Industry Collaboration in the Battle Against Piracy (NAGRA Blog)

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La Liga ‘Uses its App to Spy on Illegal Broadcasts’ (TVB Europe)

Spain's Liga de Fútbol Profesional is reportedly using its La Liga app to track down illegal broadcasts of matches. The app asks to access the microphone on a user's smartphone. T... More

Website Security Questions Aren’t Nearly as Safe as You Think (WSJ)

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Survey: 53% of People Who Access Pirated Content Agree It’s Wrong to Do So (Variety)

So why do people do it anyway? Around 35% of pirated-content users cited cost. But 35% also said they turn to illegal services because the content they want isn’t available on se... More

Irdeto: Over 200,000 Viewers Watched Champions League Final Via Illegal Streams (TVB Europe)

An estimated 217,000 viewers watched the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool via an illegal stream on social media, according to new figures from Irdeto. Th... More

NSS Labs Initiates 2019 Advanced Endpoint Protection Group Test, Invites Industry Engagement to Help Evolve its Forthcoming Test, Methodology (CDSA)

NSS Labs today announced that it is developing the next iteration of its Advanced Endpoint Detection (AEP) Group Test with results expected to be released in early 2019. As part of... More

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett: ‘We’re Still Right’ About Suing Napster (Rolling Stone)

Metallica's 2000 lawsuit against Napster, the pioneering and controversial file-sharing service, epitomized a disoriented music industry in the new millennium. As album sales have ... More

Security Researchers Want to Force People to Use Different Passwords for Every Website (TechRepublic)

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Five Ways Cyber Criminals are Trying to Cash in on Crypto Currency (eWeek)

Before speculation led to the skyrocketing market capitalizations of crypto-currencies over the past year, online crime was a significant driver of the commercial value of Bitcoin,... More

Q&A: IBM’s First Chief Privacy Officer on How Corporate Privacy Has Evolved Over 2 Decades (Adweek)

Harriet Pearson on things she is most focused on with clients these days: "No. 1: GDPR. No. 2: GDPR. So, No. 1 and No 2 is lots of GDPR all the way, and I say it twice for emphasis... More

Pay-TV Piracy: New Challenges from an Old Threat (NAGRA Blog)

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Content Security in the Modern Video Distribution Landscape (IA)

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SAS is Fighting Online Fraud – In Cary, that Means More Jobs (Herald Sun)

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Piracy 3.0: The Good, the Bad and Kodi (Variety)

The Good: Blockchain Joins the Fray - When Hollywood filmmaker Jeremy Culver releases his next movie – the romantic indie comedy “No Postage Necessary” – in June, he will t... More

Hybrik Announces Support for NAGRA NexGuard Forensic Watermarking (CDSA)

Hybrik announced its cloud-based media processing now supports the embedding of NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermarks into on-demand content. NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermarking p... More

Kroll’s CyberRiskRankER Solution Transforms Cyber Insurance Procurement Process with Standardized, Transparent Cyber Risk Scores (CDSA)

Kroll has debuted Kroll CyberRiskRankER, a cyber risk assessment platform that harnesses the unique insight of Kroll's pre-eminent Cyber Security and Investigations team to provide... More

Microsoft Introduces Azure Sphere to Protect Your IoT (CNET)

Security experts have warned for years that your smart home devices are a hackable nightmare. With smart fridges, thermometers and lightbulbs designed to be convenient and easy to ... More

NAB Show: Industry’s Trusted Partner Network Debuts at Cyber Summit

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) — a new content security initiative aimed at helping companies prevent leaks, breaches and hacks of pre-release film and TV content, by elevatin... More

Film and Television Industry Launches the Trusted Partner Network

LOS ANGELES – The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) today announced the launch of a new industry-wide, conte... More

Irdeto Incorporates AI Into Anti-Piracy Software To Combat Illegal Streaming (SportsTechie)

Dutch cybersecurity company Irdeto has released an updated version of its Piracy Control software solution that could help digital steaming companies protect their product. Online... More