberg)

Singapore, which prides itself on being a haven for law and order, is being called a haven for pirating copyrighted programming by entertainment titans such as Walt Disney, HBO, th... More

M&E Security Takes Center Stage Dec. 6 at Content Protection Summit

For Harrie Tholen, managing director of Kudelski-owned content protection company NexGuard, securing content means so much more than looking after your bottom line. “By deploy... More