M6, One of France’s Biggest TV Channels, Hit by Ransomware (ZDNet)

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A Controversial Plan to Encrypt More of the Internet (Wired)

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Premier League Clubs Warned of Revenue Fall Unless Piracy is Tackled (The Guardian)

Revenues for Premier League clubs such as Watford and Bournemouth will fall off a cliff unless online piracy is faced down, the world’s largest investor in TV rights has warned.... More

RIAA’s Annual List of ‘Notorious’ Copyright Offenders Includes Stream-Rippers, Telegram (Billboard)

The RIAA’s recommendations for this year’s “Notorious Markets List” has a lot of familiar names and themes as in previous years, with stream-ripping sites, rogue MP3 market... More

Study: One-Third of All Young People Use Stream Ripping to Steal Music (Variety)

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Spotify Pays Hackers $120K to Help Maintain a Secure Service (Fortune)

Spotify has 232M active monthly users, more than 50 million music tracks and 450,000 podcast titles. Oh yes, and a "Priority 0" policy when it comes to security which has seen $120... More

Why It’s Time to Take Your Documents Digital (IT Pro)

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Illegal Streaming Services Prompt Multiple Indictments (THR)

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‘Game of Thrones’ Visibly Boosted Global Piracy Traffic (Torrent Freak)

Game of Thrones came to an end in 2019. The popular HBO TV series has made thousands of headlines over the years, not least because it was massively popular among pirates. New data... More

The Pirates Strike Back (500ish Words)

With so many video streaming services now, we need a unifier.... More

One in Four U.S. Households Engage in Piracy, Costing Billions in Lost Revenue (Digital TV Europe)

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YouTube Making it Much Easier for Creators to Deal With Copyright Claims (The Verge)

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Piracy is Back (New York Magazine)

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Study: Dramatic Increase in U.S. Digital Video Piracy (Advanced Television)

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