Study: 38% of People Still Pirate Music (Pitchfork)

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)—a trade group representing the global record industry—today released its annual Music Consumer Insight Report. ... More

A Solution to Unreadable Online User Agreements (WSJ)

Accept. Agree. Submit. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve clicked on buttons like these, agreeing to online terms of service that I haven’t actually reviewed. I’m hardl... More

Google Creates New Framework for Data Protection (Tech HQ)

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Sky TV Taking Pirate Sites to Court (Stuff)

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6 Security Training Hacks to Increase Cyber IQ Org-Wide (Dark Reading)

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Safari, Firefox Browser to Block User Data Tracking with New Security Add-Ons (HackRead)

Apple has been trying hard to improve the security mechanisms of its hardware and software products. The addition of new privacy features in Safari browser is yet another attempt t... More Announces TPN Compliance (MESA) today announced it is TPN (Trusted Partner Network) compliant. “Securing our customers' content doesn't just matter, it’s everything,” said Emery Wells, co-founder a... More

IBC 2018: Fortium Sets Cybersecurity Panel; Veritone’s aiWARE Center Stage (CDSA)

At this week’s IBC Show, Fortium will host the Sept. 13 panel “Risk, Resilience and Reputation: Being Cyber Secure Across Your Entire Organization,” as part of the show’s C... More

Using Artificial Intelligence to Fight Fraud (Raconteur)

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Why Every Enterprise Needs a Hackathon (Tech HQ)

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Crowdsourcing the Hunt for Software Bugs is a Booming Business – and a Risky One (MIT Tech Review)

More and more large companies like GM, Microsoft, and Starbucks, are now running “bug bounty” programs that offer monetary rewards to those who spot and report bugs in their so... More

Irdeto’s Denuvo Joins eSports Integrity Coalition (CDSA)

With the rise of competitive — and profitable — eSports comes the rise of cheating, with Irdeto research showing 61% of online gamers in the U.K. and Germany alone negatively i... More

How to Improve Digital Security for Your Business (ReadWrite)

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Instagram is Investigating User Reports of Hacked Accounts (VentureBeat)

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The Four Most Popular Methods Hackers Use to Spread Ransomware (IT Pro Portal)

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ISE Announces Charitable Giving Campaign to Raise the Bar for Information Security (CDSA)

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Wipro Launches Cyber Defense Platform (Gigabit)

Over the past year, Wipro has invested in six specialist cybersecurity firms as its bolsters its offering in this area. It has also established Cyber Security Labs to tie in with C... More

Irdeto: P2P Piracy Still Dominant

Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks continue to be the No. 1 source of pirating copies of movies and TV shows, according to new research from Irdeto, and the growth in streaming video pira... More

A CISO and CTO Dish on AI, Emerging Threats, Crisis Leadership, More (Security Intelligence)

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Motion Picture Industry Presses for Federal Crackdown on Streaming Piracy (MediaPost)

The motion picture industry is pressing the federal government to bring criminal prosecutions against companies that create and distribute over-the-top devices that enable people t... More